Weed Vape Carts 101: A Beginner’s Guide

23 May 2023
Weed Vape Carts
There are many ways to get cannabis, but a weed cart is one of the easiest ways to get pure THC, CBD, or your other favorite cannabinoids. If you’re just starting out, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices available in the market. Whether you want to get into terpenes or just relax with some CBD, vape pens are a popular way to use cannabis.
Both experts and casual users like this method. With so many different cannabis oils, capsules, and pens to choose from, there are almost endless ways to mix and match them. You might want to try vape carts for the first time, or you might want to step up your smoking game. Here’s all you need to know about vape cartridges and choosing which ones will suit you best.

What is a Vape Cartridge?

No matter how awesome weed pens can look, they are useless without a cart. A cart is a glass tube that holds cannabis oil and has an atomizer inside that heats the oil and turns it into smoke when connected to a battery. Carts are often full of different kinds of oils, like THC oil that has been separated or distillates. You can also buy empty carts and fill them with your own oil. If you have never bought weed before, you should get a cart that is already full.
Once you have a 510 thread battery, you can connect it to pretty much any weed machine you want. The battery or vaping device gives the atomizer the power it needs to turn the oil into smoke. The mouthpiece is used to take in the smoke. Carts are usually sold in half-gram or gram amounts. They come in a variety of well-known types and are loved for how strong they are and how delicious their vapor is.

Parts of a Vape Cartridge

The price, amount, and kind of oil in each cart contribute to its unique visual characteristics. The glass container holding the cannabis oil is the most eye-catching part of the cart. It can be translucent and clear, light pink, straw, or amber in color, as long as it’s high quality and has not been damaged. The color of most cannabis oils is a pale golden or honey brown. The formation of air bubbles within the liquid is common.
The atomizer and mouthpiece are also visible as vital components of your cart. The cart’s mouthpiece is located at its highest point. Mouthpieces can be made in a variety of materials, although metal, plastic, and ceramic are the most common. The mouthpiece is typically tapered or smaller in diameter than the chamber. The atomizer, which houses the heating coil used to evaporate the oil, may be found within the chamber of the cannabis cart. The coil itself is mostly encased in metal or ceramic, making it inaccessible to the user.

Types of Weed Carts

There are generally two types of cannabis vaporizers. Either they have a 510 threading at the top, which is used by a wide variety of devices, or they are made to specifically fit the devices of a single manufacturer.

510 thread vape carts

The 510-threaded vape cart is the standard. These carts are the most adaptable since they work with the most variety of batteries. This means your new cannabis oil cart will work perfectly fine with any standard battery or accessory.
After use, 510 thread carts are often thrown away and replaced with new ones. Oil-free, refillable weed carts are also available. These can be refilled multiple times before the atomizer breaks. At this point, it’s time to throw away the cart completely and you need to buy a new one.

Specialized vape carts

There are proprietary carts available from some manufacturers and can only be used with particular types of batteries. Specialty carts are less practical, but they typically give the user more control over their usage. This gives them more freedom to personalize their vaping experience than if they had used a standard 510 thread cartridge or battery.
Keep in mind that not all stores will carry the batteries you require for these carts. You may have to make your purchase at a dispensary or order from the manufacturer’s website.

Oils For Vape Carts

What’s in a weed cart is not all the same. There are different kinds of oils and each one has a different consistency, amount of cannabinoids, and set of effects. Also, different kinds of carts may need different kinds of maintenance. The term “weed cart” can be used to describe a wide range of oils. Not every cart is made from the same part of the cannabis plant or has the same chemicals in it.

THC, CBD, Delta-9, and Delta-8

The most common carts are THC-based. One of the psychotropic substances present in the cannabis plant is Delta-9 THC, which is frequently referred to as plain THC. Delta-9 is psychoactive – the potency of the oil, the concentration, and your own tolerance will affect the type of high you will get. Only licensed dispensaries in states with legal marijuana laws can sell Delta-9 THC carts.
In comparison, Delta-8 has a softer high. This cannabinoid is produced using CBD obtained from hemp, whereas Delta-9 THC is extracted directly from the cannabis plant. Other cannabinoids generated from hemp include Delta-10 THC, HHC, and THCP. All are available in most jurisdictions and are federally legal.
The hemp plant is used to make CBD extract. Vaping CBD does not make you high, unlike THC. However, the calming properties of this cannabinoid make it very popular. There is strong evidence that CBD has other positive effects, such as lowering inflammation and pain management.


Extractors concentrate on one single cannabinoid to produce a distillate. This might be any of the substances listed above or a completely different substance, such as Delta-10 or CBN. Concentrated oils made through distillation have astounding purity levels of up to 99%.
The distillation method has a con, though. Other minor cannabinoids and terpenes are lost when everything but the target cannabinoid is removed. Terpenes contribute to the flavor that cannabis users typically associate with cannabis. After refining the oil, many distillate producers add the terpenes back in to get the desired flavor (or another flavor).

Full-spectrum weed carts

Full-spectrum carts are for you if you like a cannabinoid and terpene profile that is more similar to the genuine plant. Rather than concentrating on a single cannabinoid, these carts can contain a wide variety of bioactive substances and terpenes.

Live resin carts

The most well-known full-spectrum extract is live resin. Live resin is a concentrated oil, but the extraction procedure improves the preservation of terpenes and flavonoids that are found in nature. It won’t be necessary to add these back for the extract to have a potent scent and exceptional flavor. Good live resin has a price to match and tastes just like the marijuana plant it was harvested from. These carts are frequently more expensive than distillate carts and other forms of THC oil.

How Vape Pens Work

The whole thing is pretty easy. The vape pen is the battery, and the weed oil is in the cartridge. The temperature of the oil is controlled automatically by the vape pen battery. All the user has to do is press a button and swallow.
Some vape pens only come with one heating setting, while others have more than one. How you want to smoke will determine what temperature you choose. Lower temperatures give a hit with more taste and less effect, while higher temperatures give a hit with less flavor and more effect.
Some vape pens only work with certain cartridges, so make sure you buy a pen that works with weed cartridges you already know. Ask a budtender at your local cannabis dispensary about your choices and which weed pen is best for you if you’re not sure.

Why Use a Vape Cart?

There are a few reasons why you might want to use a vape pen instead of smoking cannabis flower or other ways. Price is one – vape pens can cost between $20 and $70 and can be used more than once. But you do have to buy vape carts continually, although you can get a lot of use from each one. Make sure to buy THC vape cartridges that have undergone third-party lab testing.
Vape pens are also easy to carry – they are small and can effortlessly fit in a pocket or a bag. They are discreet too. The smell of a cannabis vape pen isn’t nearly as strong as that of a joint, and the smoke clears out quickly. You can use your vape without drawing too much attention to yourself.
Even though there isn’t much or any evidence that mild THC use is bad for your health in the long run, there is a lot of evidence that smoking is bad for you. One of the best things about smoking THC though is that you don’t have to smoke as much to get your desired effect. Instead of taking in pure smoke, you’re taking in the mist that comes from heating the cannabis oil.
THC vape pens also make it easy to control your usage. On the other hand, the high from cannabis vape pens doesn’t last as long, so it’s easy to go overboard. Too much cannabis oil can make you feel bad and give you an unpleasant high. The golden rule for learning how to use a weed pen is to start slowly and in low amounts so you can figure out your limits and how different levels affect you. A little goes a long way, usually.

How to Choose the Right Vape Cart

Pick a vape device

You have to choose a battery setup before you can choose a cartridge. Control is something to think about when buying a pen or other gadget. Most pens can control temperature, but most common batteries only have one temperature setting. More advanced devices will have a range of settings or the ability to fine-tune temperature. Some even come with apps that work with them and do things like keep track of how much was inhaled.

Pick a vape cart

Consider the kinds of carts that will work with your battery. For example, you’ll need to buy 510 cartridges if you have a 510 cell. If you have a specific device you’ll need to find a store that sells the carts for that device. If a vape pen that is easy to find and buy is your main concern, then the standard 510 cartridge is best for you.
Depending on the results you want, one concentration might be better than another. For example, a full-spectrum extract may be better than a high-THC liquid if you want to use all of the strength of the cannabis plant. If you want help with stress and anxiety during the day, a cartridge with more CBD might do the job.
With the wide variety of carts that are available today, you can easily try out different methods or extracts. With the cartridge form, you can enjoy the privacy, portability, and ease of use that vape carts offer. Try out a few different concentrates online or cart styles until you find the vape cartridge that is right for your needs.


What is a vape cart for weed?

Vape cartridges are small containers that are filled with weed concentrate and come with a heating element and a mouthpiece. The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) levels in the extract are much higher than in the ground flower, so you may need to use less to get the result you want.
The concentrate in a vape cartridge is turned into a vapor by a burning element inside the cartridge. The heating element’s temperature is raised by a heat source, like a removable battery for most units or a built-in battery for disposable vaping devices. Once heated, which can happen quickly in many vape pen types, you inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece on the vape cartridge.

Do weed cart vapes smell?

THC oil carts have the least amount of smell at least, depending on how big a puff you take. If you take small hits and blow them out the window, you might smell some terpenes before the smell goes away.
But if you’re taking big rips and you’re not near a window, people will notice it more. Luckily, vaping concentrates generally leave less of a smell than dabs or buds. Note that some Delta-8 carts and full-spectrum CBD vapes smell the same, even though they have different amounts of THC. Not so much with vapes and drinks made from isolates.

Do carts taste the same as a weed?

Each flavor in a cartridge is designated. With the right lab testing, manufacturers can easily replicate them. Often, fake cartridges don’t taste as good as their name would imply. They taste very much alike, but you should be able to discern the flavor of a genuine cart.
Reputable vendors sell carts that taste like they should without overloading you with artificial flavoring or the taste of THC.

What’s the difference between dab pens and vapes?

Dab pens are primarily designed for consuming cannabis concentrates, such as wax, weed shatter, budder, and rosin cannabis, whereas vape pens are limited to cannabis flower and oil. In terms of size, dab pens are generally larger than vape pens due to their need for a more powerful heating element to vaporize the concentrates.
Dab pens also require higher temperatures than vape pens to vaporize the concentrates effectively. Maintenance-wise, dab pens require more upkeep since concentrates tend to leave more residue than flowers or oil, although cleaning a dab pen is still much easier than cleaning a dab rig. When it comes to the effects, dab pens offer significantly more potent effects compared to vape pens.

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