How to Grow Marijuana at Home

28 Nov 2022
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Are you looking for a new hobby? Growing marijuana at home is an easy and satisfying hobby. Growing cannabis is a great way to save money and have complete control over the quality of your weed.

What are the requirements for growing a cannabis plant?

  • Light: It is important whether you’re using sunlight or grow lights.
  • Water: Cannabis plants are as thirsty for water as you and I. But to thrive, they need clean water free from impurities like heavy metals. Growers in areas with very hard or impure water will wind up needing to use purified water.
  • Air: A space with good airflow and a slight breeze is best.
  • Temperature: When it’s hot for you, it can also be too hot on your plants.

Let’s talk about what you need to know to grow marijuana:

  • Cannabis is a warm-season plant that needs to be planted in temperate climates each year.
  • For a general estimate of how long it will take to grow a weed plant, the answer can range from 10 – 32 weeks.
  • The marijuana plant can be either a seed or a clone. Seeds need to do in the ground for about three days before they germinate and grow into a weedling. A weed cutting, taken from an existing marijuana plant that you then raise, will mirror its genetic makeup.
  • The plant’s vegetative stage follows the seedling stage. Here it will become a main stalk and branches with fan leaves-no flowers yet.
  • Plants enter this stage of the flowering cycle two months before they’ll be harvested.
  • After harvest, your cannabis plants will require drying and curing to be ready for smoking.

Let’s dive into the steps:

Step 1: Germinating the seeds

You want to make sure the seed is viable before planting, so you need help starting it first! Start by taking a clear Ziploc bag with a damp paper towel inside of it (not dripping wet) – fold up your new seeds then close the top tightly over them. After one to three days the seed’s whitetail will poke out telling you that it is time to grow.

Step 2: Plant your seed

The seed goes in a standard soil mix, and the container should have drainage holes. Plant about 1 inch deep, with the tail pointing down into the dirt. Mist top of pot lightly, place light source on one side You’ll see baby leaves emerging after 2-3 days – congrats!!

Step 3: Bring it to the light

There’s almost an endless amount of options for lighting, but  LED lights are a great choice for new growers due to their low initial cost and less heat than traditional choices like high-pressure sodium (HPS).

Step 4: Vegetative growth

Before the flowers are ready to bloom you need to let them grow for a little longer and become mature enough so they can start producing beautiful flowers.. This step can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on how much space or watts of light you use for growing them in their nursery stage. Estimate that you will need 75 watts of lighting per square foot for maximum coverage.

Step 5: Move a flowering plant into your container

This is where you will place your baby in its final home. Before transplanting add in quarter cup granular bloom fertilizer mixed with soil before planting.

Step 6: Forcing the plant to flower

Marijuana plants need to “force it to flower” for them to reproduce. This usually means giving the plant equal times of light and uninterrupted dark periods, or what most people call a 12/12 cycle: 12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of darkness before you give another dose (light) again.

Step 7: Let it grow

Allow nature to take its course during the next eight to nine weeks. Water your baby only when the soil is dry for at least three inches and make

Your plant is ready when at least 5 out of 8 leaves have turned yellow, and 75% of the flowers have turned red or brown.

Step 8: Harvest

After many weeks of waiting and watering, today is finally the day. It’s harvest time! After eight to nine weeks, your baby is ready for the scalp cutting ceremony. Simply cut your plant and hang it upside down in a cool dark area for about seven to 10 days before manicuring it with trimming off any leaves.