How to Store Your Weed Properly to Keep it Fresh

28 Nov 2022
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Want to Keep Your Cannabis Potent & Fresh?


Why should you store you weed properly?

Every cannabis connoisseur wishes their weed could last a lifetime. Unfortunately, everything degrades over time—weed included. Your weed stock can last up to two years, if you store your weed properly. Poor storage, however, can result in a number of issues ranging from a reduction of weed potency to the growth of mould.

Besides the health concerns, there’s also the fact that fresh, well-stored green always hits the spot much better. When it comes to preserving your stockpile of weed, the question is always how can you keep it fresh for as long as possible.

How do you ensure that your stock of weed stays fresh? Before we get to that, let’s talk about what can cause it to degrade.

What can degrade my weed’s freshness?

While there are many reasons for a decline in freshness, there are a few key things you need to remember.

First, air can damage your weed. While it is what is needed to cure the stuff, too much will only degrade the weed. Why does this happen? Well, think of oxidation. Much like how iron rusts when exposed to air, weed goes through a similar process, hurting its potency as well as taste.

Second, overexposure to light can affect the quality of your weed, more so thanks to UV light. Just look at what light can do to your household furniture. Have you ever noticed furniture by the window fading and wearing out faster than pieces in the shade? UV light is causing that damage. The same principle applies to your weed.

Third, moisture in the air can hurt your weed by allowing mould to grow. What’s worse is that if this mould is smoked, it can be toxic to your health. This happens when the temperature gets too cold, allowing the water in the air to cling onto the substance. Unfortunately, hot temperatures should be avoided as it breaks down the carcinoids.

How can I maintain the freshness of my green?

Even if you follow the best weed storing practices, your stockpile is eventually going to degrade in quality until it becomes harmful. Nevertheless, you can prolong the inevitable if you make sure that it is stored properly. This all starts with the curing process.

How do you go about that? First of all, ensure that your weed is fully cured. This means that if it is still damp or fresh, you will need to dry it. To do this, hang your weed in a clean, dry space subject to open air for approximately three to four days. After the three- or four-day mark, place the weed in an airtight container to continue the drying process. Release the cap every two days or so to allow the humid air to release and fresh, dry air to enter. From then on, you can use the weed as you so wish. Just remember to allow the humid air to come out, as we have instructed.

How do I store my cured marijuana?

When it comes to looking for a container for your weed, always choose glass. Anything else—plastic or acrylic—will not suffice. Those materials are just too porous, meaning that it will not seal the weed from the outside conditions. Glass, on the other hand, is not porous at all. It’s also chemical-free, meaning that you do not have to worry that the weed’s flavour and quality will be tainted.

After you buy weed online and are now choosing the right container, you need to store it somewhere under the right conditions. As we pointed out earlier, light and temperature can seriously affect the freshness of your weed. You’ll find it best to store your weed in a cool, dry place away from bright sunlight. Good examples of such places would be a closet, drawer, or cabinet. It’s also better to store your weed on the lower levels of your home rather than on higher floors. This is because hot air rises, and as we have pointed out, hot air is no good for your weed. Note that you should not place the container near any heat source as well, meaning that you should put it far away from anything that emits heat—heater, electronics, and so on.

Another way that will help you store your weed properly is to ensure humidity levels are kept in check with the help of a humidity monitor. Note that the humidity levels where your weed is stored should be anywhere between around 60 to 63 percent. If you find that humidity levels are too high, purchase a dehumidifier.

Does this apply to other products produced from cannabis?

We have only talked about the actual weed so far. Does this apply to products like CBD oil and the like? The short answer is yes.

When it comes to harming these products, the same culprits—light, oxygen, and temperature—can have a negative effect. You would be better off storing these products in airtight, glass containers away from sunlight and heat sources as well. Doing so will ensure they last for as long as possible. However, note that you will not need to burp these products. Unlike fresh bud, you’ll need to keep them closed from the outside environment for as long as possible. That is because the more it is exposed to air, the shorter its lifespan will be.


By now, you’ve hopefully learned something new about how to store your weed. If you have forgotten already, here is a quick reminder:

cure your mary jane before placing it in an airtight glass container away from any light and heat.

Open the jar every two days or so to allow the weed to “burp.” With these simple tips, you will be able to make sure you enjoy the freshest marijuana for a year and even two! Now, if you have any other products like CBD oil and the like, the same will apply.

As mentioned already, the same factors that hurt weed will also hurt these products. For this reason, you will have to carry out the same task, storing them in airtight jars and ensuring they aren’t stored under less-than-ideal conditions. If you need more tips, don’t hesitate to contact your local cannabis store so that you can keep your weed fresh.

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