What Cannabis Seeds Are The Best?

28 Nov 2022
B B A B What Cannabis Seeds Are The Best

Are you looking to grow your own cannabis, or are you interested in the process behind the best cannabis store Vernon and how they choose their products? Regardless of your reason behind the interest, there is a lot involved behind the scenes when growing the best, healthy, most potent plant possible.

The female plant produces seeds after pollination from the male plant. If you are growing your own seeds, you need both the female and them ale plants, and the process really is as easy as lacing them next to each other and waiting for the seeds to appear, which take around 4-6 weeks.

Buying Feminized Seeds

Many people choose to buy pollinated seeds already. This is because it takes out the uncertainty of whether the seeds are male or female. Most people prefer female seeds as they produce the most buds.

You can buy both male and female seeds. Some companies will sell ‘neutral’ seeds containing both males and females; however, if you look for quality over quantity and want the best plants possible, it is worth paying a little more to buy feminized seeds.

Sativa, Indica or Hybrid.

Cannabis sativa plants can become tall and slender as they mature. It takes them longer to reach maturity than Indica plants. Plants that are Sativa produce higher yields than those that are indicated. Indica plants are shorter and bushier than Sativa plants, and they grow fewer buds.

  • Hybrid –  A Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed combination of Sativa and Indica
  • Sativa – Head High – invigorating
  • Indica – Full Body High – relaxation, sleep inducing

The Best Cannabis Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds

You can trust that the seeds from Royal Queen Seeds are always the best they can be, and the public agrees: Royal Queen Seeds is now one of Europe’s fastest-growing seed banks. For Royal Queen Seeds, it’s not just about THC; they’ve used their reputation for high-quality genetics to create some interesting and award-winning CBD-rich strains, solidifying their position as one of the best CBD cannabis strains on the market.


Harlequin is one of the most well-known CBD-dominant seed strains in the world. Any grower who harvests a stack of Harlequin flowers will be proud, thanks to its nearly 1:1 THC/CBD ratio and abundant yield.

The Harlequin seed strain is a true marvel, with a perfect combination of psychoactive effects and easy-going relaxation.

The Bruce Banner

The Bruce Banner seed strain is unrivaled in its ability to wipe out even the most experienced smoker. The Bruce Banner seed strain is both beautiful and beast, from its audacious level of resin coverage to its silky-smooth smoke.

The Bruce Banner seed strain has a monstrous amount of THC, clocking in at over 30%, and will have you soaring for hours on end.

Purple Queen

Purple Queen is a beautiful sight to see. Ingrow rooms and gardens, this regal specimen rules the roost. Her eye-catching colas have a bright green center that expands into deep purple shades. Her fan leaves, which are a vibrant pink, are equally enticing. Flavonoids known as anthocyanins, which contain various pigments ranging from red to black, are responsible for this unusual color. Purple Queen is an Indica-dominant hybrid produced by crossing the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strains.

Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds is another old-school powerhouse that has been around since the dawn of time. Serious Seeds, which has a long history in the Netherlands, has spent decades perfecting and honing some of the most radical and reliably excellent cannabis strains available. As the name implies, they are serious about cannabis and take pride in their plants’ quality, reliability, and uniformity. Serious Seeds is the most serious company for making some of the finest cannabis seeds available.

Cookies Gelato

Cookies Gelato is the offspring of two of the most flavorful strains ever made, with a terpene profile that will set your taste buds on fire. Gelato 33 endowed the progeny with potent hits of sugar and delicious sweets, while Girl Scout Cookies handed down fruity notes and hints of earthiness. Aside from the flavor, Cookies Gelato has one of the highest THC levels in the RQS archive, at 28 percent. She delivers a high that shakes the body and blows the mind into a state of ecstatic arousal, thanks to a great combination of Indica and Sativa genetics.

While there are many more seeds on the market you can purchase to help you start growing, visiting a cannabis store, Vernon will help you to find the best cannabis seeds for you and ensure you get only the best seeds to produce a great yield when grown.