Best Pre Rolls in 2021

28 Nov 2022
B E B B D Best Pre Rolls In Scaled

Want to know what the best pre-rolls to get your hands on this year are?

Not long ago was the cannabis community residing within Canada blessed with the legality of all the various uses of marijuana, from recreational to medical and all that is in between. The legalization of recreational cannabis use in Canada, back in October of 2018, has made headlines and strides to help the cannabis community with the organization of cannabis in other parts of the world. Cannabis users worldwide are pretty adamant that cannabis use should not be considered a criminal offence. In fact, before it’s legalization in 2018, people in Canada supported the stance back in 1997. For Canadians, cannabis being illegal didn’t do much to stop cannabis consumers from consuming it before it was legalized.

Rolling Joints Back in The Day

For the longest time, people have been intrinsically drawn towards everything related to cannabis, with each group of stoner friends having that one person who would hand roll all the joints for the whole group to enjoy later. Sometimes group members would even take turns hand-rolling their group’s joints depending upon the day, allowing everyone to share the burden of making the hand-rolled joints.

The Invention of Pre Rolls

Luckily for all the people who were designated to be the joint rollers in their group, the legalization of marijuana and hemp has brought about new and innovative ideas to make the lives of cannabis users more straightforward, as well as more enjoyable by taking out all of the hard labour. One of the innovations that came about was that of pre-rolled joints. Pre-roll joints took all the hassle of rolling a joint manually with your hands and instead, have the user skip right to enjoying the strain of marijuana they wish to smoke.

What Exactly are Pre Roll Joints?

In layman’s terms, pre-rolls are joints or cones that have been pre-rolled by the cannabis companies or dispensaries vending them. The cannabis strain, which will be used to make the joint or cone, is ground up and then rolled into a hemp wrapper, similar to a cigarette, with a filter placed tightly at the joint’s tip. Essentially, smoking a cannabis joint is equivalent to smoking tobacco.

A pre-roll is pretty much the same as a joint in every way, except that it is higher quality and will have the effects of the strain lasting longer due to the joint being rolled up by a professional. For the users of pre-rolls, all that is left for them to do is enjoy the strain to its fullest without worrying about needing to roll up their next joint.

Different Sizes of Pre Rolls

Pre-rolls can come in a single rolled joint or packs of 2 or more joints. The size of a pre-rolled joint also varies between all the different pre-roll brands. Some brands sell their pre-rolls in sizes as small as a person’s pinky finger, with the smallest being a one-gram pre-roll which can be finished off in a few puffs. However, the best pre-roll brands out there sell their products in a much larger size and are often more reputable and sought after. These brands sometimes sell joints and cones that are much bigger than what you would get when rolling a joint yourself.

As you might have guessed by now, all companies that sell pre-rolls do so in a large variety of flavours and strains. All the different strains come about due to the specific cannabis flower used to make the strain. An Indica cannabis flower could create an Indica dominant strain which would have other effects from a Sativa dominant strain made from a Sativa cannabis flower.

The Benefits of Getting Pre Rolled Joints

A pre-rolled cone is a fantastic option for any cannabis connoisseur looking to enjoy the flavours of a cannabis cone without going through the trouble of rolling it or through the more laborious process of grinding the marijuana strain before it can be rolled up. We’ve already mentioned how these pre-rolled cones are easy and convenient for cannabis users and touched upon how they come in various strains and flavours for consumers to choose from. However, there are a few things that we haven’t mentioned yet, which would provide cannabis connoisseurs all the more reason to go and pick up a pre-roll joint rather than go about making one themselves.

Storing Pre Rolled Joints

Cannabis and hemp are organic herbs. All of their constituent products have a shelf life before they go bad, where the older the weed product, the more it degrades in terms of its potency and flavour due to a decrease in its terpene and cannabinoid content.

However, despite this shelf life and degradation in quality over time, if you were to get your pre-rolls made from high-grade hemp buds from reputable companies, you won’t have to worry about your pre-rolls lifespan. Due to clever packaging techniques, a company can extend the lifespan of their pre-rolled products and thus, help them last longer than what you would get from rolling one on your own.

Pre Rolled Cones are Diverse and Fit the Needs of All Users

As we have previously mentioned, pre-rolled cones can come in many different shapes, sizes, and strains. However, we haven’t touched on the fact that they are friendly to all the other cannabis consumers, regardless of their experience with cannabis or pre-rolled products.

A new user of cannabis could go for the obvious option of sticking to a small-sized pre-roll, but it wouldn’t do them any harm if they were to go for a size that could be considered more regular for joints. They can even go for more beginner-friendly strains instead of having to resort to the ones that contain more potent concentrates. Regardless of what type you are looking for, stick around to the end to find out the best place to get your pre-rolled cones.

You Get More Than What You Pay For

In the olden days, people who sold pre-rolls would often include some of the hemp plant’s dry parts in their ground-up hemp to maximize profits and save costs.

However, with the legalization of cannabis and hemp continuing its spread across the entire world, the market has seen a lot of competition as of late. The rise in competition within the cannabis market has resulted in brands putting out higher quality products. Some of the top brands even suffer losses to undercut their competition. As a result, if you did some digging around on the internet, you could find some of the best bang for your buck pre-rolls which are of high quality and cost close to nothing. Luckily for you, as previously mentioned, we have taken care of this process, and you will find the best place to get your cannabis products at the end of this article.

What are All of the Different Types of Pre Rolls?

As we mentioned before, pre-rolls come in many shapes and sizes, with each of their variations being referred to with a different name. The three main types of pre-rolls are called joints, cones, and blunts. However, as you will have seen and even come to find further in this article, these terms are used pretty interchangeably.

Each of the names mentioned above has the same elemental compositions, with their main variations showing up in their shapes and sizes.

Joints are a very long and thin form of pre-roll that have a cylindrical shape, reminiscent of a traditional cigarette containing tobacco.

A cone can be rolled from a paper into the shape of a cone, as the name implies. Paper cones make the igniting part of the pre-roll consuming process straightforward. The cone variant of the pre-roll typically comes with a twisted end.

Lastly, we have the blunt, which itself is very similar to the joint except that it is much broader and bigger. These blunts are also sometimes called a cigar. While you come across such names a fair bit more commonly in the tobacco industry, they are pretty prevalent in the cannabis industry.

Regardless of the shape or size of the pre-roll you’re consuming, they will all generally come with the same level of impact, granted they contain the same or similar strains. The more significant variants of pre-rolls, such as the blunt, are more geared towards a group of people sharing it, while the smaller joints are more focused on individual use.

CBD Pre Rolls VS Marijuana Pre Rolls

If you know about cannabis, you probably heard about all of its bad press of how it gets you high, which hinders the process of its legalization around the world.

There are over one hundred different types of cannabinoids present within a cannabis or hemp plant. However, out of over one hundred other chemical compounds, only one produces the psychoactive effects that give cannabis its bad reputation. The chemical compound responsible for the psychotropic effects is known as ‘THC,’ and it is found very frequently in marijuana plants and their constituent products such as marijuana pre-rolls. Marijuana plants contain as much as thirty percent THC content.

The Most Popular and Best Pre Roll to Get

CBD pre-rolls are some of the most famous pre-rolls out there. CBD hemp seeds are crushed into CBD oil, one of the most nutritional oils known to humanity. While consuming CBD oils made from crushing CBD hemp seeds is a great way to receive CBD benefits, you would be better off if you choose to smoke a CBD pre-roll made from CBD flowers. CBD flower is found to come from the Indica cannabis plant mainly, and thus, making CBD strains an Indica dominant strain.

Choosing to smoke a CBD pre-roll would help you get the health benefits of CBD a lot faster than other methods as the smoke from the CBD pre-roll would enter directly into your bloodstream by way of the lungs. The only other method of consumption that could match the speed of smoking, when discussing the time it takes for the effects to kick in, would be breathing in the vapours of a CBD strain by way of a glass tube. The same way a user would gain the effects by inhaling smoke and having the CBD enter the bloodstream, breathing in the vapour of a CBD strain would essentially work in the same way.

While we have mentioned that the best pre-rolled cones to buy are CBD pre-rolls due to their health benefits, we have yet to discuss what these benefits are that make CBD pre-roll the best pre-rolled joints on the market.

Benefits of CBD Pre Rolls

Any and every strain that contains CBD content, whether a hybrid strain or not, comes with all the numerous benefits of CBD. Some of the benefits of CBD include its ability to help reduce depressions and anxiety, it can help to ease pain, especially chronic pain, it improves brain function, it helps patients with diabetes, it can cure sleeplessness caused by insomnia, it can reduce inflammation, and finally it can also help in fighting cancer.

Another significant benefit of CBD, which deters many people away from using cannabis and helps in the first place, is its lack of any psychotropic effects, which are commonly found in THC. However, despite having no psychotropic effects, as previously mentioned, the cannabinoid still comes with all of the health benefits that come with hemp. This allows new people to come and try hemp products, which were previously detected from doing so due to having to deal with unwanted psychotropic effects.

Now with all those benefits to avail from CBD, it would be a wise option to pick CBD pre-rolls as our primary method of consuming CBD since, as previously mentioned, the CBD is directly infused into the bloodstream by way of the lungs, allowing for the effects of the CBD to kick in faster than all other methods of consumption. Not only will you be feeling the health benefits of CBD kick in immediately, but it also implies that the CBD’s bioavailability is a significant amount higher when you consume it by way of CBD joints, as compared to other methods of ingestion.

Not only does smoking CBD joints very quickly relax the mind, but it is a lot more convenient as well when compared to other methods of ingestion. It doesn’t require a vaporizer or a glass bottle to be carried around whenever you want to use it, as you would have to carry around for other methods of ingestion.

CBD joints provide access to all of the naturally occurring chemical compounds found within a hemp flower. They have all of the different chemical compounds, and the CBD allows them to react together in synergy and helps them deliver an enhanced version of all the original benefits mentioned above of CBD. This specific reaction of all the chemical compounds within hemp reacting with CBD is known as the Entourage Effect.

Smoking CBD joints provide a joyful smoking experience that is also cost-efficient and very convenient. Smoking CBD pre-rolls is considered the best recreational activity as there are no negative effects whatsoever.

What are the Best CBD Pre Rolls?

Many people who sell CBD joints do so in addition to multiple other CBD goods, such as CBD tinctures or an entire stain of a certain CBD flower. If you are looking for a website where you can get the following CBD pre-rolls in a neat and cleanly packaged pack, stick around to the end to know where to get them.

Hawaiian Haze

The Hawaiian haze is one of the most famed CBD pre-rolls out there due to its extremely strong taste, as well as its orange-like and floral scents. These pre-rolled cones are optimal for any time of day, whether you want to experience its benefits during the day or at night. These pre-rolled cones provide their users with a strong sense of relaxation, all without making the user feel groggy in any way.

These pre-rolled cones contain a very solid amount of CBD at 150 milligrams. The amount of CBD within this joint is just enough to make this pre-roll a very strong de-stressor and an amazing pain reliever, and a natural remedy to help in fighting against insomnia.

Bubba Kush

The content of CBD present within one of these pre-rolled cones sits around 17.2 percent. The pre-rolled cones themselves come inside a very elegantly styled metal box made from a lot of heavy metals. These pre-rolled cones are said to be enjoyed the most towards the end of the day. The variety of cannabinoids present within this pre-roll is delivered to the person consuming it with an optimal amount of freshness, all thanks to the procedure integrated into each Bubba Kush pre-roll. This pre-roll is carefully crafted from growing the flower that makes it to the rolling of the pre-roll. The carefully hand-cut organic hemp flowers, which are used to make these pre-rolled cones, are slowly dried out, which results in an overall much better smoking experience.

The low levels of THC combined with the high levels of CBD make this pre-rolled joint the ideal alternative to smoking the usual tobacco for those people out there who smoke with an intent to relax and loosen up. This pre-roll is also found to help ease symptoms of anxiety and stress, along with a handful of other problems.

Sour Space Candy

The terpene profile that a user would get from this relaxing pre-roll is very strong. Sour Space Candy pre-rolled cones can create an excellent soothing sensation that could calm even the most unsettled of nerves for those out there who have trouble sleeping or those who suffer from restlessness. These pre-rolled cones, made from hemp flowers, are very well balanced as they have what can only be described as ‘some way too good to be true health benefits. Not only is it well balanced in the health benefits department, but these pre-rolled cones also come with a nice balance of sweet and sour tastes, along with some very delicious earthy scents.

The amount of CBD present within each pre-roll of Sour Space Candy is around 13.3 percent, with its THC levels being a significant amount lower at around or less than 0.3 percent. The smoke coming from this pre-roll is described as ‘very smooth to inhale .’ As a result, if you are new to smoking, starting with pre-roll wouldn’t be too bad of an idea.

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