How to Hide the Smell of Weed

28 Nov 2022
E Ff E A How To Hide The Smell Of Weed

Weed has a powerful and unmistakable odor. Although many weed users claim that they are proud of it, many of its consumers try to hide it. Firstly, this is maybe because it is illegal to smoke in residential areas. Secondly it could be because they do not want to attract unwarranted attention or bother other people.

But what can you do to hide the iconic smell of weed, which anybody can smell from many blocks away? This article will show you how to mask the smell of weed. These techniques apply whether you are smoking, growing, or cooking it.

Smoke It Outside

Although it is obvious, it is worthy of mentioning. Consuming your weed outdoors is one of the best ways of avoiding the build-up of noticeable weed smell. So, if you have a yard or a balcony that is the best place to smoke your weed.

If you are residing in an area where weed is legal or decriminalized, smoke your weed during one of your short walks. Doing so will eliminate weed smoke built up in your home, and you might have an excuse to exercise and get fresh air.

Ensure the Adequate Ventilation of Your House

The odor from weed-whether you are cooking, smoking, or growing-is easily noticed in a poorly ventilated house. Therefore, if you want to minimize or do away with the odor of weed when or after you are smoking, give your home plenty of airflow.

If you are growing weed, you will have to invest in a few heavy-duty pieces of air circulation equipment. If you are smoking or growing the weed in a room with two opposing windows or doors, open all of them. Doing so creates a natural flow of fresh air in the room, thereby eliminating the smell.

Ensure That Your Weed Is Covered

If you have weed plants or buds, ensure that they always stay covered. Doing so contains the smell of weed in a small place and prevents the odor from contaminating most of the air in your home.

For a home weed grower, confine these plants to your broom closet or the storage room. However, segregating them is not enough; when you have visitors over, place a plastic bag over these plants to avoid attracting unnecessary attention. However, to correctly cover your weed is a skill that takes time to master 

Frequent weed covering ensures that it maintains its aroma and flavor and protects it from mold, often caused by excess humidity. 

After your session, toss the buds in a jar and seal it with a lid to prevent fumes from contaminating your space.

Ensure That You Use a Filter

The general attitude towards cannabis is changing, and many countries have already legalized its usage. With this freedom, new equipment and technology have developed to help weed consumers maximize their weed intake experience.

The technological rise has brought efficient smoke filters that minimize weed smell compared to blunts and bongs. These new equipment come in different shapes and sizes; however, they perform the same function.

After you have taken a hit from your joint, the smoke filter carbon filters the weed smoke and gives it flavor. 

Ensure That You Build Yourself a Sploof

A sploof is a homemade filter. If you do not want to buy a smoke filter, you can build one at home with simple items. You will only require a dryer sheet, a cardboard cylinder from a tissue paper roll, and an elastic band.

To make the sploof, fold your dryer sheet severally and place it at one end of the cardboard cylinder opening. After that, secure the covering with the band.

Ensure That You Use a Room Deodorizer

Most weed users use air fresheners like Ozium or Febreeze to cover the weed smell after having a session. Air fresheners cover this smell entirely. After smoking your weed, follow the air freshener’s package’s instructions and spray your house accordingly.

If you cannot afford the best air freshener brands, avoid buying the regular ones. The ordinary deodorizers will not cover the weed odor but will mix with the smell of weed, resulting in a nauseating smell.

Ensure That You Use Essential Oils, Sweet-Smelling Candles, and Incense

Another way of ‘How to hide the smell of weed’ is using these natural alternatives. There are potent essential oils such as citrus or lavender, which freshen up the room’s scent. Use them after your session to hide the smell of weed after you have smoked.

Natural incenses such as palo santo can also do the trick. And depending on the nature of the situation, you can also use scented candles, although they do not bring the best results as essential oils do.

Whatever your choice is, ensure that the room is aired for a minimum of one hour beforehand. Doing so gets any stagnant or stale air from the room. After that, shut all the doors and windows, and then proceed to light your candle or essential oil or incense.

Ensure That You Clean Yourself

In some instances, it may be you that smells weed and not the room. If you do not want people to know that you have been using weed, clean yourself after your session is over.

Cleaning yourself includes: bathing, brushing your teeth, and changing into clean clothes. However, after changing into clean clothes, ensure that you wash the clothes you have changed from as they can also stink. 

When bathing, wash your face and hands thoroughly. If you cannot clean yourself, a pack of chewing gum and a mouthwash will do you right.

Use a One-Hitter or a Pipe

A pipe is the best alternative to the joints as they produce very little smoke. Therefore, if you do not want people to know that you have smoked weed, use a smoke pipe.

One-hitters are also another good alternative, and they resemble a slim pipe; however, they have tiny bowls with space that only allows you to have just one hit of your weed. They are of different styles and shapes.

Ensure That You Vaporize

A vaporizer minimizes the smell of the weed and gives you the most out of the weed. 

Vaporizers do not burn the weed; on the contrary, they subject it to the right temperature to ensure that the maximum amount of CBD and THC get extracted.

In conclusion, the methods mentioned above will help you eliminate weed smell after your session is over and leave your home smelling fresh.