Why is Weed Getting so Popular in Canada?

28 Nov 2022
F A Cc E E B Be E E C Why Is Weed Getting So Popular In Canada

Cannabis was legalised in Canada back in October 2018 and since then it has grown in popularity as more users are seeing the different qualities that cannabis can have. Making it legal has helped so many who use the drug for medicinal purposes and the different properties it has. So why is weed getting so popular in Canada? We wanted to take a look at some of the reasons why cannabis is used and why it shouldn’t be frowned upon. 

Has it helped the economy?

Before weed was legalised in Canada, it was still a very popular drug amongst a lot of people, for recreational use as well as for medicinal purposes. This was all done not in the eye of the law, however, now that it has been legalised, it has opened up a million dollar industry and growth element which has only boosted the economy in Canada. There are many positive attributes to using cannabis to help with certain ailments and illness as well as other popular uses such as relaxation. So for the Canadian government to have the purchase mead legalised has only strengthened the economy in many different ways. 

More research can be done in terms of treating various ailments

Now that weed has been legalised in Canada it has opened up many opportunities for research purposes. There was always evidence that suggested that using weed can help with common issues such as depression and anxiety, but there were also studies that suggested that it could also help with cancer. This is such a big killer across the world, and so for more research to be done that can suggest that we can have a higher rate or curing people from ailments such as cancer means that this is only a good thing. The more research that can be done, the more it will help people. A reason why weed is getting so popular in Canada could also be because of this. People who have long term illnesses with information that suggests cannabis can work are now likely to try it. 

Coping with some of the common issues weed can help with

Before cannabis was legalised, there were already studies and suggestions that certain ailments such as depression, anxiety and cancer can be reduced, if not cured, by the use of weed for medicinal purposes. Here is a run down as to why that might be the reason why weed is getting so popular in Canada. 


Depression is a rising concern for many people and because of this, there is more focus on what you can do to help alleviate some of the common symptoms people can experience when they have depression. Cannabis and weed can help with many ways to calm and alleviate signs of stress that can be experienced in the mind. If you’ve been feeling sad, down and low mood and you can’t shake or lack interest in activities you once enjoyed, you may be suffering from depression. The thing to remember is that you are not alone, as depression affects some 350 people across the world. So in Canada alone, you can see why weed is getting so popular. This common mood disorder is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Yet many people who have depression do not get the help they need which is why they resort to alternative medicinal options such as weed. 


As Canada has legalised cannabis, and other places across the world are following suite, both for medicinal and recreational use, more and more people are turning to weed in the hope of managing anxiety or something such as a generalized anxiety disorder. Anxiety can be caused for a variety of different reasons and can be suffered on its own or as part of depression when it comes to your overall mental health. It has been proven to reduce stress levels and feelings of depression which can be the common cause of anxiety. 

Cancer treatments 

Last of all, cancer is one of the biggest killers worldwide and with the extreme research going into treatments and options available, there is a strong reason as to why this can help with pain management. There Is a lot of research which suggests it can help, which is why so many people consider trying it as it can be less intrusive as some of the other treatments that are recommended. Cancer is one of the things that so many would like to see a consistent treatment for, and cannabis can help manage pain while this is happening. 

Hopefully this answers your question as to why is weed getting so popular in Canada.