Pre Rolls Guide | The Best Pre Rolled Joints

28 Nov 2022
Ac F Cd Bad Pre Rolls Guide

It hasn’t been too long since the good tides have started rolling towards recreational marijuana globally. Though Canada only legalized non-medical weed in late 2018, folks have been adamant that marijuana use should not be considered a criminal offense since 1997. In other words, cannabis being illegal didn’t do much to stop stoners from enjoying it pre-2018.

For as long as anyone could remember, people have been innately drawn to anything no-fuss, and that’s why there’s always that designated roller in every friend group who is put in charge of preparing the joint that the whole clique gets to enjoy later.

Luckily, there’s a solution for these appointed rollers and the stoners who prefer to smoke alone hassle-free: pre-roll joints.

In this article, we will be talking about what a pre-roll is, along with some of the best high CBD pre rolls (in our opinion), and where to get them in Canada.

What are Pre-Rolls?

Pre-rolled joints are, in the simplest terms, joints that have been prepared (or pre-rolled) by cannabis sellers, dispensaries, or brands. The ground-up cannabis is rolled like a cigarette in a hemp wrapper, with a filter lodged securely at the joint’s tip. A pre-roll is everything that a joint is, except it’s made by professionals and leaves consumers to enjoy it to its full extent without all the hassles that come with rolling J’s.

Pre-rolled joints can come as singles or in packs of two or more. The sizes vary; some can be as small as pinky fingers and can be gone through with a few puffs, while others can be longer than ordinary self-rolled joints.

These pre-rolls are often offered in specific strains and flavors.

Why You Should Get Pre-Rolled Joints

Pre-rolled joints are a popular option for cannabis users who want to avoid rolling their joint or waiting the necessary time it takes to grind weed. Their best selling points are that they’re easy, convenient, and are available in a variety of options, but there are more merits to it that we will be looking closer into.

  • Storable

Although cannabis is organic and therefore has a shelf life, where the more aged weed may lose its potency and even flavor after a certain amount of time, pre-rolled joints can help extend that life span by coming in smart packaging methods.

  • There’s one for users of all levels

Like we mentioned earlier, pre-rolls come in various strains and sizes. But they also come in more newbie-friendly varieties. Not only can cautious novices go for the smaller pre-rolls, they can also choose the regular ones as opposed to those that are “twaxed” or infused with highly potent concentrates (we know where you can get yourself either!).

  • With enough research, you’re sure to always get what you pay for—or more!

For a time, makers of pre-rolls would include the dry plant parts in their ground cannabis to maximize the plant and, in effect, save costs.

Luckily, as legalization started and is continuing to spread in more parts of the world, the canna market has seen a rise in competition which has resulted in brands and manufacturers putting out one quality product after another.

So if you’re careful (which you most likely are if you found yourself looking up the best guide to pre-rolls), there’s very little chance you’ll get duped into buying inferior ones.

Our Staff’s Pick of the Best Pre-Rolls 

ARCannabis is home to some of the most knowledgeable marijuana enthusiasts who have, in lots of ways, contributed to the industry.

We’ve rounded up ten of what we think are the best pre-roll brands and variants to help you make the choice. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. 18twelve: 8 Ball Kush Pre-Rolls

What you get when genetics from Pakistan and Afghanistan are blended, 8 Ball Kush is a strain with an earthy, spicy, and citrusy profile.

  1. GreenSeal: Mango Kush Pre-Rolls 

It’s true, the best of both worlds are perfect for everyone in this hybrid bouquet. Mango Kush features a robust indica aroma with an uplifting sativa high to satisfy all consumers’ moods and strains purely from one container!

  1. SKOSHA: Mirage Plus Pre-Rolls

When you’re looking for a product that will make your end of day much more relaxing, look no further than the Mirage Plus by SKOSHA. This indica-dominant strain can offer relief to users in search of an intense high without any feelings of anxiety or paranoia and has been known to have some pretty sweet fruit flavors as well!

  1. 7ACRES: Jack Haze Pre-Rolls

Jack Haze is an uplifting, clear-headed sativa that packs a punch at the same time. This strain combines two popular cultivars: Jack Here and traditional haze strains—a perfect combination for those looking to explore their outside space or tackle some home projects!

  1. Choice Growers Cannabis: Chem Hindu Glue Pre-Rolls

Chem Hindu Glue Pre-Rolls combine two of the most potent strains in existence to create a high-THC, indica-dominant hybrid.

Combining Gorilla Glue with Hindu Kush makes for an extremely powerful strain that’s perfect during relaxing moments.

  1. Simply Bare: BC Organic Apple Toffee Pre-Rolls

The sweet, earthy flavor of Organic Apple Toffee is one that you’ll want to take your time with. Not only does the smoke feel like a feather on your tongue but it’s also functional in a sedative way. This high takes some patience and will be worth every minute spent smoking!

  1. Edison Cannabis Co.: Limelight Pre-Rolls

Edison Cannabis Co.’s Limelight is sativa-dominant and possesses sharp and sour flavors and comes in dense nugs that pack high THC levels.

  1. 48North: Granddady Purple Pre-Rolls

Granddaddy Purple is a heavily potent Indica that will help you feel at ease and relaxed after a long day. It’s got wonderfully sweet, fruity flavors with just the right amount of earthiness to make it one of our favorite strains for relaxation.

  1. Greenade: Cafe Racer Pre-Rolls

The Cafe Racer strain by Greenade is known for its frosty buds that have an intensely earthy and spicy flavor with a relaxing, narcotic effect.

  1. RedeCan: Redees Wappa Pre-Roll

For those seeking a powerful, yet sweet-smelling strain of cannabis for relief and relaxation, Wappa is a perfect choice. This is an indica-dominant strain that’s both sweet and skunky at the same time.

The Best Places to Buy High-Quality Pre-Rolled Joints in Canada

At ARCannabis, cannabis is our passion. Our staff is made up of highly knowledgeable individuals who are driven by the mission to share that awareness with the public.

With the same goal in mind, ARCannabis has since expanded to five locations in BC: 12th & Clark, Main & Marine, 49th & Victoria, 41st & Knight, HWY 6 & Kalamalka Lake RD. You can pre-order online for utmost convenience! Each location may stock different products so be sure you’re looking at the right branch for pick-up.

At the end of the day, each stoner has a favorite method to consume weed, but trying pre-rolled joints won’t take from the experience. On the contrary, it’ll grant you extra minutes to enjoy the high that you would’ve lost had you done all the grinding and rolling yourself.

But don’t take our word for it—see you in any of our five locations soon!