Blkmrkt Wins 2021 ARCannabis Cup

28 Nov 2022
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Starting in March 2021, ARCannabis launched our first ARCannabis Cup competition. This round of the ARCannabis Cup tournament was a contest for the best Canadian Cannabis Licensed Producer.

In the ARCannabis Cup competition, we featured 96 of the top licensed producers to battle it out. All of the competing brands were brands that we have carried for at least one year across all of our ARCannabis retail stores.

Each day, two licensed producer brands were put head to head for 24 hours. All of our fans and fans of the licensed brands would visit our social media pages such as our ARCannabis Instagram page. On our Instagram, our team posted a collection of feed posts and Instagram stories. Specifically in our stories, we would have public polls where people could vote for either brand.

Below you can find an overview of the entire bracket, plus a summary of how things panned out:

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ARCannabis Cup 2021 Bracket

Because there were so many rounds, we will summarize the bracket starting from the second round which officially kicked off on March 25, 2021.

Second Round

  1. Royal City vs. UP20 – Winner: Royal City
  2. Canaca vs. Tenzo – Winner: Tenzo
  3. Northern Harvest vs. Haven St – Winner: Northern Harvest
  4. Trailblazer vs. Marley Natural – Winner: Marley Natural
  5. Top Leaf vs. Gnomestar – Winner: Top Leaf
  6. 48North vs. Kolab Project – Winner: Kolab Project
  7. Wildlife vs. Boaz – Winner: Wildlife
  8. 7Acres  vs. Journey Cannabis – Winner: 7Acres
  9. Royal High VS Color Cannabis – Winner: Color Cannabis
  10. Tantalus vs. Doja – Winner: Tantalus
  11. Broken Coast vs. MTL Cannabis – Winner: Broken Coast
  12. Hightide vs. BLKMKT – Winner: BLKMKT
  13. WeedMe vs. Grasslands – Winner: WeedMe
  14. Jonny Chronic vs. Poolboy – Winner: Jonny Chronic
  15. Pure SunFarms vs. Benchmark Botanicals – Winner: Pure SunFarms
  16. Simply Bare Organics vs. Sundial – Winner: Sundial
  17. Liiv vs Redecan – Winner: Redecan
  18. Greenade vs. Cove – Winner: Greenade
  19. Qwest  vs. Palmetto – Winner: Qwest
  20. Greybeard vs. Natural History – Winner: Natural History
  21. Ness vs. Ignite – Winner: Ignite
  22. Greenseal vs. Flint & Embers – Winner: Greenseal
  23. Dunn Cannabis vs. Citizen Stash – Winner: Dunn Cannabis
  24. Flowr vs. Organnicraft – Winner: Flowr

Third Round

Starting on April 6th, things started to heat up with the third round. Fans of these licensed producer brands started to flock in for the fun. Here’s how it broke down:

  1. Royal City vs. Northern Harvest – Winner: Royal City
  2. Tenzo vs. Marley Natural – Winner: Tenzo
  3. Topleaf vs. Wildlife – Winner: Topleaf
  4. Color Cannabis vs. Broken Coast – Winner: Broken Coast
  5. Tantalus vs. Blkmkt – Winner: Blkmkt
  6. Weed Me vs. Pure Sunfarms – Winner: Weed Me
  7. Jonny Chronic vs. Sundial – Winner: Sundial
  8. Redecan vs. Qwest – Winner: Qwest
  9. Greenade vs. Natural History – Winner: Natural History
  10. Kolab Project vs. 7Acres(W) – Winner: 7Acres
  11. Ignite vs. Flowr – Winner: Ignite
  12. Greenseal vs. Dunn Cannabis – Winner: Dunn Cannabis

Fourth Round

  1. Royal City vs. Topleaf – Winner: Royal City
  2. Tenzo vs. 7Acres – Winner: Tenzo
  3. Broken Coast vs. Weed Me – Winner: Weed Me
  4. Blkmkt vs. Sundial – Winner: Blkmkt
  5. Qwest vs. IGNITE – Winner: Qwest
  6. Natural History vs. Dunn Cannabis – Winner: Dunn Cannabis

Fifth Round

  1. Royal City vs. Tenzo – Winner: Royal City
  2. Weed Me vs. Blkmkt – Winner: Blkmkt

Semi-Finals Round

  1. Qwest vs. Dunn Cannabis – Winner: Dunn Cannabis
  2. Royal City vs. Blkmkt – Winner: Blkmkt

Final Round

  1. Dunn Cannabis vs. Blkmkt – Winner: Blkmkt

About Blkmkt, and Why They Came Out on Top

Blkmkt is a licensed producer brand that is owned and operated by GTEC Holdings Ltd., a publicly traded company based out of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. One of their two brands includes the Blkmkt brand which was launched in 2019.

The mission of GTEC was to create an ultra-premium brand of cannabis products for the Canadian market. At the time, most cannabis brands were releasing products that were in the middle range of quality. Blkmkt wanted to change that, and they succeeded.

As of the writing of this article, Blkmkt currently has four cannabis strains: Alien Sinmint Cookies, Cherry Punch, Macflurry, and Peanut Butter Mac.

Blkmkt’s products are all “indoor grown with precise nutrient management, hand dried, hand trimmed, expertly cured, and delicately packaged”. Unlike other cannabis brands, Blkmkt went for the small batch approach. Think of them as like the Dom Perignon of licensed recreational cannabis.

In the business world, people often say “good products speak for themselves”. This is especially true with Blkmkt, as it’s been a favourite of ours at ARCannabis for some time. The reason why they won this competition is because of their intense following from cannabis connoisseurs across the country.

Where to Buy Blkmkt in Vancouver

Now that we’ve identified 2021’s best licensed producer, you may be wondering where you can get your hands on this premium weed. Luckily for you, we have a number of Blkmkt products available at our five different locations across British Columbia. Below you can find links to our online menu where you can check the products out. You can also order click and collect straight from these product pages as well.

ARCannabis Marine Drive Location

Buy Blkmkt Macflurry Strain

ARCannabis Vernon Location

Buy Blkmkt Alien Sinmint Strain

Buy Blkmkt Cherry Punch Strain


If you missed out on watching the ARCananbis Cup unfold on our Instagram page, no worries! We’ve saved the entire set of IG Stories on our Instagram Highlights.

Keep it locked to our Instagram page for future ARCannabis Cup competitions, where we will be featuring new additions as well.