Romulan Strain Review

28 Nov 2022
B D A A D Af Romulan Strain Review Scaled

This Romulan strain review explains everything you will want to know about the cannabis strain named after an alien Star Trek race.

The cannabis strain ‘Romulan’ is an Indica dominant weed strain capable of inducing some very highly soothing and narcotic effects upon its users. The flavours and scents you get from the cannabis strain ‘Romulan’ are also unique compared to what you would get from typical Indica dominant strains from Indica plants or some Indica dominant hybrid that you would get from cross-breeding. Some of the many scent notes you could smell coming off of this strain include the likes of earth, citrus, and pine.

The Romulan marijuana strain also comes with a wide array of medicinal benefits, which all medical marijuana patients can benefit from. It’s instrumental in assisting with treating medical conditions relating to anxiety and its constituent disorders such as the likes of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and even anxiety issues such as paranoia.

How the Romulan Strain Got Its Name

The story behind the name of the Romulan strain is a simple yet amusing one. It is aptly named after the Romulan race in the star trek series. The name is very appropriate due to the Romulan marijuana strain leaving an impact on its user, mainly due to its medicinal abilities, such as the few mentioned above.

Aside from just the medical effects, the strains’ regular effects, in essence, the high it induces is said to be very mind-bending and one that incites serenity and tranquillity. However, after learning the origins of the name, these effects should not come to you as much of a surprise. It also won’t shock you to know that the high of the Romulan marijuana strain has been described to fly its user to outer space with the floating sensation that it is known to give.

There are even mentions of the Romulan marijuana strain producing a narcotic-like sensation in people who choose to consume it. The reports claim that the Romulan strain sends its users into a deep state of euphoria, which significantly increases the user base for which this strain proves itself to be beneficial, as through these reports, anyone looking for a bit of relaxation or some help with falling asleep, could greatly benefit from consuming this marijuana strain.

Aside from just these attractive traits, there is a lot more to get into when discussing the Romulan, all of which we will discuss in great detail throughout this article.

The Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of the Romulan Strain

The smell of pure pungence is the immediate scent you will be overwhelmed by when you light up a Romulan strain to smoke. Along with the overflow of the pungence of the Indica dominant strain, you’ll also get a few strong hints and whiffs of earth and pine. This weed strain certainly knows how to leave a lasting impact on its users, despite its aroma and scents not necessarily unique to the strain itself. Its delightful and appealing scent makes it come across as quite extraordinary despite it being straightforward.

The look of the Romulan strain is undoubtedly a bit more unusual than the smell it produces and is undoubtedly a whole lot more unique than what you would expect a typical Indica phenotype to look like. It is a lot more complex and diverse than the rest of them as its pistils are a lot more vibrant in colour, with its sage green colour representing the sugar leaves of the strain.

In addition to the previously mentioned scents of pine and earth that stem from the Romulan strain, you could also get a whiff of some spice, citrus, and even some woodsy hints if you sniffed hard enough. If you try to get a taste of the bud of the Romulan strain, you’ll sense a delightful flavour, almost like that of candy.

Back on the topic of the Romulan strains’ appearance, you will come to find that the buds of the Romulan strain are very dense and are tightly packed together, which is highly beneficial for its users as they tend to receive a lot more valuable products from just a single nugget of the strain. The benefit shows when the strain is compared to all of the other strains of weed out there, which require a lot more nuggets for a similar amount of strain consumption. The buds also vary in their shades and can go from muted green to a very bright green. Even the pistils mentioned above of the strain can vary in colour though they mainly tend to look reminiscent of a coppery or brassy orange colour. A fresh bud of the Romulan strain would have frosty buds, as well as have its pistils curling in towards the similarly frosty-looking sugar leaves of the strain. It is important to note that the pistils of a strain are the tiny hairs that you often come to find on every single weed flower out there.

Though the Romulan strain isn’t considered to be the best weed strain available on the market, it does show some uniqueness and gives reason to buy it through its frosty sugar leaves, as well as its awe-inspiring THC levels. Despite not being the most famous strain on the market, the Romulan strain has still proven to be a worthy and highly beneficial option for those looking to consume cannabis medically, as you’ll later come to see.

The Effects of The Romulan Strain On The Body and Mind

The two main effects the Romulan marijuana strain is notorious for is its ability to throw any cannabis user into a couch-lock state, regardless of their level of experience in the cannabis industry, as well as its ability to give its users a case of the munchies. The Romulan marijuana strain also provides users with some of the more typical effects you would expect from a pure Indica strain. However, that is bearing in mind that the chronic effects of the Indica strain are amplified to a whole new level.

The Indica dominant Romulan marijuana strain has the potential to get its users to feel so relaxed that it is often explained to be highly reminiscent of the high you would expect to get from a narcotic. Consuming the Romulan marijuana strain immediately sends your body into a dream-like, euphoric state. The lovely headspace you get thrown into by this highly potent strain melts away all the worries of your everyday life and sinks your body deep into the surface below it.

The Romulan strain will send you off into space, somewhat reminiscent of its star trek-like origins. However, rather than have you fight off some evil intergalactic alien species, you will have to fend yourself off from the clutches of the urge to fall into a deep and sound sleep.

An added twist with this particular strain, unlike other Indica dominant strains, is its ability to create some very intriguing and reflective cerebral effects. The high you get from consuming the Romulan strain is, as previously mentioned, described to provide a floating sensation due to the strain enabling your mind to feel as light as air. Upon consuming the Romulan cannabis bud, you’ll also feel your mood get boosted with a surge of delight, which not only adds to your overall happiness but also helps to have some of that emotional joy radiate from your heart and soul, pleasing not only your body with love and contentment but also those around you.

As you would assume, some negative traits always come along with the good with many things. However, in the Romulan strain, that is certainly far from the truth as there are little to no negative connotations attached to the use of this weed strain. This makes it easier to recommend to someone longing for a potent yet delightful Indica strain.

The Medicinal Benefits of the Romulan Weed Strain

The Romulan weed strain is famous worldwide for being one of the most reliable strains on the market for dealing with insomnia and inducing sleep in those suffering from a lack of melatonin. Thus, it is made pretty abundantly clear that the use of this weed strain doesn’t concern those looking to smoke some weed during the day, as daytime use of this strain would result in you falling asleep by midday. It is also worth mentioning that before you try to smoke this strain for any of its valuable medicinal properties, you should first go and consult a medical professional to get some professional medical advice on the usage and dosage you should have of the strain for any particular medical condition.

Aside from just insomnia and sleep-related issues, some other medical conditions that this strain can prove helpful in treating include problems such as depression and anxiety. There are also a handful of disorders that this strain is known to help with, including the aforementioned post-traumatic stress disorder and other disorders such as certain chronic stress disorders like general anxiety disorder. It can also be beneficial in treating certain different types of common diseases and disorders such as bipolar disorder and even some eating disorders. Lastly, it proves itself to be a fantastic treatment for paranoia.

Suppose the medical issues you seek to treat with the Romulan strain pertain to a person’s mind. In that case, it is highly recommended that the person seeking treatment starts their therapeutic journey off by consuming the Romulan strain at lower doses. This is due to the high potency of the Romulan strain and the fact that it may be a wiser option to start small and build up to a dosage that is more favourable to your body. The lower starting dosage and its slow build-up over time will also allow you to see the effects that the Romulan strain has on your body and will let you safely discontinue it if it proves to be harmful in any way.

Since the Romulan strain is highly potent, those who suffer from certain mental conditions and disorders are highly susceptible to some of the adverse effects of THC, such as the anxiety it induces or the paranoia it generates. This ‘worry’ that it can create among its users is the sole reason you should take it in small amounts. This helps to make your experience with the Romulan strain risk-free and helps to avoid other additional problems that could arise.

If you are looking to treat some more physical ailments and conditions rather than mental ones, the Romulan strain proves itself to be quite helpful in those cases as well. It can play a unique role in the healing process of specific chronic pain-related issues such as body pain relating to muscle spasms and other chronic aches such as migraine headaches. Aside from just muscle spasms and ‘head pain,’ it can also prove helpful in treating a lack of appetite. When it comes to physical conditions and pain-related problems, many people would recommend you consume a higher dosage of the weed strain to ensure you receive the full extent of the relief that the strain can provide.

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