What to Do on 420 in Vancouver

28 Nov 2022
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Call it crazy, but there’s now a giant free festival for everyone who’s into marijuana use and culture. This celebration is popularly known as 420 Vancouver Smoke Out, a controversial weed-themed event. It all started as a protest years ago until weed consumption became legal in Canada, and many people turned it into a public gathering. If you’re living somewhere in the country and also using weed for recreational or medical purposes, you might as well consider joining this community.

The event is filled with a feeling of belongingness and acceptance, not to mention the freedom and joy of all participants. It also sends a message that using marijuana in the modern age is helping a lot of people instead of ruining their lives. This makes the whole gathering even more exciting, especially for the newcomers. But perhaps you’re asking by now, “What can I do on 420 in Vancouver?” We will answer this question in the following paragraphs to give you an idea of what it’s like to be part of this activity. 

Quick Highlights of 420 in Vancouver 

This weed festival is also known as the “420 Vancouver Protest and Farmers Market” and will have its 28th anniversary on April 20, 2022. But since the ban on large gatherings was imposed in 2020 due to Covid-19, the celebration was temporarily stopped that year until 2021. For this year’s event, the details are not yet given and whether or not it will push through has yet to be confirmed.

For decades, many weed users have been attending the event to show their support and solidarity in the emerging marijuana culture and growing market across Canada and worldwide. As previously mentioned, it all started as protests against the illegal status of marijuana way back then. Eventually, this Vancouver event has become widely accepted and is now the longest-running 4/20 gathering on the planet. 

In 2020, the marijuana festival was supposed to be celebrated at Sunset Beach on April 20 from noon until 8:00 in the evening. It was unfortunately cancelled due to the Covid-19 restrictions. This coming April, it’s still uncertain whether the event will take place. 420 Vancouver is always a large gathering with thousands of people in average years. City and countryside folks are there to support the cause and everyone who has the same interests.

What You Can Expect on 420 Vancouver 

During the 420 Vancouver event, you can expect to see thousands of weed supporters who share the same passion and interests. There are also hundreds of market stalls and all kinds of marijuana-related products, souvenirs, and paraphernalia. You might like to buy a variety of weed edibles, vapes, etc., t-shirts and tie-dyed clothing, and a lot more.

For those who love music and partying, bands are also playing live at the event. It’s also free to smoke dope openly, even with law enforcers in the area. The police are just making sure that nothing gets too far out of hand, not to arrest anyone using weed. 

420 Vancouver is generally a safe and well-run event for everyone, despite the threats of unwarranted instances involving the use of banned substances. Canada has become a more liberated place in the modern world where many citizens and the government have benefited from the weed market. It’s been reported that participants are less likely to get arrested in this event than any other regular festival with police presence. This shows discipline and suggests that weed users can always be in control.

Who Participates in the 420 Vancouver Event? 

Most of the participants are those who are showing their support for the emerging pot culture. They essentially want to send a message that using weed is acceptable in a free world, and the camaraderie of the movement is still alive even today. This festival has a long and meaningful history, and weed users are always looking back and forward to celebrating the festival with uplifted dignity. 

Other people go to the event out of curiosity, while others want free concerts and a festive atmosphere. Not all attendees at 420 Vancouver are potheads, as individuals don’t use marijuana. But their mere presence shows some support among people who are there for a deeper cause. 

Although this event has become controversial because it involves illegal and semi-illegal substances, 420 Vancouver is widely considered a family-friendly event. You will notice some participants smoking weed in public, but it doesn’t bother everyone. This is one crucial aspect of the whole activity, to gain public support and acceptance for marijuana use despite certain legal limitations. People of all ages can be seen during the activity, and these participants seem to enjoy the pot culture. 

What You Can Do on 420 Vancouver

This giant festival promotes the emerging marijuana culture across Canada and aims to end the stigma associated with the use of weed products. It’s an enjoyable and exciting activity for everyone where you can experience freedom, entertainment, and fun in one event. If this is your first time hearing about 420 Vancouver and you wish to join in the upcoming gathering, here are some of the fantastic things you can do there:

Socialize with Other Weed Users

Attending 420 Vancouver is an excellent opportunity to socialize with other people who share the same interests. You can even develop connections and relationships that might open new opportunities. But if that’s not your cup of tea, you might consider going to the event with some family and friends. Your mere presence in the activity is a way to show some support for the acceptance of marijuana culture in Canada. It also offers a new kind of recreation for people to celebrate the festive atmosphere. 

Join the Cause of Ending the Stigma 

Despite the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the stigma associated with the use of marijuana is not eradicated. Some people think that consuming the substance can result in criminality due to its intoxicating effects. The truth is, it’s helping a lot of people cope with depression, anxiety, stress, and other health problems. This social gathering is geared towards ending this negative connotation and getting more comprehensive support and acceptance. You can join this cause by taking part in the event. 

Enjoy the Live Bands and Buy Souvenirs 

If you wish to have fun and get entertained, 420 Vancouver is a fantastic venue. There are usually live bands that will entertain you with great songs as you partake in the crowd of thousands of people in the venue. You might also want to buy some souvenirs sold in the area. This will give you memories that you can cherish for the years to come. Since it’s held annually, except when cancelled due to certain restrictions, you have something to look forward to each year. This is a perfect venue for many weed consumers to show solidarity and support for cannabis use. 

Why is 420 Vancouver So Controversial? 

While 420 Vancouver has earned widespread public support and become popular over the years, it has also faced several controversies. The most apparent yet challenging issue is the marijuana theme or the focus of the whole activity. Even today, pot and cannabis culture are controversial topics for many people. When marijuana was legalized in Canada, this issue might have subsided but still concerns some speculators.

Another reason why some people criticize the 420 Vancouver event is the damage that it causes each year. Some participants ignore the local regulations, like no smoking in public parks. In recent years, the local governments had to spend thousands of dollars for the damages in the park’s lawns due to the crowds of people. The lawns in the venue usually get trashed, especially with rainy weather.

420 Vancouver is still considered a protest and not a festival. For this reason, it justifies the damages brought by participants to public facilities at the expense of local taxpayers. The venue for this activity since 2019 is Sunset Beach since this public park does not allow weed-smoking, and the Vancouver Park Board does not permit the event at the park. There’s a protest message against the government’s stance on marijuana use in public places.

The government remains firm against the use of marijuana in public parks and the damage that such a crowded activity could bring to the facilities. But with the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the gathering may no longer occur at the said public park. Whether or not this move signals the acceptance of the activity as a festival, everyone still has to follow the local laws. 

Helpful Tips When You Attend 420 Vancouver 

Please don’t assume that it’s all merry and enjoyable because it’s a festival for all weed users. If you wish to get the most of your 420 Vancouver experience, there are a few things to keep in mind. You should always maintain proper etiquette during the event. 

  • If you plan to use weed at the venue, avoid driving a vehicle afterwards. You should take a safer alternative to go home once the event is over. It might be best to take public transit even if you don’t consume any marijuana product. This is because parking would be difficult due to the expected large number of people attending the activity. It’s also possible to breathe second-hand cannabis smoke while other participants smoke publicly, causing you to get impaired.
  • Remember that not all marijuana products for sale at the event are legal. Despite the presence of police in the area, acknowledge the fact that some people might be bringing prohibited substances. This has already happened in the past. The law requires weed items to be sold at and by officially-licensed stores and distributors. It is also illegal to sell them to minors.  
  • Be careful when you buy and use any marijuana-related products during the event, although cannabis use has been made legal already. Some substances are not safe for some users, either due to adverse reactions or excessive consumption. Always consider the health consequences of anything you wish to consume, whether during the gathering or any other place.  
  • While the 420 Vancouver event is held just once a year and it’s hard to miss, there are more important things that you might consider a priority. If you have the following commitments, it is advised to forgo your interest in the meantime: (1) having a job interview, (2) taking international flights, and (3) celebrating family affairs. Attending the event might ruin these special occasions as you can get intoxicated from second-hand smoke or absorb the marijuana odours. 

Brief History of 420 Vancouver Event 

In the 1970s, the 420 movement began as a pot-smoking social event among a small group of marijuana enthusiasts in California. Eventually, organizers decided to turn the gathering into a protest against the laws criminalizing the use of weed. This protest gets its name from the date it was initially made, that is, on April 20 (4/20).

As the movement grew in other places, 420 Vancouver was one of those that sprang up around North America. This version first took place in 1995 at Victory Square in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. A few years later, the gathering was moved to the plaza outside the Vancouver Art Gallery, where it remained until 2015. The event was attended by over 30,000 people in the initial year, and it moved to a new location at Sunset Beach in 2016. 

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