How to Vape Weed and Get the Most Out of It

28 Nov 2022
Df D A B E C How To Vape Weed And Get The Most Out Of It

If you are tired of rolling and smoking joints or don’t want to smoke as much in one sitting, a vape is a fantastic alternative. Many vaporizers were developed specifically for weed before the current nicotine vaping trend really took off. This means there are plenty of products available for beginners and even experienced cannabis users looking for a change. Before you pick your vape, though, you need to know how to vape weed and get the most out of it. No matter what questions you might have, we have the answers right here. 

How to Vape Weed and Get the Most out of It

If you want to get into vaping or need to adjust your cannabis consumption method for a range of reasons, there is nothing better than vaping. However, although it seems straightforward (and for the most part, it is), there is still a learning curve that you must consider and manage if you want to get the most out of vaping. Otherwise, you risk not getting the full effects, therefore wasting your weed, and you could also risk possible harm and injuries if you are not careful. 

What You Need

Having the right equipment will allow you to make the most of your vape and ensure you don’t run into any problems along the way. While some items and accessories may seem like an investment, they will be worth it if you want to achieve the best experience. 

Besides your vaporizer (whether tabletop or portable), you will also need: 

  • A Grinder 

Your grinder can breathe herb down into small and manageable pieces that maximize the high due to the increased surface area. Rather than sticking a single nugget of bud into your vape, sprinkling ground weed will give you a better overall effect. 

  • Dry Herb 

Dry is the keyword here. Sticky weed will not vape properly, so look out for this. However, your weed mustn’t be too dry, either. If you’re experienced with getting high, you should already know the appropriate dryness for your weed. If you are not as experienced, there should be information and guides available to determine whether it is suitable to vape. 

  • Cleaning tools 

Cleaning your vape will ensure it remains in excellent working condition and prevent blockages or malfunctions. We’ll go into more depth about how to clean your vape later, but make sure you invest in cleaning supplies such as a brush, pipe cleaners, and isopropyl alcohol. 

How To Use And Pack It 

Before packing your vape, make sure it is switched off and has cooled down since you last used it. Failure to do this risks vaporizing your bud before you get the chance to inhale it, which is a waste that no user wants to deal with. 

If you are sure your vape is off and cooled down, you can then grind up your weed into small flakes. The grind should be fine or medium-fine at the very least, as this ensures a more consistent hit. 

Once you have ground your weed, you need to pack it into the vape. This involves: 

  • Place the ground, dry herb into the chamber
  • Pack it down so it is as flat as you can make it without packing it too tight, as this will suffocate the vape and cause issues
  • Switch on the device and set it to your preferred temperature
  • Once it reaches the right temperature (between 30 and 60 seconds), prime the vape with gentle puffs
  • Take a drag until you feel your lungs fill with vapour
  • Exhale

Your vape may draw too tightly at first. If this is the case, use it like you would a roach by placing your lips around the mouthpiece loosely. 

Cleaning Your Vape 

Cleaning your vape is an essential part of getting the most out of it. The best time to do this is right after using your vape (especially if you plan on using it again later), even if you feel too high to do so. 

Making a habit of cleaning your vape right after you use it will ensure your vape lasts as long as possible and means it’s always ready, saving you precious time along the way. 

You can clean your vape by: 

  • Switch off the vape and allow it to cool down
  • Remove the mouthpiece 
  • Brush away excess herb debris from around the chamber
  • Dip a cotton bud in isopropyl and run around the inside of the chamber until clean
  • Use a damp pipe cleaner through the vapour path to clear excess reside
  • Allow to dry and reassemble for next time. 

As residue can build up quickly, especially with smaller vapes, it’s vital to clean it regularly. Otherwise, you risk uneven vaporization and a strange aftertaste that impacts the quality and consistency of the vape. It also becomes more difficult to clean the longer you leave it. 

Safety Tips 

It’s essential to understand the key safety tips when vaping to maximize your experience and reduce possible issues. Proper care and maintenance of your vape is an excellent place to start. But, you should also consider other safety elements that will make your vaping experience enjoyable. 

  • Use the correct batteries
  • Don’t overwork the battery 
  • Avoid extreme temperatures to maintain functionality 
  • Know your vaping limits 
  • Don’t vape and drive or operate heavy machinery
  • Do your research 

Many of these safety tips should be common sense, but there may also be other factors that you have not considered before. If you are new to vaping, understanding how to use your vape safely is as important as knowing how to use it effectively, and perhaps even more so. 

Budding Prospects 

Vaping weed is currently considered a healthy alternative to smoking joints or using bongs. The absence of smoke means there is not as much impact on your lungs. You also never need to carry a lighter around with you ever again (or lose it down the side of the sofa). Health is not the only reason to consider caping, though. You can also maximize possible flavours and cultivate a high that suits you. However, you can only do this if you understand how to use your vape and get the most out of it, so happy puffing.