Can I Travel With Weed?

28 Nov 2022
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The current generation should count itself lucky because it is living in an era that has seen an upsurge in legalization of marijuana. As of this minute, recreational marijuana has been legalized in 11 U.S. states. However, this number is a sharp contrast to medical marijuana, which has been legalized by a total of 33 states.   

That being said, there are some mind-boggling facts about weed that might happen to interest you: 

  • In 2019, a Pew Research survey established that two-thirds of U.S. citizens support legalization of marijuana
  • Over time, the support for marijuana has increased across demographic groups 
  • Legalization of weed has created billions of dollars in tax revenue
  • There is an inconclusive link between legalization of marijuana and increased use
  • In areas where weed has been legalized, it has allowed people to understand its health effects

For the longest time, any discussion about marijuana was often met with a condescending attitude. But the perception about weed has changed over the years as more states continue to embrace both medical and recreational marijuana. 

The clamor for legalization of marijuana has achieved significant strides – to the extent that people are required to acquaint themselves with cannabis laws of different states. Today, moving around with weed from one state to the other can still be quite confusing. 

Can I travel with weed? If this question is lingering in your mind, probably you’re assessing your options on matters to do with legality and risk. When faced with such a scenario, you’re better off doing some due diligence if you’re not the devious type.  

To better understand the legality of travelling with weed, there are some pertinent questions that will help to put this matter to rest: 

What the Law Says About Travelling with Weed Within Canada?  

In October 2018, Canada became the second country after Uruguay to legalize recreational marijuana. Essentially, adults were given the leeway to use marijuana on their own volition.

In terms of movement, the law permits you to bring cannabis on flights, trains, or cars, but the quantity must not exceed 30 grams. When taking a flight, you can pack marijuana in either your checked or carry-on baggage. As for Cannabis oils, you’re allowed to haul 100-millilitres in carry-on bags. 

If you happen to disregard the rules governing the personal possession limit, you risk being handed over to the police. Nevertheless, provinces and territories have the legal mandate of determining how marijuana is distributed and put up for sale within their jurisdictions. Legally speaking, the provinces are allowed to set rules around: 

  • How to sell marijuana 
  • The most suitable location for stores selling marijuana 
  • How these stores should be operated 
  • Which store is licensed to sell weed. 

Moreover, the law provides for flexibility of rules with a view of adding restrictions, such as: 

  • Reduction of possession limits 
  • Limiting the number of areas where marijuana may be consumed in public 
  •  Adjusting the minimum age upwards 
  • Tightening the grip on personal cultivation

As you move with cannabis from one territory to the other, make it a point to get an excise stamp in each jurisdiction. In any case, it’s your responsibility to know the legal provisions governing the province or territory you intend to live in or visit. 

What are the Legal Provisions of Travelling with Weed in the United States? 

As much as America’s relationship with marijuana has drastically changed, the federal law continues to classify pot as an illegal drug as per the Controlled Substances Act. However, several states and territories have enacted laws to the contrary. While these states have decriminalized pot, they have been reluctant in legalizing it altogether. 

On matters of movement, it’s a federal crime to catch a U.S. domestic flight while carrying pot. Since airplane travel falls under the jurisdiction of federal law, this legal provision is a blow to anyone willing to carry marijuana onto a plane. Furthermore, the airspace is further classified as federal territory. 

This section of the law is applicable even if you’re flying within states where marijuana use is legal. In this regard, it is incumbent upon you to stay off radar screens by knowing the law and respecting it to the letter. 

Different states have different rules on matters pertaining the usage and transportation of marijuana. California is a case in point where anyone aged 21 and above is authorized to move around with eight grams of marijuana. The same case applies to Illinois, but concentrated weed is pegged at a maximum of five grams. 

Even in instances where the marijuana is legal in one state, it is impossible to bring it along with you to another state. This restriction can again be traced back to federal laws, especially in states where they have jurisdiction. To avoid any unnecessary entanglement with the law, you’re advised to follow specific state standards. 

As such, you can only move around with marijuana in states where it is legal to do so.   

What are the Legal Provisions of Travelling with Marijuana from Canada Internationally?  

It’s illegal to carry weed beyond the Canadian border. This part of the law is applicable for those entering or leaving the country. As is often the case, you stand a chance of being charged with a criminal offence if you travel with any amount of weed to other countries. 

This legal provision is applicable to all countries regardless of their legal status on marijuana. Therefore, Canadian authorities will often deter you from leaving the country if you’re found to be in possession of any amount of marijuana on your way out. 

If you manage to sneak this drug through the airport, you never know what awaits you on the other side of the wall. Oftentimes, you may be denied entry to whichever country it is you’re travelling to. To avoid such inconveniences, desist from the habit of carrying marijuana, especially if you’re travelling abroad.   

In a nutshell, marijuana is a drug that has attracted divided opinion. Previously, this drug was considered as the primary source for societal evil, but not anymore. There has been a new consensus about the actual effects of marijuana. 

It’s safe to say that the benefits and risks of marijuana are still under-explored in comparison to how long the drug has been used. The perceived benefits of pot notwithstanding, it’s almost impossible to move around with this drug. Perhaps the authorities are still wary about the impact of the widespread use of marijuana.