Cold Creek Kush Strain Review

28 Nov 2022
A C C Cold Creek Kush Strain Review Scaled

Sometimes elusive, always out of shelves. The Cold Creek Kush is a potent Indica strain that’s got some serious notoriety behind it. Enthusiasts flock to even the farthest dispensaries to get their hands on this robust Indica hybrid.

Users rave about how Cold Creek Kush works wonders in treating even the most untreatable of muscle pains. It’s supposed medical and therapeutic potency has got people craving for more, despite its rather pungent aroma.

Many strains are built from stories, and this one’s no exception. But does the creek kush genuinely live up to its chilly reputation, or should you just give it the cold shoulder instead?

Cold creek kush is an Indica dominant hybrid.

Cold creek kush is a rare but potent Indica dominant strain. It combines the THC power punches of two reputable strains: the Chemdawg 91 and MK Ultra. The Cold Creek Kush won 2nd place at the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup under the Indica category despite its evasiveness.

Thanks to its strong THC potential – about 14-22% – the Creek Kush is an excellent option for those who want to feel deeply rested and lethargic. This therapeutic bud has gained immense notoriety for its medicinal qualities, particularly when it comes to treating chronic pains and unexplained muscle spasms. The sedative experience includes both mind and body, leaving one in a state of euphoria.

The Cold Creek Kush can be found in most dispensaries. It is essential to note that this is not a Sativa dominant hybrid, so that it will be best for those looking for something with a potent THC high.

History and lineage

The lineage of this Indica-dominant hybrid can be traced back to the breeders TH Seeds. As one of the oldest breeders in the world (it was founded in Amsterdam in 1993), this world-renowned Cannabis seed company is responsible for undisputed strains such as the Banana Candy Krush and French Cookies.  

The flower’s legendary parents give it much-deserved notoriety among enthusiasts. The Chemdawg 91, another strain shrouded in mystery, is a true hybrid strain with a characteristic skunky and diesel-like aroma. Like other Chemdawg strains, the pungent 91 invites users to a cerebral experience like no other.

The MK Ultra strain, on the other hand, is a potent Indica hybrid, with a THC content known to go up to as high as 20%. Its high THC content can scare off some, but for those who want something fast and ultra sedative, this one works like a charm. Also bred by TH Seeds, this aptly-named strain has gone on to win two High Times Cannabis Cup awards: 1st place in 2003 and 2nd place in 2004.

Cold Creek Kush integrity

Praised for the strain’s intense potency levels, the Cold Creek is also known for its stability during the growing season.

It’s not the most sensitive plant out there. Professional growers often recommend Cold Creek to amateurs who are just dipping their toes in the murky yet exciting waters of DIY weed production. The low-maintenance foliage is excellent for novice growers who want something they can rely on, not worry too much about, and still expect sizable and potent yields.

Cold Creek Kush flowers appearance

The cold creek kush flower is light green. The nugs are pale purple and black at the same time but have amber pistils. Foliage grows rather large, and the buds themselves are pretty prominent with rich trichome density.

Reported flavours

The taste of Cold Creek has been reported to be a mix of fresh earth and sweet undertones. Despite its pungent smell, flavour-wise, the Cold Kush has a rather subtle profile. If users can’t make it past the aroma, then no one would have any qualms about the strain at all.

Past the first smoke, the fresh taste slowly develops into something smoother. Woody pine accents cascade down your lungs and bring gentle calm. You’re ready to be sedated.

Once you get accustomed to the Cold Kush, you’ll notice how the flavour mesmerizingly develops. From woody to spicy to sour, there’s a melange of natural flavours that will keep you at a beautiful head high.


The Cold Creek Kush has berry undertones and smells earthy and sweet despite its rotting wood pungency.

Some find that this strain does not smell like your typical marijuana bud because it has notes that are reminiscent of pine or cedar. These floral or even herbal aromas may indicate that the plant was grown outdoors with adequate room, which would help explain the strain’s potency.

A Sativa Kush Experience Like No Other

The Cold Creek Kush strain is known for its relaxing and balanced effects. This particular Cannabis strain provides both mind and body effects that are uplifting, relaxing, happy, euphoric, creative, social with a sense of ease.

The Cold Creek Kush strain is perfect for those who want something to help them relax after a long day or anyone looking to enjoy themselves at the end of the day.

Benefits of Cold Creek Kush strain

Those who return to the Creek Kush time and time again do so for its impressive medical uses. It’s an all-day solution to keep pains, chronic stress, and emotional distress away. Unlike other Indica-dominant strains, this one starts slowly and builds up quite nicely.

Provides pain relief for those who suffer from a medical condition

Thanks to its high THC content, the Cold Creek provides pain relief from some of the most frustrating pains. For those who experience chronic pain due to physical ailments like arthritis, the strains’ sedative and calming effects may prove to be an effective remedy.

Feel calm, composed, and focused

It’s been said that the Cold Creek Kush strain is one of the most sedating legal cannabis on the market. This particular cannabis flower gives one a sense of calm, composition, and focus without risking getting too sluggish.

The THC-high effects are euphoric and leave you relaxed yet pleasantly content due to its Indica dominance. The head high that comes with the Cold Creek Kush is typically described as being clean and clear-headed with an uplifting mood.

Treats depression, anxiety, and insomnia

The Cold Creek Kush high is a balanced one that’s seductive and warm, lingering for a little longer than you’d expect. This slow yet creeping sensation help patients deal with depression, anxiety, and stress. An alluring distraction to ward off all those negative thoughts and bring you to euphoria.

High THC percentage also makes this strain a perfect bedtime partner. Once you’re in a comfortable position, the Creek kush can help you get past your bedtime woes, such as insomnia.

Possible side effects

Side effects of smoking Cold Creek Kush are not common but may include dry mouth, red eyes, dizziness, or paranoia. These are all typically manageable side effects that most people will not have to worry about too much.

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Final Thoughts

Don’t be fooled by its name. It’s not as bone-chilling as it sounds. The Creek Kush is an excellent strain for people who want to embrace the warmth.

Calm, composed and collected. With so many benefits available with just one smoke session, it’s no wonder this strain keeps evading your nearest dispensary.

If you’re looking for an all-around great medicinal cannabis option, then we recommend giving Cold Creek Kush a try!