Solei Free Oil Review

28 Nov 2022
Ad D B Da D Solei Free Oil Review

Marijuana consumption has evolved a lot over the years. It is an ancient plant and as such, it has been used for many different purposes in various cultures across centuries—from recreational to medicinal uses. Over time, people have come up with different ways to consume cannabis, and one of the most popular methods is by using oils and extracts, which many prefer for their smokeless characteristics.

Solei, a brand that takes pride in its sustainable and sungrown cannabis products, has released a line of CBD products called “Free,” which includes an oral/sublingual with 10 mg CBD oil, and another with 30 mg CBD. Both have low THC content that may or may not cause the familiar THC buzz, depending on the user.

Allow us to walk you through the experience of using both products. 


Props to the Solei team for the packaging. In case the government labels and stamps didn’t give it away, this CBD oil is lab-tested to ensure purity. Inside is a small plastic childproof bottle with a measuring syringe so you know exactly how much to take every time! The dispensing cap included makes it easy for fewer messes by just squeezing directly into your mouth or mixing into food & drink of choice.

The oil itself is light yellow with zero plant materials, testaments to Solei’s unique production process.

Aroma & Taste

Solei Free Oils have no observable odors as the terpenes have been removed. For the same reason, both oil variants are neutral in taste, with very subtle hints of cannabis aftertaste that some claim to not even notice at all! These are great for those who are not huge fans of leafy flavors when it comes to ingesting cannabis. They also would be perfect for cooking

If there’s one thing to make you reconsider, it’s the thick consistency of the liquid (it’s oil after all!) that not many people find pleasant. We think it’s not too bad though!


Solei Free offers a new approach to consuming cannabis with minimal risk of negative side effects. Their CBD oil grants its users varied experiences—some users report feeling calm and relaxed, others say the same but mention a bit of energy rush afterward. Though most of those who’ve had Solei Free Oil deny getting high off of it, there are some who say they could feel a light buzz with enough doses. Their mid-level boosts make them great for both night and day.

Solei Free Plus+ 1:30 Oil is all that, tripled. With 30 mg of CBD and only 1 mg of THC per mL, it’s a great choice for those looking to take their wellness routine up a notch!

As you take Solei Free, your mood and energy levels will improve. Within a few days of taking it regularly, you might notice that you are feeling more positive than usual or have an easier time falling asleep at night.

Our Verdict

We think that the team at Solei has outdone themselves with these CBD oils. One thing we love about them is how versatile they are. Both Free Oil and Free Plus+ 1:30 can provide the effects that anyone seeking relief would look for, and at an affordable price point at that!

There is no doubt that the oils work. They are relaxing, but not too much—just enough to take off some stress and anxiety for sure! Typical of the best CBD oils, Solei’s Free Oils can be used for all sorts of things including back pain, joint pain, sleep issues, headaches, and more.

If you’re looking for a high-quality CBD oil that can be used in many areas of your life, then Solei is the brand to try!

Solei is a brand that offers many other great cannabis products: pre-rolls, dried flowers, and pre-filled cartridges. All these stoner favorites and CBD users buddies are offered in indica, sativa, THC, CBD, or other hybrids and are available as other lines or “moments.” These are “Renew,” “Unplug,” “Balance,” “Sense,” and “Gather”—each one carefully curated and put together to help you enjoy the moment you want to discover.

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