Indica Liquid Gels Review

28 Nov 2022
A Ae A D Indica Liquid Gels Review Scaled

Cannabis has evolved so much since it was first discovered and used back in ancient times. It’s gone through positions of reverence, admiration, and necessity, then through phases of discrimination and prohibition. It has been making a positive comeback in recent years, and we’re all for it.

With marijuana being completely legal in Canada since 2018, and with the accompanying increasing popularity of its benefits, brands and companies have been rushing to introduce their very own weed-based lines to cater to the rapidly growing market.

Flower sales have been more open, as well as those of edibles, carts, and vapes, and topicals. But there is one form that weed comes in that is possibly the least given attention to weed pills.

They’re exactly like you’d imagine. Weed pills are marijuana in capsule form. They’re not exactly the most exciting way to consume cannabis, but they certainly have their perks to put on the table.

In this blog, we will be talking about those benefits and give you our thoughts on the most popular kind, indica liquid gels.

What are Indica Liquid Gels?

Before that, let’s cover indica liquid gels, as they seem to be the most in demand.

In pharmaceuticals, liquid gels (also known as soft-gel capsules) are pills whose contents are suspended in gelatin. Indica liquid gels are simply your favorite indica strain cannabis in a hassle-free, easy-to-digest capsule form.

Indica liquid gels are preferred by many because of the assurance that they get consistent doses all the time. Just like edibles, they take away the trouble of heating or vaporizing cannabis to enjoy its effects. They’re also a lot easier to swallow!

Are Liquid Gels Fast-Acting?

When nutrients are suspended in liquid form, the body can use them quicker. This is why liquid-filled capsules begin working faster than tablet pills because they are absorbed sooner and allow for nutrient breakdown immediately after consumption. When a pill is already liquid, the body doesn’t need to break down anything—it can absorb all of its contents quickly. Tablet pills take longer because they must be broken down first before being absorbed by our bodies.

This is precisely why indica liquid gels are so popular. They act faster and since they’re better absorbed, they’re also considered more powerful. It provides quick relief, both to those who need it and those who want it.

The Best Cannabis Capsules Today

When graced with so many viable options, it can be difficult to choose. Fortunately, we at ARCannabis are committed to making the choosing and buying processes a little easier.

Here are some of the best cannabis capsules that you can try today!

  1. Indica Liquid Gels by Daily Special

First on our list is Daily Special’s Liquid Gels. These Indica Softgels by Daily Special have a high THC content so you know they pack a mean punch, all with a quick flick of the pill into the mouth. This particular brand is affordable so it’s a smart choice if you are testing out the waters!

  1. Argyle Indica Softgels by Tweed

Next up is the Argyle Indica Softgels by Tweed. These soft gels are crafted using a unique process of carbon dioxide being extracted from greenhouse-grown indica strains with mild THC levels for an experience that’s just right. Perfect for when you want to relax, but not too much so you still feel the euphoric effects!

  1. High THC Indica Gel Capsules by Mood Ring

Mood Ring’s High THC Capsules are full-spectrum cannabis concentrates online encapsulated in a non-GMO gelatin that provides benefits of terpenes while minimizing flavors and aromas. Just like the first two liquid gel tabs, these are bliss-inducing and will easily be a favorite companion in your road to wellness!

Have a look at all the other weed pills that we offer so you can decide which ones suit you best!

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