Best CBD Beverage to Buy in Canada

28 Nov 2022
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CBD isn’t going out of trend anytime soon. Cannabis is rising even more so in popularity. New trends are appearing here and there. So what’s all this buzz about CBD beverages?

One of the most popular ways to use CBD is by drinking it. But when you are looking for the best CBD drinks to buy, there are some essential things to consider before making your purchase decision.

Whether you’re deciding to take your baby sips or are looking for something daring to spice up your drinking game, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about this delicious and convenient alternative.

What’s so unique about CBD?

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. CBD does not produce any psychotropic effects, unlike THC, making people feel “high.”

Provides tremendous relief against chronic pain

CBD has been used for years to relieve chronic pain from conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Drastically improves sleep quality.

CBD has been shown to help regulate sleep cycles. Clinical research has found that CBD can help reduce REM sleep latency, improve sleep quality and increase REM sleep time.

More and more physicians prescribe CBD to their patients for many medical conditions and sleeping disorders such as insomnia, restless leg syndrome (RLS), or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Relaxes muscles that are tense or tight.

CBD is a popular choice among athletes because of its ability to relax sore and tired muscle tissues. Because of this, CBD can be used as an effective recovery supplement after workouts.

Helps with depression & anxiety disorders

Studies have shown that CBD plays a role in mood regulation by helping people who suffer from depression and social anxiety disorder feel calmer mentally and physically.

It helps treat many medical conditions.

CBD can help treat several medical conditions, Such as chronic pain, depression, epilepsy, nausea, anxiety, and PTSD. Studies have also shown that CBD can reduce seizures in children with intractable epilepsy.

CBD may help treat several different conditions, but not everyone will experience these benefits, so it’s important to consult your doctor before adding this supplement to your daily routine!

CBD vs THC: All about highs and lows

Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of confusion going around when it comes to these two competing cannabinoids. THC and CBD have vastly different effects, and one might be better than the other in some instances.

It’s crucial to understand the differences between THC and CBD before taking their first sips of any cannabis-infused beverage.

THC gets you stoned and high

THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is a compound found in cannabis. It is the chemical responsible for causing a euphoric “high” and psychoactive experience.

THC’s benefits are that it has been found to act as an antidepressant, anti-emetic, anti-inflammatory, appetite stimulant, and anticonvulsant. These benefits are just some of many that THC provides.

THC can have many side effects that range from pleasant to unpleasant depending on your body before taking the drug. If you have a weak immune system or a different condition already, it can take a toll on your system and cause more damage than good.

CBD will treat you right

The benefits of CBD are non-psychoactive, which means it doesn’t get you high as THC does, which can be challenging to manage or tough for people who had some traumatic or harrowing experiences with drugs before.

It has been used for years to relieve chronic pain from conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Some people even use this drug to combat negative feelings caused by severe social anxiety. They take the compound in CBD oil form before going into public situations.

CBD is also great for helping you sleep better because it calms down your brain and allows your mind to relax, which is why it’s also helpful for people with PTSD or other anxiety disorders.

CBD can help treat many different conditions, but not everyone will experience these benefits, so it’s important to consult your doctor before adding this supplement to your daily routine!

CBD Infused Beverages: The next generation of consumable cannabis

CBD beverages are cannabis-infused drinks that may either contain THC, CBD, or both in some ratio. They come in varieties: CBD sparkling water, CBD hemp soda, CBD coffee, and more. You name something drinkable, and it’s probably got a CBD variant by now.

What’s so great about the best CBD drinks like CBD coffee and CBD soda is that they are ultra-portable, making it so much easier to get your dose of CBD. Just like brand-new computer models that use smaller and lighter processors, CBD-infused drinks are ushering in a new generation of consumables that take out all of the hassles of smoking weed.

How do CBD beverages work?

The human body has the endocannabinoid system, which runs through the entire body, often representing where CBD shows its most significant medicinal benefit. Ingesting CBD Hemp Oil though drinking it as a beverage, is just one way to intake CBD.

This drug works because it is absorbed through your system and interacts with receptors in your brain and central nervous system. These receptors, or endocannabinoid receptors, regulate everything from sleep to appetite.

Depending on what you’re struggling with, there’s a primary endocannabinoid receptor type that can help you feel calmer, become more grounded, or be more focused. Those three represent how those three different types of edibles might make you feel.

In terms of beverages specifically – this means that taking CBD Cannabis oil as a beverage will interact with the endocannabinoid system and certain functions of your body. CBD drinks work by containing a concentrated amount of CBD in a liquid form, allowing one to dose themselves with the supplement easily.

Why drink CBD?

You can smoke CBD, eat it, and even apply it on skin surfaces. But why are CBD drinks such as CBD coffee and CBD sparkling water traction across all consumers? It all boils down to two things: potency and preference.

Drinking CBD vs Sublingual Use

Sublingual intake of CBD oil occurs by placing hemp CBD directly under the tongue. This mode of delivery is preferred by some users because it bypasses the stomach and liver, which would cause it to break down and convert.

Sublingual intake is beneficial for faster onset or those who need to use CBD extracts like hemp CBD. The advantage of this method is that it bypasses whole-body metabolism that may degrade some cannabinoids before they reach their target.

Sublingual CBD has been used for years as a natural treatment for treating seizures, epilepsy, and ADHD in children. By placing a concentrated dosage under the tongue and allowing it to dissolve, one can ingest CBD in a much more effective way than taking the traditional route of vaping or smoking.

Water-soluble CBD in drinks has many benefits, such as easy consumption, portability, and versatility. Compared to other consumption methods, this approach to cannabis consumption allows for variations in flavour – further improving user pleasure.

Some people prefer infused beverages in their daily routine because they’re easy to use, discreet, and have almost immediate effects.

CBD beverages are easy to dose and take on the go. The effects may take longer to show, but some studies suggest that CBD drink content lasts longer than other ways of ingesting the drug.

How is drinking different from eating/ingesting?

Many people find it challenging to eat snacks containing CBD because even though the initial effects will be felt quickly (usually within 15-45 minutes), ingested cannabinoids are processed by your liver before entering into general circulation.

This means that fewer milligrams could elicit desired results without feeling too high for some people, making dosage control difficult. On top of this, you may not feel the effects of CBD for up to two hours or more after ingestion.

Drinking enthusiasts also insist that cannabis beverages help them sleep better at night, provide hunger control, and improve mood regulation better than edibles and buds.

Can’t I just add hemp CBD oil to any drink to turn it into a CBD beverage?

Yes, while it’s possible to add hemp oil into any beverage you want, it is better to drink it in a drink that’s already made or manufactured with these natural ingredients. This way, you know the exact dosage without potentially sacrificing flavour and quality.

Are CBD-infused beverages effective?

Many people have found CBD-infused drinks to be effective for a variety of different reasons – from providing a quick and easy burst of energy to giving them increased focus and clarity. In addition, many people have praised the benefits that they experience after drinking infused beverages – mainly with the sleep aspect.

Some CBD-infused juices claim to give you immediate relief without having to wait long periods before feeling the desired effects which is one reason why some people prefer drinking them as opposed to other methods such as edibles or oils.

One way in which a person can tell if a CBD beverage is going to be effective is if they feel an enhanced mood regulation and report better sleep patterns when using this ingestion method over other forms such as edibles.

What are the health benefits of CBD-infused drinks?

Like all other CBD products, the best CBD drinks provide tons of notable health benefits. Thanks to their portability and great taste, they give a foolproof avenue to get all the good things CBD has to offer.

Smaller, controlled doses

Drinking CBD allows you to control how much of the drug you’re consuming. The packaging of these drinks often comes with CBD content information, such as percentage, ratios (if there’s THC mixed in) as well content. In contrast, tracking how much CBD enters your system through smoking isn’t as easy as it sounds.

CBD drinks like CBD soda also contain less CBD than edibles or even tinctures. While this might be a disadvantage for some, it’s a great benefit for others who still enjoy doing daily tasks without feeling any drastic changes.

Smaller doses also allow users to be more discreet about their CBD consumption. It’s the perfect choice for those who need to get their portions but don’t want to interrupt daily tasks or make others feel uncomfortable.

Alleviates chronic pain

Universal to all CBD products is its ability to address any troubling pain – CBD beverages are no exception.

You may have chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or other diseases that cause discomfort. These are all organic conditions that can be treated with CBD. CBD is a non-psychoactive drug that relieves pain and inflammation while still maintaining the ability to function normally. It’s not addictive, and it can be used on pets too!

Helps with anxiety and stress

The best CBD drinks also relieve anxiety and stress. CBD drinks are often used for this very reason because the drinker will feel calmer while still focusing on their daily tasks. CBD does not affect cognition, so drinkers can still think without feeling any side effects.

Helps with sleep

For those who are having trouble sleeping, CBD drinks are proving to be a simple solution. This will help them get more restful sleep while also making their brain work better during the day.

It comes with some excellent added benefits.

One nifty advantage of the best CBD drinks is that they sometimes contain other useful substances of high nutritional value or are performance-enhancing. For example, cannabis-infused teas and coffees allow you to get your dose of both caffeine and CBD.

Other examples include hemp milk, weed kombucha, and sports drinks. All these come with added vitamins and minerals that will markedly improve your quality of life.

What are the risks and possible side effects of a CBD drink?

As with other CBD products, even the best CBD drinks come with their fair share of potential side effects. The short-term side effects of CBD drinks may include the following:

  • As CBD is not metabolized by the digestive tract, ingesting it may cause gastrointestinal issues such as nausea or vomiting.
  • Drinking too much of a CBD drink can lead to dehydration and electrolyte depletion.
  • Feelings of drowsiness and fatigue
  • A sudden boost in appetite, sudden hunger

CBD drinks are less likely to intoxicate you since they do not contain THC, the primary psychoactive component in cannabis. In general, CBD is safe to consume and will unlikely cause you any serious harm – even at a higher dosage.

There are also few side effects since it is unlikely that you will consume too much at once. Some people experience feelings of sleepiness, but this often passes in under an hour for most people. As for long-term effects, there has been little to no research on the long-term toxicity of CBD.

Choose your fighter: Types of CBD-infused drinks.

Cannabis-infused drinks come in all different forms. With so many choices, it comes down to your personal preferences: that includes taste, potency levels, mouthfeel, nutritional content, and more.

CBD water

CBD-infused waters are typically bottled waters that contain small amounts of hemp extract, sometimes in the form of pure oil and other times as an isolate powder dissolved into it.

These drinks usually have no flavour added but can be found flavoured if desired. Your only issue will be finding one with the right amount for how much you want to use – too little won’t do anything, while too much could leave you feeling uncomfortable!

As more people look towards healthier options for CBD beverages, they turn away from traditional soft drinks and energy drinks filled with caffeine and sugar toward those containing cannabinoids instead. The best CBD drinks for sale today make it easy to find one that is right for you.

CBD sparkling water

CBD sparkling water is a type of CBD-infused drinking water. It is a natural, plant-based drink that contains a low dose of cannabidiol in a regular H2O beverage.

CBD sparkling water is an easy way to get CBD. However, it does not provide the full range of benefits associated with oral consumption. CBD sparkling water can be a refreshing part of your daily routine that helps you stay hydrated throughout the day!

CBD hemp soda

CBD hemp sodas are drinks that contain the same amount of CBD as most other CBD drinks – around 10mg per can – but rather than just CBD sparkling water, these drinks are carbonated and contain regular soda ingredients like sugar and caffeine.

The flavours of CBD hemp sodas vary, but they generally taste like traditional sodas. Some people report getting a tingling sensation in their mouth after drinking them, but this varies depending on the person.

CBD energy drinks and sports drinks

CBD energy drinks and sports drinks are often sold in the form of bottled carbonated beverages. Luckily, CBD does not have any adverse interactions with performance-enhancing drugs such as caffeine, guarana, ginseng, guarana extract, yerba mate, guarana extract red bull oolong tea.

This means that people who also want caffeine or other benefits from these supplements don’t need to worry about losing their benefits after drinking a CBD-infused beverage.

CBD tea

CBD tea can be made by steeping cannabis leaves, buds, or broad-spectrum hemp extract in hot water. Cannabis tea is not something new; this has been around for thousands of years, and there are many different uses!

There are many flavours of CBD tea, which usually taste better than CBD oil. With CBD tea, you can mix it with other types of teas or even have it on its own.

There are many different types of CBD-infused teas out there for sale, including aromatherapy or herbal teas! This is an easy way for people who enjoy CBD beverages without caffeine to get their daily dose of CBD while also enjoying a delicious cup.

CBD-infused coffee

Another popular way of consuming CBD is coffee. CBD coffee is a drink brewed from roasting and grinding whole coffee beans, mixing them with CBD-rich cannabis or hemp flowers or leaves, and brewing the mixture in hot water.

The effects of CBD on caffeinated beverages are not known, but studies show suggesting that coffee may affect the speed at which THC is metabolized by the body.

Cannabis-infused coffee comes with all the benefits you’d get from both coffee and CBD. For example, studies show that CBD can significantly affect redox balance, making it the perfect partner to the antioxidants already present in coffee.

CBD-infused drinks such as tea and coffee come with their own set of benefits, and primarily they help you relax while being good for your body! It’s no wonder so many people choose to drink these beverages today.

CBD cocktails

CBD cocktails are perfect for people who want to indulge in alcoholic drinks but don’t want the traditional effects of alcohol, which are often unpleasant. Paired with the right CBD cocktail, the drink will not cause you to feel any intoxication or “buzz” that can sometimes happen after drinking too much alcohol. Ciders, fruit juices, sake, wine coolers, and other beverages are all great options for pairing with CBD.

The best CBD cocktails start with a base liquor or juice. Add your desired amount of full-spectrum CBD powder. Mix both ingredients in a glass over ice and stir them until they’re well blended.

CBD beer

CBD beer is a drink that contains cannabis – sometimes in both CBD or THC forms – and is consumed like other types of beer. A beer made with CBD will typically have around 15% of the cannabinoid.

A non-alcoholic version of this drink is available, containing less than 0.5% alcohol content. These are typically brewed with hops, but some brewers have also used flowers from the marijuana plant for this type of drink.

CBD beer is becoming increasingly popular. More people are curious about what it feels like to smoke cannabis without actually smoking it.

CBD beer is unique because it contains less of the intoxicating components found in alcohol, such as ethanol. Because ethanol is more intoxicating than THC or CBD, many drinkers may enjoy the effect of cannabis and cannabinoid on their minds and body without the following hangover.

CBD shots

Shots are an efficient, easy, and discreet way to get your dose of CBD.

CBD shots do not produce the same type of high as other water-soluble marijuana products. These drinks typically contain between 10mg and 25mg of CBD per millilitre of fluid, so it’s best to start slowly if you’re considering regular use.

CBD shots are just like any other alcoholic drink, but instead of the alcohol you’re drinking, it’s filled with CBD. You can combine your favourite liquor with cannabis-infused or non-infused CBD isolate powder and mix them in a glass over ice.

It’s a lot easier to measure the amount of CBD you want for a shot this way – perfect for those who don’t know a lot about CBD or want a more predictable outcome. The only downside is that because it’s an alcoholic drink, you’ll feel the effects of both CBD and alcohol side by side.

CBD kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented black tea prepared with yeast and sugar. It also contains acetic acid from the fermentation process, which gives it an acidic, tangy flavour.

CBD kombucha has been infused with CBD for medicinal purposes. Unlike plain kombucha, which tastes sour, therapeutic CBD, kombucha tastes sweet and more fruity.

Thanks to internet buzz, more and more people are starting to enjoy CBD kombucha. It tastes slightly tart, but it has many benefits.

Kombucha contains antioxidants, vitamins (including many B vitamins), probiotics, kosher cultures, amino acids, and more. Drinking kombucha is suitable for your gut bacteria, and the bacteria in your stomach helps with digestion.

CBD dairy

One of the newest infused drink options on the market is made with CBD-rich hemp milk. This type of beverage has become very popular over the past few years as a way for consumers to get their daily dose of healthy nutrients, including omega fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins A&D, calcium & iron.

Hemp milk contains all 20 known amino acids, along with essential minerals magnesium and potassium – making them one of nature’s most complete food sources. The addition of cannabidiol to this drink helps increase its benefits, giving you a daily dose of CBD.

CBD syrups

CBD syrups come in a variety of unique flavours, such as strawberry, watermelon, and pineapple. These syrups can be added to iced tea, coffee, or even mixed with fruit juice. They’re also suitable for adding to cocktails and alcoholic drinks like beer and wine.

Syrups that contain pure CBD isolate powder and oil can be used for different purposes, such as getting relief from anxiety and sleeplessness. A few drops in a drink are all you need to provide relief!

Powdered drinks

CBD-infused powdered drinks are one of the most recent innovations in the marijuana industry. They provide several benefits, such as convenience and portability. The latter is particularly true for CBD-infused coffee or sodas.

On average, these drinks contain 10mg to 25mg of CBD per millilitre of fluid, so they’re likely more potent than CBD shots.

Steps in making the perfect cup of CBD tea

Three factors contribute to the flavour of a CBD tea:

  • The type of weed used – each strain will have its own flavour profile from earthy to sweet to fruity.
  • The amount of water that is added – boiling water will release more flavour than just cold water.
  • The length of time that the brewed tea stays in contact with the weed plant material – if you leave it soaking for a few hours, this will give you a more pungent taste.

CBD infused tea recipe

This is a recipe for making CBD tea. It’s straightforward, and the ingredients are pretty cheap! You will need the following ingredients:

  • 8 cups of water
  • 1/2 cup weed or hash, crumbled up (alternatively, you can use 1/4 cup)
  • One tablespoon loose leaf tea or any herb
  • Honey or sugar (optional)

Add 8 cups of water to a pot and turn the stove on high heat. Add in the amount of weed you want (or buy already ground-up weed).

Never boil your weed because boiling the plant material is the equivalent of destroying most of its CBD. You want to simmer it gently for a few hours without letting it boil – a slow cooker works well!

Strain into a big bowl or pitcher. If you’re using tea leaves, add those now as well as any other herbs that sound good. Once done, you can sweeten your choice.

Store if you want to drink your freshly-brewed batch later but remember that this gets stronger over time! Be careful not to spill because hemp extract stains pretty severely.

Brewing the perfect cup of CBD coffee

How much weed should I use?

The amount of weed you use to brew your coffee will depend on how strong you want the taste. For example, using half a cup of coffee beans for every spoonful of CBD particles or one teaspoon per mug of ground beans.

What type of coffee grind should I use?

Some people like their ground coffee fine, and others like it coarse. The finer the grind, the more surface area the grounds present, which means more CBD oil is hemp extract available. On the other hand, coarser grinds will give you a more robust tea or coffee flavour without as many oils in the beverage.

How long should I brew my coffee?

It’s important to remember that you do not want the buds to boil so that medium heat will suffice. You can always let it sit longer if you prefer a more robust flavour. If in doubt, err on the side of caution with this one and stick to shorter times!

The recommended dosage for CBD

There are a lot of questions about the recommended dosage for CBD. The answer boils down to your biology. Every human body is built differently, and how much CBD is “safe” gets blurred between the lines when taking in different factors.

The average dosage is around 10 mg per day. You can increase or decrease your dosage depending on your preferences – some people like taking higher doses because they feel the effects more strongly. In contrast, others take more moderate amounts, so they don’t consume more than they need.

Generally speaking, CBD is much safer than other drugs. Rarely will anyone overdose on CBD. The most significant risk of overconsumption is being tranquilised as CBD does possess a sedative effect.

What to expect when taking a sip

It’s important to know that everyone will experience something slightly different when consuming CBD because we all have unique endocannabinoid systems.

Nevertheless, common effects include feeling less anxious, more focused, and calm. Others report feeling relaxed after a stressful day once the CBD kicks, while some get into a “wavy” mood perfect for getting those creative gears running.

Contrary to popular belief, CBD is a stimulating substance. Depending on personal tolerance, taking CBD tea or coffee might be bad for your productivity. Those relying on CBD tea or coffee as a performance-enhancing drug should take all anecdotal advice with a grain of salt.

Things to consider before buying your CBD fix

Not all that glitters is gold. When looking for the best CBD-infused drinks, it’s important to consider a few things before you make your purchase. Here are some things to take into consideration before you swipe that card and take a sip.

Potency and cannabinoid content

How much CBD you’re taking depends on the type of drink you’re consuming and the innate CBD content of your beverage of choice.

The best CBD drinks available today come in canisters (such as CBD soda and sparkling water) and small, portable bottles (as in the case of shots). Whatever your choice may be, they still follow the standard dose numbers.

The concentration of CBD should be clearly stated on the bottle – if it’s not, you might have purchased a subpar product. Or worse, it could be a dupe.

You’ll also want to be specific with your needs. Are you looking for a pure CBD fix? Several CBD drinks called “hybrids” come with both THC and CBD in varying amounts.

Hybrids can easily be identified by ratios. When you see numbers, it’s half-blooded. For example, some canisters might state a 1:1 ratio – this simply means they contain equal parts CBD and THC. Trace amounts are often neglected in proportions, however.

Check if it’s lab tested.

CBD products that have been verified by independent third-party laboratories are considered superior because they ensure quality standards are met at every step of the production process.

When you buy CBD online products that have been tested by independent laboratories, it means that they’ve gone through extensive testing to ensure everything is up to code and safe for consumption.

If your CBD drink is manufactured by a reputable company, then what you’re getting would have likely gone through rigorous quality checks. For more independent brands, it can sometimes be challenging to give a bias-free judgment of quality.

Some companies grow their own hemp on-site, while others source only from growers who can provide proof of organic cultivated drinks. The added advantage of purchasing the best CBD drinks like CBD soda and sparkling water straight from a company that sources their hemp directly is the ability to control the entire production process.

This means you get what you want when you want it — no middlemen involved!

No funny-looking ingredients

We’re talking about chemicals you can’t even pronounce! Unlike buds, CBD-infused drinks come with various additives — some of them good, others a big no-no to your health and safety.

Your CBD drink of choice should be free from any additive or harmful chemicals, such as synthetic colours and flavours, that may interfere with CBD’s effects. Always look for all-natural ingredients.

If natural sweeteners like sugar or corn syrup are harmful to you, you’ll want to take extra caution before purchasing a canister of CBD soda. Also, those watching their weight will find low-calorie and zero-calorie options (e.g., CBD sparkling water)to be superb options.

Plan your purchases accordingly.

Say you’ve got a party this weekend, or you plan to incorporate the best CBD drinks into your daily routine. The better bet is to buy drinks in bulk than in small batches.

Just make sure you’re not buying drinks that you’ll only end up throwing away. We recommend trying different drinks with different concentrations of full-spectrum CBD until you find one that works for you.

This should come as no surprise. We advise against simply going for what’s cheap and affordable. Go for one that’ll give you the best bang for your buck. Do your research before you let go of your hard-earned dollars.

Where to buy the best CBD Beverages

One common way to find the best CBD-infused drinks is to look for a local dispensary that carries them or do a quick Google search and see what shops come up. You can also buy it online from various retailers, but choosing an online seller comes with the risk of not being able to try it before you buy.

Of course, doing all the research yourself is so much easier said and done. When you want a quick and easy CBD fix, the last thing you want to think about is having to scroll through hundreds of pages just to find mediocre products.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the best CBD-infused drinks in the market today, then look no further. ARCannabis Store offers the finest weed products at prices that cannot be beaten.

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Best CBD-infused Drinks at ARCannabis

ARCannabis offers a comprehensive and varied selection of the best CBD-infused drinks in today’s market. These choices are guaranteed to light up your CBD world.

Mollo 5 Crisp

Knocking the edge off with a smooth finish. Mollo 5 Medium Dose 1:1 Crisp Beverage – taking ice-cold beverages back to their roots. This discreet, ready-to-drink CBD beer makes it easier to get your favourite buzz on the go or at home.

Delightfully crisp with an easy drinking taste, each bottle contains 5mg CBD and 5mg THC, so you can go about your day feeling mellow and on top of things. Pour into a chilled glass, enjoy responsibly, then sip away!

Little Victory Sparkling: Blood Orange

Small victories are victories. So live a little!

You know you deserve a good celebration, and a little CBD won’t hurt anybody. Each canister of Little Victory Blood Orange sparkling water contains 2.5mg of both CBD and THC for that extra mood boost, but it won’t leave you falling asleep on your porch at 3rd rave of the night.

A perfect zest for passing around during Sunday brunch buffets with friends or after a long day at work on Friday afternoon before heading out! Naturally-sweetened blood orange flavour makes this beverage a refreshing treat all year round — no matter what life throws your way.

Basecamp CBD Iced Tea

Basecamp CBD Iced Tea is not your typical iced tea. This classic black tea brilliantly pairs just the right touch of lemon with totally guilt-free cannabinoids.

With an infusion of 15mg of CBD, that’s sugar-free and caffeine-free, this soothing drink offers you hours’ worth of relaxation without feeling sluggish or uncomfortable. If you love iced tea but can’t do caffeine anymore, this one’s for you.

QUATREAU Passion Fruit Guava CBD Sparkling Water

One sip of Quatreau will instantly take you to your pocket of sunshine, to better days. Generously packed with 20mg CBD per canister, this deliciously refreshing weed-infused sparkling water beverage will elevate your senses to peak bliss.

You’ll love 25 calories in every 12 fl oz serving. If that’s not breezy enough, you’re getting all this goodness with zero added sugars.

Your one-stop solution to invigorating wellness comes in 4 other unique flavours, including Passionfruit + Guava, Cucumber + Mint, Blueberry + Acai, and Ginger + Lime. Refresh, invigorate, and recharge for any occasion!

House of Terpenes: Limonene

Limonene Medium Dose 1:1 Sparkling Tonic Beverage is naturally citrusy with notes of lemon, tangerine, and thyme for a West Coast hop-infused finish. Botanically derived natural flavours will give you the experimental feel to kick off your dinner party.

It is a complex flavour that can be served up in different ways thanks to its 1 THC: 1 CBD versatility. Of course, you can never go wrong on ice with a twist of lemon rind and a sprig of thyme.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Best CBD drinks

Can I drink too much CBD?

There is no set limit to CBD intake, and the odds of overdosing on CBD are low. Dosage studies do not provide a clear-cut number, but anywhere between 1mg-15,000mg daily should do the trick.

CBD is a generally safe substance compared to THC. As long as you don’t go over the maximum safe dose, you should be fine.

What are the long-term side effects of CBD consumption?

It is unknown if there are any adverse long-term side effects of CBD or vaping and ingestion of CBD. But some people do experience nausea and/or vomiting (more common with oral ingestion than inhalation), and some cannot use it for anxiety due to the slight sedative effect.

Are CBD drinks legal?

Yes. The “Cannabis Act” legalizes both recreational marijuana and medicinal marijuana, including CBD drinks, as long as you follow the rules.

Are minors allowed to drink CBD-infused drinks?

No. Minors are not allowed to drink nor consume any weed products unless prescribed by a licensed physician.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription to buy CBD drinks?

No. As long as you’re of legal age, you don’t need a prescription to buy CBD drinks.

How long does it take for CBD drinks to kick in?

The effects of CBD-infused drinks differ from one person to another. Depending on how much you’ve consumed and your weight, it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours for the results to be felt.

What is the shelf life of the best CBD drinks?

CBD drinks are unstable in their natural form due to the oxidation of CBD. Depending on the type of drink, its shelf life can range from anywhere from 3 months to 3 weeks.

If you’re not sure if your drink is already expired, just give it a taste to see how strong the flavour is. If it tastes off, then your drink is no longer safe for consumption.

Can I take other medications with CBD-infused drinks?

The answer to this question will depend on the medication you’re taking and what it does for your body, as well as on the individual properties of the CBD beverage.

In general, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor before continuing treatment or making any changes to your daily routine if you’re unsure about how these changes might affect you.

Can I mix CBD drinks to make a cocktail?

The primary concern when mixing CBD drinks is that you might lose track of CBD dosage. It is generally advised not to go beyond 70 mg per day. This is especially hard to keep track of with drinks unless you’re using whole bottles – which would be very unlikely in a cocktail situation.

Plus, you’ll be losing out on what makes each drink special. Trust us when we say these drinks are already great on their own!


The next generation of consumables is here, and it’s CBD drinks. When you want to get the good stuff on the go, a cannabis-infused drink is what you need!

The next time you’re in the mood for a refreshing beverage, try one of the best CBD-infused drinks we offer. You can find them on shelves at ARCannabis stores across the nation or order online to get them delivered right to your door.

We hope this post has helped inform your decision about the best CBD beverages that may be best suited for your needs. If not, feel free to contact us anytime to point out additional products based more specifically on what type of experience you’re trying to achieve.