Songs to Listen to When High

28 Nov 2022
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Let us just say it right off the bat. Getting high is probably the best feeling in the world. Aside from the euphoria and everything suddenly becoming hilarious, you also just find a new appreciation for things. That probably explains why munchies are a thing: ordinary food suddenly becomes so tasty, and water? Ah, must be how the heavens taste like.

Still, as with all beautiful things, there’s always a way to make something even better. Many marijuana users turn to music to enhance their experience and make an already enjoyable time even more worthwhile.

We at ARCannabis have been having the best times of our lives with weed and music and we want you to get to experience it, too!

Here’s a humble curation of the ten best songs to play when you’re high out of your minds. Trust us, you’ll either be lulled into the best sleep you’ll have in ages or be so amazed at how music was made you’ll probably be inspired enough to write your own tune or two!

Top 10 Songs to Listen to While High on Weed

Music is ever-changing and favorite songs could change within the course of a few weeks. This top 10 is, in our opinion, some of the best of all time—we just know you’ll love it!

Note: You may have very different tastes from us so we did our best to throw in songs from various genres and styles. 

10. Lil’ Wayne – Kush

If there’s a rap artist most associated with weed other than Snoop Dogg, it would probably be Weezy. Proof? This track that’s basically an ode to the herb. “Kush” sits right in the sweet spot of upbeat and chill, and you will feel your high becoming more and more steady as you gradually sit back and let the effects take over. You could even have it playing on its sixth loop and you won’t even notice. That’s how good this song hits.

9. Tycho – A Walk

Imagine taking a stroll through the forest and just listening to the humming of the birds while also feeling the cool breeze on your skin. You close your eyes and everything just starts to bloom. The world is alive and full of colors. Being alive is more trippy than ever. That’s how it feels like while taking “A Walk.”

8. Incubus – Aqueous Transmission

Trans-like and earthy, this song takes you on a trip to a tropical jungle, with a bowl of the perfect indica in one hand. It reminds you of the last time you were on a hammock listening to frogs under the rain, and you can’t help but smile as the euphoria slowly but surely envelopes you. There’s a good chance this will be the last song you’ll hear before finally succumbing to an unforced slumber.

7. Glass Animals – Gooey

A great match for both sativa and indica highs, “Gooey” is as groovy as they come. Be prepared to feel the tingles racing up your body until it hits you mentally and you’re taken to a happy place. The things you profusely worried about before lighting up will become almost nothing. Of course, when you get down from the high, you’ll definitely remember the bad, but you’ll be able to approach it with a newfound appreciation for life, and that’s more than enough to know it’ll all be alright! 

6. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg – Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang

If you thought we were going to finish this list with only having Snoop as a point of comparison, then you’re wrong. Not only is this song his most recognizable song (or one of them—he has too many iconic songs), it’s also such a great accompaniment to your stoned disposition. Take your mind off things and just let this gem take you on a ride in the clouds.

5. Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine

It’s early morning, and it’s still dark outside. You roll a joint with no one else in the room to pressure you. You look out and it’s hoodie weather. You pull up your headphones and it’s blasting Roy Ayers, welcoming the sun one puff at a time. This song is a classic, and it’s sure to take your high to even more laid back heights.

4. Tame Impala – Solitude is Bliss

When it comes to songs to vibe to while getting high, you can never go wrong with the three-man Australian band Tame Impala. With this song’s catchy introduction and psychedelic riffs, “Solitude is Bliss” gives you an experience that can only be described as your world being turned inside out. Truly, “You will never come close to how I feel” will be something you will say to your friends who haven’t played this song while high.

3. Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

There’s no other song that is an accurate impression of what being high feels like. If you listen to Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” sober, it’s pretty good. But listening to it high is a whole new inexplicable experience. When high, most people bask in a cloudy relaxation that they could stay in the whole day. This song basically gives words to the feelings that are impossible to describe with a baked mind.

2. The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever

Here’s a song that wouldn’t take much describing to prove it’s the best track to blast on your speakers during your smoke session. It has the rawness associated with hippie tracks from the late 60s that’s so pure and real that it really gets you thinking, “Huh, this is some good weed.” “Strawberry Fields Forever” has a heart-rending melancholy that’s simultaneously beautiful. Rumor has it that it’s a song about getting stoned, but who knows, other than the four brilliant minds that made up one of the greatest bands in all of history?

1. Bob Marley – Ganja Gun

This list wouldn’t be half as complete without at least a mention of arguably the most revered marijuana icon of all time. Bob Marley’s popularity spans practically all age groups and it’s most definitely warranted. He’s got a lot of smoke jams, but we think “Ganja Gun” is appropriate for “creative” and “smart” highs where your mind gets peppered with realizations and sudden questions that’ll have you nodding to yourself every now and then. The vocals and the reggae tune together provide an auditory ensemble that’s worthy of your most intelligent moments!

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