Ultra Sour Strain Review

28 Nov 2022
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What do you get when you cross two of the strongest-kicking strains out there? That’s right, an incredibly potent cross child that is bound to get anyone craving for it.

Among the most impressive weed combos known to cannabis enthusiasts is an extremely rare sativa-dominant hybrid known to be one of the best choices for a good ol’ wake n’ bake: the Ultra Sour strain. If you are looking for a smoke that will get you all fired up for the day, then look no further than this potent strain.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the good stuff that this heavy-hitter has to brag about and introduce you to some of the best Ultra Sour products today.


The Ultra Sour strain is the result of the marriage of the MK Ultra and East Coast Sour Diesel strains. Both parent strains are hybrids, where MK Ultra is 70/30 indica-dominant, while ECSD is 70/30 sativa-dominant.

The cerebral effects that MK Ultra is best known for go so well with the body high that one gets from ECSD. The Ultra Sour strain got the best of these two and promises smokers a speedy yet long-lasting burst of creative energy.

Ultra Sour’s THC content consistently clocks in at the bottom 20s (never below), so veteran and novice smokers alike should brace themselves for an ultra-potent high that will keep them blissfully alert for hours on end!


Ultra Sour buds are many things, but if we were to pick one word to best describe them, it would be ‘massive’. Ultra Sour nugs are huge and fluffy and are a vibrant green with prominent hints of blue and peppered with vibrant orange hairs all over. They are made complete by a lacy coating of dust-like amber crystal trichomes that house all those beautiful THC compounds and terpenes.

Fragrance and Flavor

Speaking of terpenes, let’s look at the taste and smell of the mighty Ultra Sour strain.

With its Sour Diesel roots coming through, Ultra Sour carries a scent reminiscent of spicy diesel and pine that is then made whole with a tangy, citrus flavor. All that makes for a sour and spicy experience like no other—and it hasn’t even been the main event!

Effects and Benefits

Of course, all that sweet talk would mean nothing if the actual effects and benefits of Ultra Sour are mediocre at best. Fortunately for those of you who are getting excited, this strong hybrid doesn’t disappoint.

The Ultra Sour strain has a myriad of heady effects that range from euphoric relaxation to full on energizing. This seemingly stark contrast may seem strange at first glance but it’s ultimately explainable by the fact that although Ultra Sour leans more towards sativa characteristics, it still strikes a relatively good balance.

These cerebral effects waste no time getting the work done, taking smokers on a steep high almost right after a puff or two. While Ultra Sour can give you a clear head to make way for the day’s activities, it also gives your brain a certain surge of creative energy and mental jog that will make you productive throughout the day. It keeps you focused, too, so if you start your day with this strain, then you’re in for an inspired temperament for hours with welcome bouts of indica-induced relaxation from time to time.

This is where we must warn you that planning to have some Ultra Sour requires that you keep the snacks ready. This hybrid is known to cause intense munchies so make sure those goodies are within reach if you don’t want interruptions in an otherwise enjoyable high.

Ultra Sour’s parent strain, MK Ultra, is medicinal and as a result, Ultra Sour, too, has medicinal benefits that are quite significant. Aside from the fact that it helps with appetite loss, it has also been reported to provide relief from other conditions such as fatigue, depression, and stress, and physical ailments like migraine and nausea. Though it is not so much recommended for patients or general users who suffer from anxiety because of its heavy effects on the mind.

As with all marijuana strains and products, users must practice caution and careful research to get the most out of the experience!

Top 5 Ultra Sour Products to Try

It has not been a mere habit of ours at ARCannabis to provide information about cannabis as necessary—it is our main mission. So to deliver on that and save you some time, we have prepared a short list of some of the best Ultra Sour products that you can try today!

Ultra Sour Dried Flower by Saturday Cannabis

Saturday Cannabis are firm believers of doing things you like whenever you want to, not just once a week. You are sure to get a great experience with their version of Ultra Sour as all of their products are packed with full-bodied and carefully curated aromas and flavors so you get that fine Saturday vibe no matter the day or time!

Ultra Sour Pre-Rolls by Namaste

Ah, the wonders of pre-rolls. These ready-to-smoke Ultra Sour joints by Namaste are all the good stuff the strain has to offer, minus the hassle. Perfect for lazy mornings when you don’t feel like doing anything yet, especially before you’ve had yourself some Ultra Sour.

Ultra Sour PAX Pods by Namaste

Namaste takes pride in elevating the daily with premium cannabis experiences. Their Ultra Sour PAX pods are another example of their commitment to that goal. These pods deliver the authentic Ultra Sour flavor and experience in a more discreet way.

Ultra Sour Dried Flower by Big Bag O’ Buds

Big Bag O’ Buds cultivate their strains in small indoor lots so you are sure to be graced with quality buds that have concentrated amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids for a bold, unforgettable experience. Their Ultra Sour buds are no exception. Our verdict? Definitely get yourself a bag or two!

Ultra Sour Dried Flower by Namaste

ARCannabis is a huge fan of Namaste products because they are made with the vision to provide more than the bare minimum. Their version of the Ultra Sour strain is a further testament to their drive for producing only premium recreational marijuana products.

Get Your Ultra Sour at ARCannabis

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