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THC: 27 - 32 %
CBD: 0 - 1 %


By Wink


THC: 27 - 32 %
CBD: 0 - 1 %


Cannabis blunts have been a popular way to consume marijuana for decades. These tobacco or hemp leaf-wrapped cigars have become an integral part of the cannabis culture and offer a unique smoking experience that is different from other methods. 

If you're new to marijuana or haven't used it since the 1980s, you might have some questions about blunts. Like, what exactly is a blunt? Why do people like them so much? How are joints and blunts different from each other? Which is better? It certainly pays to explore the different types of cannabis blunts, their benefits, factors to consider when selecting one, and how to properly roll them.

What is a Blunt?

Basically, a blunt is marijuana that has been rolled with a cigar or hemp paper instead of the more traditional rolling paper used for joints. The word "blunt" used to mean marijuana rolled up in tobacco paper, usually the wrapper from a cheap unrolled cigar. But now many other kinds of blunts don't have tobacco in them, so the meaning has definitely widened. Now, you can buy pre-rolled blunts and blunt wraps from most dispensaries.

Different Types of Cannabis Blunts

These are the different kinds of cannabis blunts you can find on the market right now:

Traditional Tobacco Leaf Blunts 

Traditional tobacco leaf blunts are the most popular and oldest kind of blunts. To make them, you take the tobacco out of a cigar or cigarillo and fill it with ground cannabis.

Hemp Wraps

Hemp wraps are a popular alternative to blunts made of tobacco leaves. They are made of pure hemp and have no tobacco or nicotine in them at all. Hemp wraps come in different tastes and are a great alternative to tobacco for people who don't want to smoke.

Other Blunt Wraps

Banana leaves, corn husks, and even rose petals are all common choices. People use these alternative cutting wraps because they have different tastes and smells and are important to different cultures.

Benefits of Using Cannabis Blunts

Given the many forms of using cannabis, why choose blunts? Here are some of the reasons why you might opt to roll one.

It’s Potent and Effective

Because of their size and the fact that they are usually made with ground cannabis instead of concentrates or oils, cannabis blunts are very potent and effective. This means that people who use it can get a high that lasts longer and is stronger.

The Flavor and Smell

Cannabis blunts can have different tastes and smells, which can make smoking more enjoyable. Some of the most common tastes are fruity, sweet, and earthy.

It’s a Social Activity 

Cannabis blunts have become a big part of the culture of marijuana, and people often share them with friends at parties. This can help people feel like they belong to a group and connect.

Ideal for Those Who Don’t Like Joints

People who don't like smoking joints or using vaporizers can use cannabis blunts instead. For these people, it’s more comfortable to light up a blunt.

Joints Vs Blunts

A lot of people confuse joints with blunts. So it’s important to know the difference between the two.

Both of these are ways to wrap ground marijuana so that you can light it on fire and smoke it. This makes them different from other ways to use cannabis, including other ways to smoke it. Both have the same thing inside: weed and only weed. Still, there are differences between smoking a blunt and smoking a joint, just like there are differences between sipping whiskey from a highball glass and taking a shot. 

Papers vs Blunt Wraps

The package is the most obvious change between the two. Crushed marijuana is rolled up in a thin piece of paper to make a joint. Blunts are made of crushed weed that is wrapped in a tobacco leaf. Aside from the clear difference in looks, the material of the wrap affects how your flower burns, how it tastes, how much you can pack into it, and even how it makes you feel. 


Most of the time, a flat wrap can hold more flowers than a rolled joint. Some say that a normal joint has about a third of a gram of weed in it, while a blunt has between 1 and 2 grams. So this makes them great for sharing.


Since tobacco leaf papers are often used to wrap blunts, your favorite strain of weed will taste like tobacco. Some people like this, but other people think it takes away from the taste of the flower itself. Thin paper, like cigarette paper, is used to roll joints. There are some exceptions, like the fact that you can buy flavored rolling papers, but when you smoke a joint, you mostly just taste the strain you picked.


Since tobacco leaf paper is used to make cut wraps, they contain some nicotine, which makes your high a little stronger.


Joints tend to burn faster than blunts when the rolling paper is thin and flimsy. On the other hand, blunts tend to burn slowly and steadily.

How to Roll a Blunt

Although there are lots of pre-rolls that you can buy from any dispensary, you may want to learn how to roll them up yourself as part of your cannabis experience. Here’s how to do it right:

Split the cigar

Locate the cigar's "vein," which is where you'll need to split it. It takes practice to master this skill, just like rolling a blunt. To make it easier to handle, some people prefer to moisten the cigar. Use a small knife to split it longitudinally, from the butt (the end you smoke from) to the tip (the burning end). If you accidentally poke a hole in the wrapper or it breaks during the process, don't worry; the sticky adhesive from rolling sheets can fix it.

Remove the Tobacco

Gently remove the contents of the cigar once it's been split apart. Use your thumb to push it out, taking care not to damage the wrapper.

Grind and Pack the Flower

With the cigar emptied, it's time to grind your cannabis. Don't grind it into a powder; you want small, pellet-like pieces of green. When rolling the perfect blunt, aim for a fluffy consistency. Leave small pieces of marijuana to allow for ventilation.

Now, carefully pack the ground cannabis into the blunt wrapper. Fill it up as much as possible; no one likes a thin blunt. Blunts that are underloaded tend to collapse when lit, wasting valuable marijuana. Experienced blunt rollers add extra thickness to the center of the blunt and gently push in on either end, helping the blunt level out and fill in the ends.

Smooth It Out and Roll It Up

Make sure the blunt's contents are evenly distributed by gently rubbing the blunt with your thumb and index finger up and down its length. Now slowly roll the blunt until it's shaped like a tube and the contents feel secure. Gently heat the rolled blunt with a lighter; applying a little heat will help seal the blunt and ensure a longer-lasting burn. Run the lighter longitudinally under the seam and around the edge of the blunt, being careful not to ignite it.

Add the Finishing Touch

Roll the rest of the wrapper over the moistened area after licking the blunt wrapper's edge. Congratulations! Admire the masterpiece you've just created, even if it's not perfect. Rolling a blunt is not easy, so take pride in your work. Now, light it up and enjoy the warm glow of accomplishment and a relaxing buzz.

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Which is better, a joint or a blunt?

Both joints and blunts have their unique features and traits, so it comes down to what you like. Joints are usually made with rolling papers, which makes them smaller, less obvious, and more likely to burn faster. Blunts, on the other hand, are made with cigar wraps and are bigger. They make stronger smoke and could give you a high that lasts longer.

But it's important to note that blunts often have tobacco in them from the cigar wrapper, which can be bad for people who don't like to smoke tobacco. Also, the tobacco may make the smoke stronger, which could be bad for your health. Joints, on the other hand, usually only have cannabis in them, making them a better choice for people who are worried about their health.

Do blunts count as nicotine?

Most blunts are made by taking the tobacco out of a cigar or cigarillo and putting weed in its place. But since cigars and cigarillos are made of tobacco, they often have nicotine in them. So, blunts could have nicotine if they are made with a cigar or cigarillo that has tobacco in it. If you'd rather not get nicotine, you can use a tobacco-free wrap or try other ways to get it, like smoking or eating it.

What smells stronger joints or blunts?

Blunt has a strong smell that sticks around and is hard to get rid of quickly. Because there is tobacco in the smell, it stays, especially if you smoke inside. Tobacco has a stronger smell than weed. So, if you have to smoke inside, try smoking a joint. You won't have to open the windows to get fresh air. So, the smell of a cut is stronger than the smell of a joint.