Where To Buy Weed Online in Vancouver

28 Nov 2022
F Eacb A Where To Buy Weed Online In Vancouver

Since legalization in 2018, cannabis has taken Canada by storm. Every day, thousands of new Canadians dabble with cannabis products. Whether using cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, the legalization of the cannabis plant has opened a massive market for the sale of cannabis both in person and online.

Prior to legalization, users would have to utilize physical unlicensed dispensaries around the Vancouver area. Many of these unlicensed stores would only sell for medical purposes to patients. Vancouver took a very liberal stance when it came to cannabis, so the city generally allowed these businesses to operate unscathed.

In addition, many online dispensaries started to open up. Some of these online dispensaries would sell to medical patients, but many of them sold cannabis illegally to recreational users as well. These unlicensed online dispensaries would sell black-market cannabis products and deliver them across the country. These stores were often referred to as MOMs or Mail Order Marijuana stores.

The challenge with MOMs is that their products are rarely tested for quality and safety. Think of it like this: would you consume unlicensed alcohol or tobacco products that were made at some unknown facility? Moonshine from some random person on the internet? Probably not.

Rant over.

Anyways, in early 2020, the British Columbia provincial government passed legislation that permits the online sale of cannabis for licensed cannabis companies. With the onset of COVID-19, it became challenging for licensed cannabis companies to navigate the no-payments-online restrictions. Previously, licensed stores could take click-and-collect pre-orders online but without accepting payments.

Later in 2020, that legislation was amended. Licensed cannabis stores can now take click-and-collect pre-orders online as well as accept payments. There is also speculation that the British Columbia provincial government will allow licensed cannabis companies to deliver as well. This will be a huge step in the right direction for those that enjoy cannabis products.

Where To Buy Weed Online in Vancouver

Vancouver is fortunate to have a number of amazing cannabis dispensaries across the city, many of which feature online stores to buy weed online. Below is a list of our top 7 favourite online cannabis stores in Vancouver.

1. ARCannabis

Yours truly here. Our online store is packed with incredible products from all of Canada’s favourite cannabis brands. You name it, we’ve got it: cannabis edibles, flower, vape cartridges, and the whole nine yards. We have all of our amazing store locations available for click-and-collect on our site. To order click and collect right now, click this link and choose the store that is closest to you.

2. City Cannabis Co.

City Cannabis Co. classifies themselves as a licensed cannabis oasis. City Cannabis Co. is owned by Wildflower Brands, a publicly traded company. All of their stores have amazing presentation inside. The Robson Street location has a tube that allows their staff in the stock room to easily send product up to the front desk for checkout. For ordering cannabis online, you can visit their online store.

3. Village Bloomery

Village Bloomery is a woman-owned, black-owned, family run cannabis store chain that really cares about their customers. They have a licensed dispensary at 1540 W 2nd Ave #206 Vancouver, BC V6J 1H2, but they also have a great online store with tons of amazing products. If you’re looking to purchase cannabis online, click to visit their online store.

4. Muse Cannabis

Muse Cannabis is a fantastic addition to the Vancouver cannabis community. The owners of Muse Cannabis have their roots in the liquor store space. The partners also own JAK’s liquor stores, with 15+ locations in British Columbia. Muse Cannabis prides themselves on a super-trendy vibe within their stores, and their online store selection speaks to the same accord. Click to visit the Muse Cannabis online store.

5. Choom

Choom is a fast-growing (pun intended) cannabis store chain that has locations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Headquartered in Vancouver, Choom has a great location in the Olympic Village area in Vancouver. Inspired by Hawaii’s “Choom Gang” – a group of buddies in Honolulu during the 1970’s who loved to smoke weed – or as the locals called it, “Choom”, the brand encourages cannabis consumers to embrace an active lifestyle — one that is inspired by the social activities and pastimes of the famous “Choom Gang”. You can visit the Choom online store here.

6. THC

THC Canada is nestled into the Main Street community in Vancouver. Located beside the well known candy bodega Dank Mart, the combo store locations serve up amazing snacks but also an amazing cannabis selection. THC Canada is also well established on Instagram, and they pride themselves on a very clean in-store presentation. Click to view the THC Canada online store.

7. Atheneum Cannabis

Atheneum Cannabis is a fantastic addition to the Vancouver cannabis community. Atheneum consulted with local designer Janine Spartano to develop a cute, comforting new retail store concept that is very fitting for the Kerrisdale area. Atheneum is located right beside Minervas Restaurant, a staple in the Kerrisdale community for decades. Atheneum is also another cannabis store that features an online store. Click to view the Atheneum Cannabis online store.


In Vancouver, new cannabis businesses are popping up each month. Each store has their own unique touch and their own great selection of quality cannabis products. For a full list of licensed cannabis stores, check out the BC Government interactive map website.

At ARCannabis, we treat cannabis stores like a foodie would treat restaurants. We highly recommend going out on some adventures checking out all of these awesome Vancouver cannabis dispensaries and giving them a try. Depending on where you are located, you can also find the nearest location to you for click and collect as well.