What Are Infused Pre-Rolls And How Are They Made?

4 Aug 2023
What Are Infused Pre Rolls And How Are They Made

Cannabis dispensaries’ shelves are brimming with pre-rolls and for good reason. The era of purists thinking only top-tier quality could be found in non-pre-rolled options is behind us. Infused pre-rolls have shattered that notion, proving that ready-to-burn, high-potency delights with incredible flavors are indeed possible.

Leading manufacturers have elevated the game, crafting exquisite pre-rolls infused with a harmonious blend of marijuana terpenes, ultra-pure kief or hash, and other concentrated elements. Infusion doesn’t merely amplify the pre-rolls potency; it orchestrates a symphony of intricate flavors and captivating aromas.

Whether you’re inclined to purchase regular pre rolls and infuse them yourself or you’re enamored by the allure of the finest infused pre-rolls the market has to offer, this guide is your compass, furnishing you with the knowledge needed to make well-informed purchasing choices.

What Is An Infused Pre-Roll?

An infused pre-roll is a type of consumer-ready joint infused with cannabis concentrates. While a regular pre-roll is made by packing marijuana flowers into rolling paper, an infused pre-roll also involves the addition of cannabis concentrates, which can go inside the joint and/or on the outside paper. Commonly used concentrates include hash, live rosin, wax, and kief.

One of the advantages of commercial pre-rolls is that they are uniform and deliver a consistent hit. When you roll and infuse your own joints, different sections of it may have a higher potency than others. Infused pre-rolls are among the top-selling products at any dispensary, and their popularity is continually on the rise.

If the art of rolling joints eludes you, or if you’re eager to dip your toes into a variety of strains without committing to a full eighth, pre-rolls are your golden ticket. And if you’re aiming to elevate that pre-roll journey, it’s high time to dive into the world of infused pre-rolls. Feeling that your smoke game needs a bit more oomph? Meet your potential new favorite indulgence-infused pre-rolls.

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Types Of Infused Pre-Rolls

Infused pre-rolls are pre-packed joints made with the addition of cannabis concentrates, which are derived from extracted cannabis trichomes. Manufacturers can use a range of methods to create a variety of concentrates with which pre-rolls can be infused.

People smoke infused joints for more potent products that will get them extremely high. It’s that simple. Sometimes your tolerance is so high because your body has gotten used to consuming cannabis on a frequent basis.

Some of the most common ways to infuse pre-rolls are with the use of distillates, THCA diamonds, live resin, hash rosin, and kief. These concentrates are put inside or on the outside of the joint paper for added potency, and a mixture of flavors, depending on the type of extract used.

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Pre-Rolls Infused With Distillate

Enter the world of distillate – the pure THC oil that’s the essence of potency. By stripping away all companions except THC, distillate cranks up the power dial, propelling your joints high into the stratosphere.

Distillate brings its A-game to the pros department: it’s pocket-friendly and packs a potent punch. Seeking a turbocharged high? Distillate has your back. However, on the flip side, 99% THC comes with a catch – the absence of other compounds. Bid adieu to terpenes and flavor-rich flavonoids; distillate is as subtle in taste as a ninja.

Here’s the lowdown: cannabinoids and terpenes buddy up for the entourage effect, a symphony of sensations. That’s where full-spectrum concentrates shine, offering a richer smoking rendezvous than distillate alone. But fear not, for distillate-infused joints aren’t left in the flavorless abyss. Enter terpene additives – the flavor superheroes. But hold your horses, not all terpenes are created equal. You’ve got cannabis-derived terpenes, botanical buddies, and the outliers – artificial terpenes.

Artificial ones? Well, they tend to sport a flavor blast that’s a tad too much, veering into off-putting territory. Want quality? Set your sights on infused joints flaunting cannabis-derived terpenes. That’s where the flavor party truly pops.

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Pre-Rolls Infused With THCA Diamonds

THCA is the cannabis precursor to the famous THC – the one responsible for our euphoric escapades. THCA evolves into THC when the heat’s cranked up. Now, when you spark up an infused pre-roll that’s bedazzled with THCa diamonds, that temperature spike sends the THC count soaring.

But here’s the twist – THCa diamonds play coy with flavors, just like our distillate friend. To craft a top-tier joint bedecked in diamonds, you’ll need to roll in some prime flowers. That’s why the ultimate power move often involves joints not only infused with THCa diamonds but also dancing with live resin. It’s a taste-and-potency symphony, catering to the discerning palates of connoisseurs far and wide.

Pre-Rolls Infused With Live Resin

Live resin is having a major moment in the spotlight, and it’s no wonder why – it’s becoming the star player in vape pens and joint transformations. Crafting live resin involves a hydrocarbon solvent dance, with butane and ethanol leading the groove. The result? A premium extract, where trichomes dance solo after the wash and processing routine.

It all begins with the starting plant material. The strains’ terpene profiles are locked in a deep freeze right after harvest, giving live resin its magic touch. On the flip side, cured resin kicks off with dried and cured plant material. Ready for the flavor-potency punch? Live resin-infused pre-rolls are where the action’s at. It’s like a symphony of cannabinoids and mouthwatering terpenes, swirling in saucy harmony.

Now live resin is a solvent-based gig. And yes, there’s a wee chance that lingering solvents could tango with the plant’s original chemistry. That’s why the golden rule stands tall: pick solvent-based extracts that have undergone a proper purge. Safety first, flavor second – that’s the live resin mantra.

Pre-Rolls Infused With Rosin

Rosin, the solventless wizardry, takes a botanical bow to ice water extraction, summoning the plant’s trichomes into hashy glory through a sizzling tango of heat and pressure. Live rosin is a sibling, just a tad cooler – a dash of fresh frozen flower to kickstart the process, setting it apart from its dried and cured counterparts.

Connoisseurs are all eyes on rosin-infused joints. Word is that since no solvents gatecrash the trichome party, live rosin concentrates might just be the whisperers of strains’ original tunes.

Bear in mind, “natural” isn’t a secret handshake for more terpenes and cannabinoids, merely a promise of unadulterated vibes.

Another popular infused joint is Hash rosin. At its core, it crafts a flower-burning spectacle akin to donut holes or snake holes, thanks to its sizzling, slender sliver.

Flower rosin infused pre-rolls are awesome flavor-wise, especially when blended with premium flowers. The downside is that ice water hash-infused joints are a tad pricier on the budget front.

Pre-Rolls Infused With Kief

Kief, that powdery treasure nestled at your grinder’s base, is the trichome droplets that tumbled from the plant. To harness Kief’s magic, enter dry sifting – a dance where cannabis plants waltz across mesh screens, parting ways with their precious trichomes.

Kief takes home the prize for a solventless superstar. A pure, neutral botanical buddy that packs a punch, elevating bowls, blunts, and joints to a whole new stratosphere. But there’s a sneaky downside: kief’s potency can trigger some coughing fits, and a gentle touch is the name of the game.

Pre-Rolls Infused With Moon Rocks

Occasionally, mere potency doesn’t cut it. You sometimes crave an extra dose of oomph, and that’s where moon rocks swoop in. In this case, marijuana flower buds take a celestial dip in a concentrated pool, and if that’s not enough, they embrace a kief roll. Now, to whip up a pre-roll infused with moon rocks, it’s all about deconstructing the concentrate-coated flower, weaving it into the preroll’s fabric before the final roll-up.

How Infused Pre-Rolls Are Made

Infusing cannabis flowers with concentrates unfolds through diverse avenues. While some manufacturers might simply spritz THC oil and call it quits, others dive into meticulous chemical choreography to ensure their infused joints uphold the gold standard of quality.

Steering clear of the non-infused realm, most infused joints come to life through manual craftsmanship, occasionally with a sprinkle of mixing equipment magic. Picture dedicated squads meticulously crafting infused joints around the clock, like an artistic assembly line.

Cannabis pre-roll injection machines have also joined the infusion party. These contraptions elegantly inject concentrates into pre-rolled joints, boasting claims of rolling up to 800 infused joints an hour.

How To Spot A High-Quality Pre-Roll

The spectrum of quality in infused pre-rolls is a wide one, hinging on the crafting company and the ingredients they wield. In the grand tapestry, the champions are the infused joints spun from full-flower magic, a league ahead of their trim and shake counterparts. When it comes to extracts, premium live resin and rosin take the crown, gracefully sidelining distillates and lackluster waxes.

Peek at the packaging, and you’ll spot the telltale signs of the extracts in play. Flower specifics typically surface only for the full flower players, waving their buds’ banner. After the entire flower is the trim, a result of the bits are snipped away as nature’s leftovers. Then there’s the shake, the crumbled treasure found at the bag’s tail.

Sadly, no crystal ball reveals an infused pre-rolls quality (barring joints sporting a yawn-inducing brown hue). The final verdict lies in that cloud of smoke and the sensations it conjures.

The bottom line is that you should go for brands such as ARCannabis which exude premium vibes and have your trust at heart because quality dances hand in hand with those who put people before profits. Check out their line of infused pre-rolls here.

How To Smoke Infused Pre-Rolls

Brace yourself for a higher and longer-lasting journey, given the elevated potency. Did you get a tolerance that’s chillin’ on the low side? Better clear your calendar first before sparking up a joint loaded with diamonds and live cannabis resin.

When it comes to cannabis oil, inhale with grace – these pre-rolls are in no rush. A leisurely, measured draw is your ticket. Speed demons take heed because puffing away too swiftly can trigger the dreaded canoeing effect, where the joint burns unevenly and your smoke show dwindles into a bummer.

As for infused pre-rolls, it’s as simple as snagging one, igniting it with a flicker of flame, and then inhaling the magic. So, lean back, embrace the journey, and let the vibes take you to places unknown.

Concentrate Infused Vs. Terpene Infused

Terpene-infused pre-rolls and concentrate-infused pre-rolls each shine with their unique allure, catering to distinct preferences in an elevated cannabis experience.

Terpene-infused pre-rolls boast a symphony of aromas, courtesy of a strategic terpene blend. These aromatic compounds found not only in cannabis but various plants, dance on the palate, elevating flavors and therapeutic qualities. Adored by aficionados who revel in the intricate tastes mirroring the plant’s natural essence, these pre-rolls are like a gourmet delight for the senses.

But terpenes are more than just flavor conductors; they’re the unsung heroes of the entourage effect. That’s the magic symphony where cannabis compounds harmonize for amplified benefits. Terpene-infused pre-rolls paint a canvas for those who savor cannabis subtleties.

Using concentrate-infused pre-rolls means going on a powerhouse ride. Ground cannabis flower and a medley of cannabis concentrate, from shatter THC to wax, join forces, which results in a cannabinoid explosion. This allows you access to new heights of intensity and longevity. You get quick effects, plus diverse flavors and aromas, courtesy of varied extraction processes.

These pre-rolls aren’t for the faint-hearted and they are more suited to seasoned explorers or those seeking potent relief from the likes of chronic pain or insomnia.

Benefits of Using Infused Pre-Rolls

Infused pre-rolls elevate the game beyond traditional joints, offering advantages that ignite a more exciting cannabis experience. These pre-rolls boast the purest forms of cannabis and captivating cannabinoid-terpene blends, resulting in flavors that dance on the palate and potency that hits the sweet spot.

Why opt for infused pre-rolls, you ask? Well, the perks are aplenty:

Convenience And Ease Of Use

Unlike the DIY route, where you roll or set up devices, infused pre-rolls invite you to puff away without any fuss – an instant gateway to enjoyment.

High Potency

Ready for an intensified journey? Infused pre-rolls pack a punch that sets them apart from the regular joints.

Variety Galore

The world of infused pre-rolls is your oyster. Countless varieties await, offering a spectrum of choices to match your mood and preferences.

Flavorful Complexity

Combined with concentrates weave intricate layers of flavors and aromas into the pre-roll experience, an orchestra of delight for the senses. You can buy concentrates online from here.

DIY Delight

Feeling adventurous? You can even craft your own infused pre-rolls, should you fancy a hands-on approach.


No need to break the bank for an enhanced experience. Infused pre-rolls offer an affordable gateway to the realms of potency and flavor.

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How strong are infused pre-rolls?

Distinguishing between regular and infused pre-rolls becomes evident through the distinct soothing impact they offer. In this dance of potency, infused pre-rolls emerge as the heavyweight, boasting elevated levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compared to their regular counterparts. Light an infused roll, and a gradual cascade of sensations unfurls, a slow-burning voyage met by a robust head rush. On the flip side, regular pre-rolls usher in a swifter onset and briefer stay, showcasing a milder euphoric embrace.

How do you smoke infused pre-rolls?

Smoking-infused pre-rolls are a nuanced art that unfolds in a few simple steps: unwrap your pre-roll with care, ignite the tip using a lighter while rotating for an even burn, take slow and deliberate puffs to relish the flavors and sensations, exhale and let the effects wash over you, and continue at your own pace, indulging in the heightened experience until you’re content. Soothe into the moment, let the infused pre-roll guide you, and bask in the journey it unfurls.

How long do pre-rolls get you high for?

The duration of the high from pre-rolls can vary based on several factors, including the potency of the cannabis, your tolerance, and your individual metabolism. Generally, the effects of a pre-roll can last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. However, for some individuals, the high might linger for a bit longer, while for others, it could taper off sooner. It’s important to approach pre-rolls with a mindful mindset, allowing yourself the time and space to enjoy the experience without feeling rushed. Remember, everyone’s body reacts differently, so listen to your body and savor the journey.

What is the difference between infused and regular prerolls?

The distinction between infused and regular pre-rolls lies in the added layer of potency and complexity. Infused pre-rolls are crafted by blending cannabis flower with a concentrated form of cannabis, such as oils, wax, or kief, enhancing both cannabinoid content and flavor profile. This infusion amplifies the overall experience, offering a more intense high and a diverse range of flavors and aromas.

On the other hand, regular pre-rolls consist solely of cannabis ground flowers, providing a more straightforward smoking experience with the natural potency of the flower itself. While both types offer their own unique pleasures, infused pre-rolls step onto the stage with an extra layer of exhilaration and a symphony of flavors, making them a choice for those seeking an elevated and distinct cannabis encounter.