How to Make Weed Gummies

28 Nov 2022
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A guide to making weed gummies doesn’t need to be challenging to follow. It should be simple to understand and straightforward to do. Also, neither should it take you a lot of time to make sure that your cannabis candies can give you the right body and mind high combo that you want. We prioritized these things when making our guide on how to make weed gummies below.

Plus, your gummy weed bears, or any creative style that you intend to mold your snacks into, for that matter, should be safe to eat. And most important of all, you should end up with weed gummies that are organic, tasty, low fat and with the correct strength. So start browsing through our comprehensive guide below. You’ll even learn how much lecithin to add to your weed gummies for that yummy, healthy experience you’ve always wanted.

What Are 420 Gummies?

You undoubtedly know gummy candies. Well, these snacks have been used for decades now as a means to popularize and deliver supplemental health benefits in a fun and yummy form. This trend started with the Flintstones vitamins, released in the 60s.

So now think of your favourite candies infused with CBD, THC, or a combination. What that shakes out to me are weed gummies. Some are shaped like bears, while others are worms and so on. Well, these snacks can be molded into any shape or form. It’s all up to your imagination. 

The best thing here is to decide to use CBD, or maybe just THC exclusively. You can even combine and balance the concentrations of these components to get the body and mind high that you’ve always wanted from your weed gummies. However, if you intend to add it to your store’s inventory, keep in mind that THC content is limited to 10mg per pack throughout Canada. That’s for any related product in the country’s retail cannabis industry.

What Are CBD Gummies?

To answer this, let’s start with a primer on CBD. This acronym stands for cannabidiol. It’s a compound found in hemp, a breed of plants under the cannabis family. Many natural compounds are found in hemp, and many interact with the human CNS (central nervous system).

Through modern research today, some of these compounds have been found to have a higher likelihood of generating sound effects when interacting with the human CNS. And CBD is among those compounds. So what this means is weed gummies that are infused with CBD can have positive benefits to the body and mind. But its specific effects depend primarily on each individual’s particular body type, mental health, and other conditions.

What Are THC Gummies?

Technically, THC gummies are also infused with CBD and other organic ingredients. This is done to balance out the highly potent effects of THC. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a naturally occurring compound in marijuana. It also interacts with the human CNS, often with more potent effects on the body and mind than CBD.

The reason why particular CBD gummies are infused with CBD isolate is to reduce, if not eliminate, these psychoactive effects. But some are integrated with full-spectrum CBD, thereby mixing other organic compounds, including trace amounts of THC, to potentially generate a broader range of health benefits and positive effects to consumers. Others deliberately mix in liberal amounts of THC, enjoying a mild to moderate high while relaxing their bodies. According to some consumers in Canada, the high that small amounts of THC can generate are often giggle fits, munchies, moderate concentration, and creative inspiration.

As mentioned earlier, THC concentrations in cannabis products are limited by the Canadian government to 10mg per pack. That’s because generating much higher potency may dilute the positive effects of these weed gummies on your body and mind. For example, THC from Indica plants may cause couchlock effects to some consumers, which might be what others are looking for, though many would want to move around and not feel weary when they’re high. Meanwhile, THC from Sativa plants may cause mild to moderate anxiety in some individuals, depending on their state of mind and physiological health.

What’s the Difference Between CBD Gummies and THC Gummies?

The main difference lies in the plants where these compounds are derived from, as CBD is extracted from a non-intoxicating breed called hemp. In contrast, THC is usually extracted from Indica and Sativa or even hybrid breeds of marijuana. With this, the next most significant differences between these are its effects on an individual.

Through vigorous research and tests in the past several years, CBD has been known to have milder, non-psychoactive effects on consumers. A lot of cannabis lovers all around Canada say CBD weed gummies help them relax, soothing their body aches and pains after eating them. And many of them say they don’t experience any psychoactive effects. Simply put, they don’t get high after eating these CBD weed gummies.

On the other hand, THC has been known to cause a mind high, more potent than the body high it generates. This mind high is also called headspace, which many Canadians say they get bouts of intense concentration and higher levels of creative imagination after eating THC gummies. Advanced research in this field indicates that THC can positively manage certain mental and physiological conditions.

This is also why many cannabis connoisseurs, dispensary operators, product developers and consumers all around Canada balance out the concentrations of CBD and THC in their weed gummies. They all try to get the body and mind high that they want from their candies, all while keeping their positive effects on their physical and mental health intact. So now, let’s move on to our guide on making weed gummies.

A Quick & Easy Guide to Make Weed Gummies

We divided this guide into two sections. The first lists down the fundamental ingredients used to make weed gummies. Meanwhile, the second section consists of preparation procedures. So dive right in, and start enjoying your 420 gummies today!

Basic Ingredients of Weed Gummies

You’ve surely noticed the distinct texture of gummy candies, right? It’s soft yet firm, and pectin is the organic ingredient responsible for this. This comes from the cellular composition of the smooth inside walls of many fruits and even some vegetables. The basic process of producing this edible gelatinous substance is to mash scrapings inside walls with sugared water. Some isolate this through a moderate heating process while mixing the mash continuously, allowing you to dictate the texture you want.

Other fundamental ingredients of weed gummies include organic oils, flavourings and sweeteners. Selecting the specific types of these components enables you to dictate the overall taste of your weed gummies. But keep in mind, the sugared water that you use to mash the inside walls of fruits, along with the type of fruit that you use, will, of course, also have strong effects on the taste and flavour of your weed gummies. So balance out the servings of sugar and sweeteners that you use to your liking, and carefully choose the fruit and matching flavourings that you want.

Also, most Canadian cannabis lovers that we talked to say they use cane sugar, fruit juice, sunflower oil and organic tapioca syrup for their homemade weed gummies. Meanwhile, their favourite natural flavourings range from strawberry and orange to tropical fruit and mixed berries. On the other hand, some with culinary experience use either malic or citric acid for that extra tang and added zing. These acids are extracted from sour apples and lemons.

And of course, you need CBD oil, either CBD isolates or full-spectrum CBD, depending on the type of high you want. That’s if you wish to CBD weed gummies. Otherwise, prepare the buds of your favourite marijuana strain in case you want more potent weed gummies. For the latter, you need to mince and simmer those buds in butter, gradually melting them in a pan, then separate them with a strainer.

But don’t forget, you can mix in that strained butter with your CBD oil isolate. Though this requires trial and error to produce the taste and high, that’s right for you mainly if you use CBD full-spectrum oil, as it already has trace amounts of THC.

Fundamental Preparation Steps to Make Weed Gummies

Prepare a couple of bowls. The first one is for mixing sugar and water. The other is mashing your inner wall fruit scrapings with the sugared water you mixed.

Then, put in your CBD oil, strained weed butter, or a mix of these, depending on what you want. And while continuously mashing it, mix in the other ingredients you prepared. These include the flavourings, additional sweeteners and oils mentioned earlier.

You can also prepare a pan to simmer your mash on low heat. This allows you to isolate your mash from the extra moisture it contains gradually. Plus, edible wax to finish off your dried weed gummies should give it a smooth outer texture. Many Canadian cannabis enthusiasts use wax extracts from leaves of plants, such as exotic palms and the like.

Once cooled, strain your mash to separate any extra water. Then, allow it to cool and dry a little. Once it does, you can cut and mold it into any shape or form that you want. Of course, the most popular choice is gummy weed bears, according to the cannabis lovers we interviewed across the country to help us prepare our guide to make weed gummies.

For more exciting recipes, please look at our detailed weed gummies guide. You’ll learn more ways to use CBD oils, THC bud extracts, or a combination of these in your 420 candies. And yes, we also made sure that each recipe in our guide is simple to follow, easy to understand, and quick to do.

How Much Lecithin to Add to Weed Gummies

Let’s talk about lecithin. Many cannabis enthusiasts use lecithin as an organic additive to their 420 gummies. It gives their weed candies some oomph in the low-fat health department.

What is Lecithin?

Simply put, lecithin can be extracted from various foods, such as egg yolks and soybeans. This is an organic compound consisting of a fat mixture essential for the human body. Its primary use is an emulsifier, which separates oils and fats from food.

Should I Use Lecithin for My Weed Gummies?

Many cannabis lovers don’t use lecithin for gummy weed bears, CBD candies and edibles. However, a few use them to boost their weed gummies’ low-fat properties. Meanwhile, some use it to salvage mashes that they incorrectly mixed with too many oils and flavourings. So this depends on what you want as well as your current situation. That’s because if you manage to put in just the right amounts of oils, sweeteners and flavourings into your weed gummies, then you shouldn’t have to worry too much about its fat content.

Should I Use CBD Oil or Marijuana Buds in My Weed Gummies?

Now that you know how to make weed gummies, let’s talk more about the difference between using CBD oil and the buds of your favourite marijuana strain for your 420 gummies. Keep in mind that this entirely depends on your skill level of producing edibles with the body and mind high combination that you want and your preferences when it comes to the taste and texture of your cannabis-infused snacks.

Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Weed Gummies

  1. It’s more straightforward to avoid putting in too many cannabis extracts in your weed gummies. Unlike using the buds of your marijuana plants, you don’t have to measure the potency and content of your extracts carefully. That’s because you’ll have a bottle of CBD oil ready, and you can just read its label to know exactly how much you want to put in your weed gummy mash.
  2. It takes less time to mix CBD oil with your weed gummy mash. After all, you’ll need to spend several minutes mincing the buds of your marijuana plants. And another several minutes to simmer it with butter on low heat and strain it.
  3. CBD gummies won’t have strong psychoactive effects, if at all. This is suitable for those who want to relax and soothe body aches and pains. Many cannabis lovers we talked to say the effects of CBD are similar and often even milder than the body high that they usually get from smoking Indica strains.
  4. Modern advanced research indicates a higher likelihood of getting more health benefits from CBD than from THC. So with this, you stand a better chance of getting those health benefits from your weed gummies.

Benefits of Using THC for Weed Gummies

  1. Some experts argue that THC can help manage certain mental health conditions. They say this is unlike CBD, which they claim focuses on relieving physical body pains. They also argue that THC is a more potent remedy for stress and fatigue as it can relax the mind more than CBD, mainly when used at the most suitable concentrations for an individual. So if you manage to do this, you might get these health benefits from your weed gummies.
  2. Lots of the cannabis enthusiasts in fields like visual arts, music and tech engineering whom we talked to say they like eating 420 gummies with more potent mind high. They say this high helps them with intense concentration and boosts their creative imagination.
  3. You’ll have a more comprehensive, more diverse set of options when it comes to mind and body high combinations, taste and texture when you use the buds of your favourite marijuana strains and mix it with CBD oils for your weed gummies.

We advise you to look at our guide to the best THC gummies in Canada today. You’ll be able to browse through our latest collection of tried and tested gummy weed products in the country. Plus, you’ll get instant access to unbiased reviews and truthful ratings from cannabis lovers all around the country for each of the weed gummy products in our selection this year.

Important Stuff to Keep in Mind When Making Homemade Weed Gummies

And with the primary differences and benefits of using CBD oils, THC bud extracts, and a combination of these squared away, let’s take a look at a carefully prepared what-to-do checklist. After all, a guide to making weed gummies won’t be complete without ensuring that you can avoid the most common pitfalls of learning how to make weed gummies. Let’s start!

  1. Test out different concentrations of CBD oils, bud extracts, or a combination of both. You’re even advised to test these out separately, as this will enable you to gauge the body and mind high that you get with each dose. In turn, this arms you with more informed judgement on how much to use for your weed gummies.
  2. Always start with the smallest dose possible. This is whether you’re separately testing out CBD oil, the buds of your favourite marijuana strain, or both combined. Working your way up is almost always more straightforward than doing this in reverse.
  3. Do this with your weed gummies as well. Test out different concentrations, starting with the smallest dose possible. You’ll have better control over the body and mind that you can get from your weed gummies when you do this.
  4. To also get much better control over the taste and texture of your weed gummies, you’re recommended to test out different ingredients and concentrations. This goes for the sugar and sweeteners plus the artificial and natural flavours you intend to use for your weed gummies, among the other ingredients you decide to use for your cannabis candies.

What Other Weed Gummy Lovers all around Canada Are saying today

Many, if not most of the cannabis lovers we interviewed all around the country, say they prefer to use CBD oil in their homemade 420 gummies. A larger share of the same group claims they just carefully select the CBD oil to use when making their weed gummies. That means they look at the THC concentration percentages of the full-spectrum CBD oil products they browse, as it contains different amounts of trace THC levels anyway. And what they like about this process is that it’s more straightforward to balance the high effects of their homemade mashes, especially when they follow this guide to make weed gummies.

But a lot all around Canada still prefer to buy commercially available weed gummies. They say their decision is based on the fact that these pre-packed cannabis snacks from brands and stores licensed by the government are carefully tested to be safe and contain legal amounts of THC.

Meanwhile, Canadian cannabis enthusiasts say they like using bud extracts of their favourite marijuana strains when making their homemade weed gummies. They claim to depend on the strain they use, and this process adds delectable flavours to their weed gummies. Plus, they say this enables them to make their weed candies stronger to their liking, especially as most of them prefer to smoke over eating cannabis edibles. Many of them also say they learned more ways to diversify the taste, texture, body, and mind of their snacks by reading through this guide on making weed gummies.