Edibles BC: A Guide to the Best Legal Edibles

28 Nov 2022
Acc Aef Ecc F Edibles Bc A Guide To The Best Legal Edibles

Throughout the history of cannabis use, edibles have been a surviving method of consumption. Edible marijuana goes way back to as far as the Stone Age, when early humans were believed to have come across the cannabis plant and popped a resin-y flower or two, and found out what it was like to be high for the first time. It was around this time that many aspects of modern culture were first cultivated: music and arts, religion, agriculture. We think we know why!

Today, stoners have developed more sophisticated ways to ingest weed. Edibles now come in many forms, including brownies and pastries, gummies, beverages, and more.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at some of the best legal edibles you could get your hands on today, and where you can get them in BC.

But before that, let’s talk about the benefits of taking marijuana in edible form.

Why Does Everybody Love Edibles?

Now that’s a tough question, but not for the reason you may be thinking. This question is difficult to answer because edibles are awesome for several reasons that it’s impossible to know where to begin! Maybe it’s wise to start with that because they’re pretty discreet.

Even though non-medical marijuana is now legal throughout Canada, there still exists the general eyebrow-raising attitude towards smoking in the open in general—herb or the other kind. Having edibles around gets rid of that problem. You can chew on one if you feel like going on a flight whenever, without drawing unwanted attention. Just be sure to check out cannabis laws in your area before you do to make sure you’re not crossing lines.

Another reason behind the popularity of cannabis edibles is their offers of convenience and ease of use. Eating a THC gummy or munching on a pot brownie is not only low-key, it’s also super easy. Users can forget about the trouble of deciding how much is enough for a bowl or a J, crushing and grinding the nugs, and then finally rolling or stuffing pipes with them. It’s less time for prepping, and more for enjoying!

Edibles are also generally uniformly dosed so it’s easy to develop a habit of how much to take at a time to get the desired effects of relief or fun. Say goodbye to false estimates and miscalculations!

There are a lot more benefits to ingesting cannabis, but let’s make one last stop at arguably the best ones: edibles can be more potent and their effects can stay longer. The prospect of being able to take little amounts of weed and have the buzz linger for hours on end sounds like a dream, but edibles make it a very tangible reality.

Sounds great, right? Now, get your pens and notebooks (or virtual notepads) ready because we’re about to give you a cheat sheet on the best cannabis edibles today!

The Best Legal Edibles in Today’s Market

We’ve prepared a top 5 list of the best and highest quality edibles that we really think you should try!

  1. Mollo: 5 Medium Dose 1:1 Crisp Beverage

Mollo’s crisp, refreshing drink with a slightly sweet malt flavor. Each bottle contains 5mg THC and CBD to give you the perfect relaxation. Best served chilled in a glass!

  1. Aurora Drift: Soft Baked Chocolate Cookies

No one has ever been disappointed by Aurora Drift’s gluten-free, nut-free, and animal product-free brownie cookies. It only takes 10 seconds in the microwave to make these treats taste even more delicious!

  1. Bhang: Cookies and Cream White Chocolate

This THC Cookies and Cream White Chocolate by Bhang is a delicious treat for any cannabis-loving cookie monster. Indulge in the sweet yet potent taste of this gourmet white chocolate with crunchy bits reminiscent of your favorite cookies!

  1. Chew Me: Looney Lemon Gummies

Chew Me’s THC-infused, lemon-flavored soft chew gummies taste great! They’re perfect for when you need a quick burst of energy—the psychoactive punch will have you in a state of bliss for hours.

  1. Wana: Watermelon Sour Soft Chews

The rich, succulent flavor of these Watermelon Sour Soft Chews by Wana will leave your taste buds satisfied. The all-natural ingredients include 10mg THC and a terpene-enhanced distillate that are sure to bring out the best in this one-of-a kind treat.

Why You Should Choose to Get Your Edibles from ARCannabis

The ARCannabis team is made up of people with the same passion for cannabis. We’re all eager to share the knowledge we’ve amassed over years of research and personal experience.

Staying true to our commitment to upholding the best standards in cannabis retail, we partner with only the most-trusted names in the industry. We offer the finest selection of marijuana edibles that you can get from any of our five locations.

Feel free to come in and ask for our expert recommendations, or have your choices delivered right to your door with our weed delivery service. Get in touch today and we’ll see you soon!