Legal Weed Strains With The Highest THC Content

28 Nov 2022
C Db E B Ce Add Legal Weed Strains With The Highest Thc Content

Of the 113 cannabinoids present in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the strongest psychoactive component of the plant[1]. This means that the molecule is responsible for the psychological effects of marijuana but that doesn’t mean that it is harmful, just misunderstood, although as with anything abuse of the drug can cause adverse effects.

THC actually stimulates the brain to release dopamine, a natural “feel good” chemical in the brain that is responsible for the euphoric feelings associated with smoking weed and as such can help alleviate the pain associated with many serious illnesses such as cancer, AIDS and fibromyalgia[2].

Many people who consume cannabis do so in order to reap the benefits of THC but not all strains of cannabis contain high amounts of the molecule, in fact some contain hardly any at all and these strains are used for their CBD content[3]. If you are looking for strains with high THC concentrations and in which of our stores you can get them, then please read on. 

12th and Clark Location in Vancouver:

Pink Kush by Pure Sunfarms – 18 – 23% THC and $29.99 for 1/8th of an Ounce 

Very popular in Canada, Pink Kush is a relative of the legendary OG Kush cannabis strain and is known for its very high THC content, pleasant aroma and colourful flowers and is also known for its purple-hued dense buds which give the strain its name.

The effects of Pink Kush have been described as calming and euphoric, resulting in feelings of relaxation, sleepiness and an elevated mood and have therefore been linked to helping with feelings of anxiety and depression as well as migraines and insomnia[4].

Main and Marine Location in Vancouver:

Cold Creek Kush by UP – 20 – 27% THC and $34.99 for 1/8th of an Ounce 

Characterised by a dark green Indica flower, Cold Creek Kush is a child strain of the popular MK Ultra and Chemdawg varieties making it one of the strongest THC products available with at least 20% contained within its citrus and earthy flavours. 

Cold Creek Kush is known as an extremely relaxing strain that envelopes you over a longer period than most, meaning that you will slowly but surely begin to feel an elevated mood that doesn’t affect energy levels, making it ideal for muscle spasms, chronic pain and stress[5]. 

49th and Victoria Location in Vancouver:

Pine Kush by Back Forty – 19 – 25% THC and $24.99 for 1/8th of an Ounce 

A rare 100% Indica plant, Pine Kush has been described as the perfect daytime smoke. The dark green bud is highlighted with amber hairs and white crystals and the high pinene terpene content offers a unique and spicy taste with roots in the strain’s Pakistani influence.

This particular strain is associated with elevating energy levels as much as it does mood resulting in increased motivation and creativity[6] and the high THC content makes it suitable for increasing appetite and decreasing stress[6].

41st and Knight Location in Vancouver:

Hell Cat 33 by Riff – 18 – 25% THC and $23.99 for 1/8th of an Ounce 

A beautiful blend of dark purple and orange hues with white crystals, the hybrid Hell Cat is one of the more visually appealing THC strains available while its caryophyllene, nerolidol, linalool and humulene content provide a distinctive berry and diesel aroma.

The high THC content of Hell Cat 33 is delivered with smooth effects that are calming and relaxing with a paradoxical energetic effect that promotes socialisation without anxiety[7] making it suitable for early day or morning smoking.

Highway 6 and Kalamalka Lake Road in Vernon:

Indica by Twd. – 17 – 25% THC and $21.59 for 1/8th of an Ounce 

A classic strain of marijuana, Indica is among the best-selling variants available and with a very high THC to CBD ratio, you are guaranteed the effects that you’re looking for. Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene and Limonene give the plant a delectable fruity taste.

Indica is known to induce a feeling of euphoria and an elevated mood that promotes “the giggles” followed by a strong feeling of relaxation[8] that makes the strain useful for calming the effects of chronic stress, anxiety and chronic pain. 

While there are many misconceptions surrounding THC and its usefulness, the molecule can be found in very high concentrations in some strains of cannabis. Each strain is different from the other due to its lineage and cultivation, but the THC of each strain is useful for treating serious issues like depression, anxiety, migraines and chronic pain while enhancing your own natural creativity and introspection.


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