Best THC Gummies in Canada

28 Nov 2022
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“What’s the best way to get high? Cannabis gummies! These THC infused candies are great for people who want a new, delicious way of consuming cannabis. Gummy bears and worms are always popular choices because they taste good and they’re easy to carry around. If you live in Canada, try some of these tasty treats!

The legalization of cannabis in Canada has been a whirlwind of excitement. With new rules and regulations, Canadians are left to wonder where to buy marijuana online. For those who want the convenience of buying weed from home without having to leave their house, there are now some very good options for ordering weed online that deliver right to your doorstep! This blog post will explore the best THC gummies in Canada as well as which legal ways you can purchase them online.

What are THC Gummies

Marijuana is a plant that contains THC, which is the active component that makes you feel high. In a nutshell, these cannabis infused candies get you high because they contain 10mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) per serving which is also known as “pot” or weed. Nowadays, there are many varieties of THC-infused products including edibles like cookies and brownies to topical creams and lotions. You can find them at your local dispensary or buy them online for yourself or someone else who may be interested in medical marijuana treatments but doesn’t want to smoke them! 

Let’s look at some best THC Gummies in Canada

1. THC Bottle Caps by Vava

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your diet, then look no further than the THC Bottle Caps.

These sugar-free bottle caps are perfect for those who want to stay on their diet and still enjoy some of their favorite drinks. They come in a variety of flavors like watermelon or strawberry lemonade that will make you feel like summer all year round.

The best part about these bottle caps is that they can be used with any drink without changing its taste! So whether it’s wine, beer, soda or juice – the THC Bottle Caps will work perfectly with it. You won’t have to worry about feeling guilty after drinking one because this product is guilt free! 

2. Pack Mix & Match by Twisted Extracts 

Looking for the perfect gummies?

Twisted Extracts is a company that specializes in making delicious, potent, and high-quality cannabis edibles. With this offer, you can choose to purchase up to four Twisted Extracts gummies at a discounted price. All Twisted Extracts come in two different strains: sativa or indica. Additionally, you can also buy hybrids which are a combination of two different cannabis strains such as Hybrid 1:1 Grape (hybrid) or CBD Cara Melts (indica). Now, this pack will help you gain access to both medicinal and recreational gummy bears.

3.Gummy Candies by Aura Edibles

Looking for a healthy alternative to your favorite candy?

Aura Edibles gummy candy is made with natural ingredients and does not use chemicals or artificial sweeteners. Each pack has four THC gummies with a concentration of 50 milligrams. The outer layer is colored with annatto seed, beet powder, and hibiscus flower.

The inner part of the dish is likely to have a richer flavor that can be achieved by adding other spices such as turmeric or cumin seeds.

Without sacrificing taste or healthiness, these sweet treats will hit the spot! These sugar-free gummies are a delicious snack for those with diabetes or other health protocols to adhere to. These crackers are also vegan-friendly as they contain no gluten, dairy products, soy products, eggs or nuts.

4.Variety Pack by ShipWreck

Looking for a new way to enjoy your weed?

The Variety Pack by ShipWreck Edibles is perfect for those who like to explore new flavors and each pack contains 15 gummies with 10mg of THC.

This package contains five different types, peach mango, key lime, cherry, grape and watermelon.

These gummies are a tasty treat that doesn’t have the aftertaste associated with smoking weed. They come in five delicious flavours, so you can find one to suit your taste perfectly!

5.Citrus Sugar Free Jelly by Mota

Looking for a sugar-free cannabis product?

Cannabis products are often thought of due to their THC content. Nevertheless, there is a variety of products including edibles and gummy bears that do not include any sugars or artificial flavors. They are soft, have a powerful taste, and melt in your mouth. A package of Citrus Sugar Free Jelly contains one individual gummy. Each gummy weighs 25 grams and contains 120 mg of THC. Though this product features a higher THC concentration, it is designed for users who have developed a tolerance over time or with small doses of THC in other products.

When you have sugar cravings but can’t handle anything with intense sugars, these treats are the perfect compromise. They taste good and distract you from pain or anxiety without turning into too much marijuana.  If you’re new to using marijuana medicinally then we recommend starting with lower doses before moving onto stronger strains like this one so that it’s easier on your body while adjusting to its effects – especially if it’s been a while since you last used weed!  With each purchase comes instructions on how much should be consumed at once based on weight.

6.Pack of 3 Mix & Match by Mystic Medibles  

Mystic Medibles is a leader in the cannabis market with itsTHC gummies, which come in six different flavors and are available in bulk quantities. The Mix & Match pack comes with 3 x 6-pack (18 total) of 25mg THC each for 450mg of THC total. It’s an unbeatable deal for value and will last you quite

Get your hands on this offer before it’s gone! This is an amazing opportunity to try out some new flavors while getting a good price on them too. You won’t regret trying these delicious treats out today! 

7. Black Clear Sphere by Mota 

Looking for a potent edible?

THC distillate, the active ingredient in Black Clear Sphere gummies, is so potent that each one contains 300mg. Five of these can be easily split into even portions–each containing 60 mg–to ensure that kids and adults alike maintain a fun, safe experience while traveling.

The gummy can easily be separated into five even pieces of 60 milligrams apiece. Although you may have built up a tolerance to cannabis over the years, you must consume each piece slowly.

Because this gummy has an intense flavor, it’s not recommended for new users. That being said, if you are looking for an intense experience that will last hours on end, then look no further! This product has got you covered!

If you want to get high but don’t have much time, split this potent edible in half or quarters with friends. It’s perfect for those who want an intense experience without having to wait too long before feeling its effects (or waiting too long after consuming). If you’re new to edibles or just looking for a little something more than what your usual strain can offer – give these babies a try! They’ll handle all your needs in one happy swoop!

8.THC Dino Gummy by Dino Gang 

The THC Dino Gummy is the perfect way to get you high. It is 100 milligrams of decarboxylated THC, which means it’s very potent. You should eat one-eighth of the dino at a time for the best effect. Even when you split it, the high-potency weed will put you straight to sleep if you’re not used to it.

The taste and texture of the THC Dino are great, but the high it produces is one in a million. The effects are so strong that consumers may see dinosaurs roaming around when they come up on THC-laced candy.

9. Iced Tea Mix by Mota

Do you love iced tea?

Summer is (drink) time! Our Mota’s Iced Tea Mix is perfect for those who don’t like sugary drinks. It has a tasty, not-too-sweet citrus flavor. There’s 150mg of THC per pack so make sure to pace yourself!

You’ll need water, ice cubes, and a glass to prepare this drink. Once you’ve mixed the tea with water and poured it into your glass over ice cubes, just wait for the mixture to cool before drinking it! One of your summer drinks will become one of your favorite drinks all year long.

10.The Chocolate Bombon by Green Island Naturals 

You’ve been looking for the best edibles on the market, and we found them.

We have compiled a list of some of the most delicious cannabis-infused treats that are currently available in Canada. Our assortment of chocolate treats can please nearly everyone!

There are a variety of sweet treats you can enjoy and still have an amped up high. Whether you prefer to mix your weed in with your ice cream or create cannabis infused cake, there is something for everyone’s preference.