Where to Buy Vaporizers in Vancouver British Columbia

28 Nov 2022
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According to a national survey, over four million Canadians age 15 and older have been using cannabis in the past 12 months. The best conclusion that can be drawn from this data is that the weed industry is transforming into a mainstream market. What does that mean? There will come a time that you’ll be able to buy cannabis products everywhere. From streets to gasoline stations, this might become a phenomenal sensation in the years to come.

If you are now living somewhere in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, you might have observed how cannabis products have changed how many people live there. As a consumer yourself, you probably know a place that sells your favourite CBD and THC items. Otherwise, you might be missing out on some best offers, especially when it comes to cannabis vaporizers.

Weed vaporizers come in various forms, but they all have a common purpose: to transform CBD wax, dry herb, or THC oil into delicious clouds of vapour. This method is considered less harsh on the throat than smoking and produces a small amount of odour. Some of the trending choices today are portable and pen-style vapes that you might also love.

In this article, we will guide you on where to buy cannabis vaporizers and other accessories in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We also discuss other facts that will help you make intelligent choices when it comes to these products. 

How do Cannabis Vaporizers Work?

Since the 1920s, many scientists and inventors have been concerned about the effects of smoking tobacco. The reason why the concept of smokeless technology, like e-cigarettes, was considered and has led to the eventual birth of vaporizers. This device serves as a practical and safer option among tobacco and weed users, allowing them to get the relaxing effects of the substance without inhaling salt nics and other harmful substances in tobacco that can potentially damage the lungs. Instead, they can consume the vaporized contents of the products.

Vaporizers have revolutionized how people consume nicotine, CBD, and THC products. It has made things more accessible and more efficient. These devices can be used almost everywhere without bothering other people. Batteries and small metal coils operate them to heat a substance until it evaporates and is inhaled. There are also a variety of options when it comes to vaporizers, including vape pens and desktop vaporizers. Each vape product comes with unique features, but they may be intended for herb, oil, wax, CBD, and THC products. As a customer, keep in mind that not all devices vaporize the same way. 

What are the Types of Cannabis Vaporizers? 

As a consumer, the choice of cannabis vaporizer would depend on several factors, such as your age, preference, product cost, and the form of vape substance that you wish to use. When you know the features and the pros and cons that the products carry, you can make an intelligent decision. The following are the three kinds of cannabis vaporizers: 

Wax Pens

One popular form of cannabis extract in Vancouver, BC, is wax. It’s a semi-solid substance from cannabis plants that contain high medicinal and psychoactive compounds. Due to its concentrated properties and since the substance is not mixed with other chemicals like oils, it tends to be much more potent than other weed forms. A wax vaporizing device has three major components: the battery, atomizer, and mouthpiece. 

Keep in mind that the wax itself is purchased separately. You will have to fill the cannabis juices or substance into a vaping atomizer, where it is heated with a coil to produce vapours. In terms of cost, cannabis wax can be more expensive than other alternatives, and it should be reloaded into the device more often. Many weed consumers prefer wax because of its potency to achieve the desired therapeutic effects. 

Oil Pens

Among first-time vape users, oil pens are more ideal than other options. Their clean look and easy-to-use features are a huge advantage. Suppose you’re also planning to choose this device. In that case, you have two alternatives: either a single-use oil pen that can be disposed of when the oil or e-juice runs out or a reusable vaporizer with oil cartridge attachments that come in a variety of different flavours and cannabis juices or strains. Interestingly, a single oil cartridge can last several weeks.

When using oil pens, you need to add an oil concentrate extracted from a hemp plant. The substance or e-liquids are often cut with other carrier oils but are less potent than wax and more potent than vaporized herb. There are different brands of cannabis oils, just as there are also different styles of oil pens. You have to choose the products that match your standards and preferences. 

Herb Vaporizers 

Unlike other devices, herb vaporizers have a chamber where a dried cannabis flower is added. The vaporizer is then heated to produce vaporized therapeutic compounds in cannabis. The user inhales the vapour, and the dosage depends on the amount they can manage.

To use the device properly, you have to set it at the right temperature to ensure that the dried herb does not burn. This can reduce any tar or carcinogens that you might inhale using a pipe or other combusted form. There are herb vaporizers with temperature settings that you can adjust to control the amount of flavour and vapour you wish to inhale. 

Interesting Facts about Cannabis Vaping 

Did you know that there are health benefits that come from consuming cannabis products? Yes, you can enjoy the euphoric highs that can make you forget about the pressures of life. Plus, the medicinal values of the substance have been proven effective in various human ailments. Some of the most significant benefits of cannabis vaping are provided below for your best advantage: 

  • Cannabis vaporizers can be used anywhere
  • Cannabis vaporizers are affordable
  • Cannabis vaporizers produce cleaner hit
  • Cannabis vaporizers allow a consistent dose
  • Cannabis vaporizers are easy to use
  • Cannabis vaporizers have less odour
  • Cannabis vaporizers have no second-hand smoke
  • Cannabis vaporizers offer water-less cannabis 

How to Choose the Right Cannabis Vaporizer

Since you’ve already learned how cannabis vaporizers work and the everyday choices, it’s time to check the best sign when looking for a product sold at a vape shop. Remember that without specific standards, you might overlook some essential features when you shop at vape shops. The following are the best criteria by which you can judge a cannabis vaporizer to make a great deal: 

Check the Portability 

Vape pens are very popular for being handy and easy to use. It has ideal portability that younger consumers would surely love. They can bring and use it in school, parties, and anywhere they like. In other words, it’s an on-the-go device that can be placed in your pack or pocket as you travel places. This ease of use is precisely the main criteria you have to consider when it matters a lot for your considerations. When choosing one, however, make sure that you know how the device is powered. Some products come with a rechargeable battery, while others use butane as a power source. 

Check whether It’s Discreet 

Smoking cannabis or e-cigarettes can be a hassle for you and other people around. The odour from the smoke might leave a smell on clothing, and it might also be damaging to the lungs. That’s why vaping has become a better alternative these days. But since vaping devices might also be obtrusive, you have to make sure that your choice ensures that you’re not offending other people nearby. Those 19 years of age or above, or even young adults, might not want to get noticed getting high in school and other social events. For this reason, you have to check whether a cannabis vaporizer is discreet. 

Check the Quality of the Vapour

Nothing can be worse than vaping a vapour that tastes like smoke or e-cigarettes. That’s disgusting. To avoid this issue, you have to check the quality of vapour that a vaping device produces. How are you going to do that? It’s probably common sense, but you can consider product testing in-store, or if not possible, read consumer reviews about the product. The best weed vaporizer that you can have is the one that offers a flavoursome and aromatic vapour. Generally, a vaporizer that uses convection is likely to produce better quality e-liquids vapour than those operated through conduction. 

Check the Temperature Control 

When the cannabis is heated to a higher temperature than it should, it can result in chemical transformations that may affect the potency and therapeutic effects of the e-juice substance. You wouldn’t want that to happen. That’s why many cannabis dispensaries and vaping manufacturers in Vancouver, BC, are also guiding the ideal temperature when vaporizing cannabis products. But still, it’s a do-it-yourself job when you’re already using a vaporizer. It is recommended to choose a device with some digital control to maximize your vaping experience. This will allow you to set the temperature to the perfect setting to get the desired effects. 

Check the Duration of the Draw 

Another important consideration when buying a cannabis vaporizer is the amount of time needed to retrieve some liquid vapour from the vaporizer, also called the duration of the draw. You have to choose a device that has a small draw duration because this can make your vaping experience more pleasant when the vapour is unleashed quicker. 

As much as possible, you have to stay clear of weed vaporizers with long draw durations, as they may be built well. Always look for the product that can give you the best features for an ideal vaping experience. 

Check the Product Durability 

To ensure that you are getting a cost-effective product from vape shops, you have to look for a high-quality vaporizer in Vancouver, BC. Meaning, the device is strong, rigid, and durable for long-term use. If you choose a product that’s made of glass, you should be careful about that for obvious reasons. Sold items that are fragile and may break if mishandled may be a cheaper choice. Hence, you have to check the quality of the glass or any material before deciding to get one. After all, the cost of your purchase matters a lot since this is another kind of investment. 

The Bottom Line! 

Sure, it will be challenging to look for a cannabis vaporizer that has all of these features, so you should be ready to make a compromise for some things. Many experts recommend buying the cheapest option in-store! But that, of course, depends on your priorities. Some expensive products are a good investment, especially if they last for a long time and give a great vaping experience. Just keep in mind that some stores in Vancouver, BC, Canada and other places may require customers to present a valid government-issued ID to verify their identity before they can access the link for product offers and do any transaction. It would be better to look for an alternative that can guarantee convenient shopping and provide free shipping.

Top Preferences for Cannabis Vaporizers 

We know that by now, you are thinking about the best weed vaporizers in Vancouver, BC, Canada. There are plenty of choices for these products, but not all of them offer the same experience to customers. You have to focus on quality because your choice equates to the value or price of your investment. This task would essentially require sufficient product knowledge. Here, we are providing you with our company’s top 4 preferences among cannabis vaporizer clients. 

Glacial Gold: Berry Lemonade

This vape is made with stainless steel components and a ceramic atomizer and is also compatible with a standard 510-thread battery and other purposes. It is inspired by fresh-picked berries found in North Vancouver, British Columbia and citrus terpenes found in cannabis. If you want to experience a tremendous high, you can try this product because it’s a THC-dominant item. You’ll surely love the aroma and flavour of this product, not to mention your overall vaping experience. 

Grapefruit Kush Cartridge

Proudly, this product is made for the masses! It can particularly bring the zen that a customer is looking for from an indica, but with moderation that can keep your eyes open. You can experience its juicy rush that invigorates while you sink deeper into a comfortable embrace. The product has been processed through ethanol extraction to concentrate cannabis strains into THC distillates infused with botanical terpenes.

Pineapple Daze Cartridge 

If you have decided to experience a deliciously sweet, frozen, and refreshing pineapple treat, this vaporizer is for you! This product is popular for its aroma and flavour with real pineapple and green melon touch. It’s been described as a mellower, rounder, and creamier of its kind. Also made for the masses, the product came from ethanol extraction to turn concentrated strains into THC distillates mixed with botanical terpenes. 

Maui Wowie Cartridge 

Unlike other products, this vape uses Foray batteries that are sold separately. This offers a discreet introduction to cannabis consumption and provides the customer with weed distillate and botanical terpenes. More interestingly, this kind of vaporizer has been tested rigorously and comes with a battery and hardware system calibrated to suit specific cartridges. It also has leak resistance technology and guarantees consumers of a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience.

You can browse our online vape shop to see more amazing vaping products. We have a wide variety of other packages and accessories, including our popular Rainbow Sherb Cartridge | 0.95g, crafted for all cannabis lovers in Vancouver, BC, and other places. For sure, you’ll also enjoy the best customer service that we offer!

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