What Are Common Sale Quantities For Flower

28 Nov 2022
C A C E Cbf F What Are Common Sale Quantities For Flower Scaled

How much cannabis flower is enough to enjoy the high and relief that you desire? You might need some to get through the busy and stressful day. When buying this product, there are certain metrics on quality, quantity, and the right dosage. But many people are still clueless about this. 

The lack of knowledge and understanding about cannabis may have irreversible consequences. From buying to consuming the product, you need to have a checklist. Several factors such as chemical content, weight, and even the manufacturer or dispenser may have substantial implications. 

For smart buyers, doing research is homework. You have to be sure that the cannabis flower products you choose are guaranteed safe and effective. It establishes trust and indicates that you’re getting worth from the money you invest in the product. 

As you explore our store, you’ll find amazing offers that are suited to your health and financial interests. We understand your needs. Hence, as part of our ideal customer service, we’re giving you here a practical guide in knowing the common sale quantities for cannabis flowers and more information on cannabis products, in general, to make you a well-informed buyer! 

Cannabis Flower is Sold in Ounces and Grams 

Online shops and physical cannabis retailers are using digital scales to measure the exact weight of cannabis before it is packaged. If you have your weed garden or grow cannabis in your backyard, you may consider having a weighing scale and doing the math yourself. Just don’t forget that the moisture of the substance is part of its weight. Today, you can find in various retail outlets that cannabis flower is sold in ounces and grams.

As you dig into the historical root of this product, cannabis was part of the custom of people in some countries before. Some individuals would spend time with friends in the basement and put their finger, horizontally, up to a zip-lock bag and equate the measurement to an eighth. As the industry hits a wider market, this practice eventually disappears due to regulatory prohibitions. 

Businesses and individuals now have a standardized measurement for scaling cannabis products. This new method is derived from the avoirdupois system that uses pounds and ounces as units of measurement. When looking for a cannabis flower in your chosen cannabis retailer, make sure you understand the right dosage depending on your needs. 


Some customers prefer buying in ounces which are already substantial for products like cannabis flowers. Some people have been using slang terms for this weight – onion, zip, and other ordinary terms to describe a huge bag of weed. Whether it’s meant for business or personal consumption, an ounce of the flower is still equivalent to 1/16 of a pound or 28 grams, depending on the unit of measurement you use. 

Cannabis quantities have something to do with cost and health effects, too. An ounce is considered the largest quantity for cannabis flower products. But, of course, this scale can be broken down into smaller quantities: a half ounce, quarter ounce, and eight-ounce. The most common reason customers buy an ounce of cannabis flower is to serve the needs of larger groups. 

Flower products sold in ounces are usually packaged in single-use bags, plastic containers, or glass jars. However, there are possession limits imposed in various countries. In Canada, for example, those users aged 18 years old and above can have 150 grams of fresh cannabis. This means that a maximum amount of cannabis products can be legally purchased from regulated stores.


Looking at the general market trends, many consumers would buy cannabis flower products in grams rather than ounces. But this is not a conclusive statement, though. Individual and business factors are usually at play when you talk about this subject. It is understood that an ounce equals 28 grams of the product. When you divide the ounce into eight equal parts, each portion will make 3.5 grams. A quarter, then, is seven grams; a half is fourteen grams, and so on. 

The common denominator is one gram. Consumers would always have choices ranging from single grams and eights or 3.5 grams. Other weight options can be priced out for the customer’s experience, but grams and eights are the most common preference. Buyers may also choose between solvent and non-solvent cannabis extracts, which have a relatively small difference. 

For people trying a new strain for the first time, a gram of cannabis flower is considered a great quantity for an ideal experience. While this quantity is on the smaller end of the flower spectrum, it is now the cornerstone of the cannabis concentrate quantity.

Quick Weight Conversion Guide 

As a consumer, it is helpful to know how to measure cannabis products based on their corresponding weight. This will ensure that you can counter-check your purchase and even do the calculation at home. For your reference, these are the generally accepted unit volume of measurements: 

  • Full (1) ounce = 28 grams
  • Half (½) ounce = 14 grams
  • Quarter (¼) ounce = 7 grams
  • Eight (⅛) ounce = 3.5 grams

Dram Containers and Concentrate Jars

Another unit for measuring the quantity of cannabis flower and edible containers is through a dram. This is a weight of liquid measure and capacity. One dram is equal to one-sixteenth of an ounce of liquid as it pertains to the customary measurement system. Below is the quick conversion guide from dram to a gram. 

  • 145D = 28 grams of flower
  • 45D = 7 to 10 grams of flower
  • 25D = 3.5 to 5 grams of flower
  • 15D = 1 to 2 grams of flower

When it comes to cannabis concentrates, grams and milligrams are commonly used as measurement units. But these are also associated with the containers where the concentrates are kept. In this case, a millilitre is a standardized measurement to describe a volume of fill capacity. Dispensaries and distributors of cannabis products widely adopt these two units of measurement. Customers can always refer to the cannabis packaging to know the exact quantities of the products being sold. 

Dosage and THC Percentage

Selling cannabis products comes with the responsibility of informing consumers about the recommended dosages, especially when it comes to flowers, edibles, and concentrates. The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) percentage is crucial to the customer’s substance tolerance and ideal dosage. Flowers have THC of around 1% to 38%, while concentrates have Total Active Cannabinoids (TAC) ranging from 70% to 98%. 

Industry professionals advised that first-time flower consumers start slow and steady to avoid any apparent risk until they eventually adapt to a constant and larger dosage. There is the widely-known psychoactive onset of taking a cannabis flower; hence, 10% to 17% of testing strains are ideal for beginners or young persons. Remember that excessive consumption may lead to unrestrained health effects. Edibles, for example, have a delayed psychoactive effect from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Many cannabis stores today will dispense edibles in milligrams of THC per product. They have active THC-like concentrates, so a small dosage can go a long way. The recommended dosage for first-timers is 1mg to 5mg per edible, whether it comes in a cookie, gummy, or brownie. There are edibles with a vast range of dosages that can even reach 500mg. However, most of these products are fat-soluble, which means that consuming them on an empty stomach can cause you to lose your high.

Components of Cannabis 

Cannabis contains more than 120 components, which are also called cannabinoids. While experts still lack a clear understanding of what each component does, there are scientifically-known findings of the two major substances: Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 

  • CBD – this is a psychoactive substance that’s non-intoxicating and non-euphoric, which means you won’t get high after consuming it. The substance helps reduce inflammation, pain, nausea, migraine, anxiety, and seizures. 
  • THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis that’s responsible for the high or euphoric feeling after taking the substance. 

Pricing for Cannabis Flower Products

The price of cannabis plant products generally depends on their quality, quantity, and the market they are sold. You can expect a price ranging from $4 to $20 per gram of the flower, but you can take advantage of some discounted offers. If you prefer to shop at our store, our 3.5g Back Forty : WEDDING PIE only costs $25.99. There are many other cannabis flower products that you can see in our store, and our responsive customer service is guaranteed among all customers. 

Based on the research of the University of Victoria, there was an estimated $300 million in retail sales of recreational cannabis in Canada for December 2020. British Columbia was reported to have the fourth highest recreational cannabis sales across all provinces and territories in the same period. In the previous year, the average price of cannabis per gram purchased in the unregulated market in the country was $5.95. On the other hand, the average price estimate per gram of legally sourced cannabis was $10.29. 

Medical Facts about Cannabis: Origin, Uses, Effects, and Risks

There are a variety of cannabis products sold at many physical and online retailers today. Depending on your needs, you can choose a specific product like cannabis flower. Before buying and taking one, however, you have to understand the surrounding medical facts about cannabis. This will help you evaluate whether or not you are fit to consume cannabis. 

What is Cannabis? 

Cannabis can be used as a recreational and medical drug. Products made of this substance come from the dried flowering tops, stems, leaves, and seeds of the Cannabis sativa or hemp plant. The legal status of these products varies among countries and states. They can have a pleasurable effect and may relieve the symptoms of various health conditions, such as chronic pain. There are also several ways of using a cannabis product, including:

  • Brewing it as a tea
  • Smoking or vaping it
  • Eating it raw
  • Consuming it in the form of edibles, such as candies or brownies
  • Taking it as supplements or capsules
  • Applying it as a topical treatment

There are ingredients in cannabis that are psychoactive or mind-altering. Their potency and balance vary depending on how the manufacturer grows and processes the cannabis plant. 

Medical Uses of Cannabis

Several medical studies have found that there is conclusive evidence that cannabis can help manage the following health conditions: 

  • Chronic pain in adults
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Some symptoms of multiple sclerosis
  • Anxiety
  • Low appetite 
  • Tourette’s syndrome

Some drugs that the Food and Drug Administration has approved contain cannabis to treat severe types of epilepsy. There is also moderate evidence that the substance can help with sleep problems. 

Common Effects of Cannabis Intake

It is worth noting that the method of consuming cannabis would primarily determine its corresponding effects. For your practical guide, the relevant facts are explained below. 

  • Smoking or inhaling can produce a sense of joy within minutes and peak after 10 to 30 minutes. It will usually wear off after about 2 hours from the time of efficacy. 
  • Ingesting – consuming cannabis by mouth will cause sensation within 1 hour, and the feeling of high will peak after 2 to 3 hours. If the product comes in the form of candy, the effect is quicker. 
  • Topical – transdermal patches can allow the cannabis ingredients to penetrate the body over a prolonged period. This steady infusion is known to benefit people who are using cannabis to treat pain and inflammation. 

What People Feel after Taking Cannabis

The human body naturally produces cannabinoids through the endocannabinoid system. This chemical substance acts in a similar way to neurotransmitters that send messages throughout the nervous system. They also affect brain areas that play a role in thinking, memory, concentration, coordination, movement, sensory and time perception, and pleasure. 

The receptors that respond to the cannabinoids react to THC that has corresponding effects on memory and attention, balance, posture, coordination, and reaction time. Due to such effects, a person who takes cannabis products should not engage in risky physical activities, such as driving a car or operating heavy machinery. Among the widely-known effects of cannabis are the following: increased appetite, relaxation, feeling more talkative, and changes in perception such as colour, time, and space. 

Health Risks Associated with Cannabis Consumption 

Using cannabis has notable health benefits, but it has some drawbacks, too. According to various studies, the following are the most common consequences that may result from cannabis consumption. 

  • Impaired judgment
  • Negative immune response
  • Higher chance of motor vehicle accident
  • Memory loss
  • Gum disease
  • Testicular cancer

Some drug manufacturers have modified some types of cannabis to maximize the potency of certain substances. The average THC content in confiscated products rose from 4% to 15% in the past two decades. The risk about unregulated recreation drugs is that consumers may not be aware of their chemical contents and how strong their effect will be.

Cannabis Addiction

Long-term use of cannabis can result in major brain changes, also called cannabis use disorder. This health problem involves experiencing withdrawal symptoms when the person has stopped using the drug. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, this can affect 30% of the people who use or possess cannabis in any form. Of this population, almost 9% may suffer from addiction or the inability to stop using the substance. The same agency noted that up to 17% of those who begin using cannabis in their teens are more likely to become dependent on it. 

Cannabis Withdrawal 

Starting cannabis use is much easier than quitting it. In most cases, the substance-dependent has to go through several uncomfortable and even life-threatening symptoms. These include: 

  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Mood changes
  • Decreased appetite
  • Cravings
  • General discomfort

If you experience any of these symptoms, consulting a health specialist is critical for your recovery. Remember that cannabis withdrawal can have serious health implications and, therefore, should not be taken for granted at the first sign of the problem. 

Regulatory Landscape of Cannabis Use

In Canada, there is a specific law governing the sale and use of cannabis products. The country is imposing strict legal measures to protect consumers and businesses and ensure that the possible adverse effects could not disrupt society in general. 

Understanding Cannabis Act

This law creates a strict legal framework for controlling the production, distribution, sale and possession of cannabis products across Canada. It particularly aims to protect public health and safety, keep cannabis out of the hands of youth, and keep profits from criminals. 

The general possession restriction among 18 years old and above is 150 grams for fresh cannabis. For medical use, there is a need to acquire authorization from the healthcare provider. The Canadian government has allocated $46 million for cannabis public education and awareness activities. This initiative is geared towards informing the people of the health and safety risks of cannabis consumption. 

Canadian Market Trends for Cannabis Consumers

Before cannabis became legal in Canada, there were a lot of speculations about its economic and social impacts. Most recently, new data have come out showing what cannabis consumers want and buy. In a survey conducted by Statistics Canada, Canadians use the substance around 15%. This figure is supportive of the move to legalize cannabis products in the country, and the demand is expected to rise as medical and recreational needs are met. 

Product Quality Tops the Criteria

The same survey mentioned above revealed that product quality and safety are the top reasons for choosing a cannabis retailer. This priority is deemed to help licensed producers to compete against black markets by undergoing extensive chemical testing to satisfy consumers. Another concern was finding the ideal ingredient mix and potency. Licensed cannabis producers could benefit from this demand as they have government-mandated labels that specify the information. However, there are product shortages today that are affecting the growth of the Canadian cannabis market. 

Diverging Purchases is Desirable 

Consumer preferences were posted on Health Canada’s sales data and showed that recreational dried cannabis, such as flowers and leaves, is strongly preferred by consumers over cannabis oils. The preferred products have achieved 74% of sales, while the other alternative took 26%. However, preferences also vary among different consumers. 

Medical cannabis customers favour oil, while recreational consumers prefer small dried cannabis purchases, like below 30 grams. There’s also an ongoing demand to release the monthly cannabis harvest because some consumers want to know the industry’s capacity and growth. Meanwhile, there is also a trend between legal and illegal products: first-time users opt for legally-approved products, while experienced ones are open to exploring other options. 

Access to Cannabis Products 

Relevant data indicates that there’s a need to improve access to cannabis products in Canada. Particularly, provinces with few existing stores should open and sell cannabis once the cannabis supplies become sufficient. Ontario’s provincial act was cited as an example to let producers open their on-site shops. The province has a plan for same-day delivery of online orders to boost customers’ convenience. Other crucial factors affect cannabis access across the country, but progress can be noticed among the growing number of online cannabis retailers. 

Physical Stores Still Matter

While many online stores are now operating legitimately, there is a significant population that prefers brick-and-mortar stores. In-store purchases accounted for over 80% of sales in some provinces. These physical stores allow consumers to check the products and also get some advice from the staff. It also gives them an advantage over privacy concerns. This shopping trend could explain provincial sales differences. But the most notable finding is that the absence of legal shops diverts consumers to shop online.

Price Penalty Concerns

Underground markets have an edge for cannabis product pricing. Statistics Canada has estimated that the average nationwide pricing is around $9.70 per gram for legal items and $6.5 for illegal counterparts. This has negative implications as the low price becomes the second most important criterion for cannabis customers. There are some provinces, like Quebec, that have utilized a new approach. They have adjusted the price to make sure they’re not losing money on sales. 

Practical Guides when Buying Cannabis Online

If you prefer to shop for cannabis products online, there are several things to look out for. This will ensure that you can buy safe and effective products to protect your health and secure your financial information. Some of those crucial criteria are discussed in the following paragraphs for your guidance. 

Choose Legal Over Illegal Cannabis

When you choose a legally-approved cannabis-dried flower, you are assured that you will consume a safe substance since legal retailers need to comply with the strict regulations of the provincial and federal governments. Doing so would also keep the profits out of the criminals, enjoy a secure delivery, and protect your financial information. 

Distinguish Legal from Illegal Retailer

There are indicators for legal cannabis retailers that you have to look for. Their excise stamp is usually included in the package. This serves as a guarantee that the product is manufactured according to the highest health and safety standards, reflects accurate THC levels, and is free from other harmful substances. Likewise, licensed cannabis retailers would normally require age verification among customers. 

Popular Cannabis Products Sold Online

As the cannabis industry constantly grows, many online stores are opening to serve the needs of customers. The products are also evolving to meet varying preferences. Currently, you may choose from the cannabis flower, concentrates, and edibles depending on your specific needs. Some of the popular cannabis products that we offer today are the following: 

  • BC God Bud – this Indica-dominant strain product comes in premium quality and is well-known for having high THC content. You can choose from various flavours, including lavender, berry, and pine.
  • Platinum Grape – if you prefer an exotic grape-flavoured cannabis product, this one’s for you! It has powerful aromas that are complemented by crystal-covered flowers and bright orange accents.
  • Pennywise 1:1 – for customers looking for a balance between THC and CBD, this product is specially designed to fit that desire. It also offers aromas of woody herbs, sweethearts, and fresh-cut grass. 
  • Afghani Drifter – it’s a hybrid strain that carries high THC potential that can exceed 25% when grown indoors. The good thing is that a solid terpene content balances this potency by limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene.
  • THC BioMed: Dragon’s Lettuce Premium Sativa – some consumers need a strong punch to enjoy the moment, and this product is here to give that kind of high. This premium strain comes with a 20% THC level and has a unique blend of floral aromas and notes of grapes. There are brand elements or components that can be found in other variations, too, or the 28g Bake Sale : ALL PURPOSE FLOUR SATIVA.

Here’s the Best Thing! 

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