Weed Gummies Guide

28 Nov 2022
Ac Bf E E Ab Weed Gummies Guide

Edibles are not the newest craze in cannabis consumption, but even today, more than ten centuries since the earliest recorded use of edible marijuana, the hype around them remains.

In the early 50s, edible cannabis was, in a way, reintroduced to society through Alice B. Toklas’ cookbook which featured a recipe that listed “a bunch of cannabis sativa” as a key ingredient. The resulting snack is believed to be the earliest form of the pot brownie as we know it today.

But a fact that most stoners know but don’t really talk about is that edibles are more than pot brownies or space cookies—there’s an equally (if not more) famous type of edibles that are preferred by those who are more partial to the sour, sugary taste of candies rather than the sweetness that comes from pastries. Yes, we’re talking about weed gummies.

As has been a habit of ours here at ARCannabis, we like to share information about anything cannabis. Stick around for a full guide on weed gummies, plus the best ones in the market yet!

What are Weed Gummies and Why Are They So Popular?

Weed gummies are as literal as they come. They are chewable jellies infused with THC or CBD, or both.

Lots of marijuana fans go for these fun alternatives to smoking for several reasons: they’re easy to carry, quick to take, very discreet, and—honestly—who doesn’t like jelly?

Aside from these surface benefits, there are also a few more charms about cannabis gummies that have made them the most top-selling among all other marijuana edibles in the market. Let’s have a look at some of those characteristics:

  • There normally isn’t a problem with over- or under-doses

When making your weed gummies, it’s quite easy to make uniform doses. Buying some from reputable brands doubles down on the guarantee of consistent doses so you’re sure to take the same amount of THC or CBD content each time—no more, no less.

  • Cannabis Gummies are welcome almost everywhere

As an extension of weed gummies’ low-key nature, gummies are a lot more unobtrusive than smoking or vaping cannabis. This means that there’s no stopping you from popping a gummy right in the middle of a creative meeting (as long as it’s, of course, legal or allowed!).

  • Safest bet for storing over long periods of time

Compared to other weed edibles, gummies have the longest shelf life and there’s less chances of them melting or going stale. If you’re planning to keep a stash that’ll last you a while, gummies are the way to go.

Must-Try Weed Gummy Brands

There are tons of great gummies out there that it’s impossible to pick them out and narrow them down into a single list. But we put together five of our most recent favorites that we think you should try first!

  1. Wana: Strawberry Fraise 10:1 Sour Gummies
    Type: High CBD

With vegan, gluten-free ingredients that have been infused with THC terpene distillate, Wana Strawberry CBD 10:1 Sour Gummies are an interesting and delicious way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Vortex Cannabis Inc.: Strawberry Lime CBD Gummies
    Type: High CBD

A pack of strawberry lime gummies made by hand and with natural ingredients, these treats are infused with 10mg CBD extract per serving.

  1. Chew Me: Looney Lemon Gummies
    Type: Hybrid

Looney Lemon Gummies by Chew Me are lemon-flavored and THC-infused. What that means is that not only do these gummies taste so good, they’ll also hit you with a gentle yet heavy high.

  1. Reef Organic: Strawberry Soft Chews (Ghost Train Haze)
    Type: Sativa 

Reef Organic’s Kanha Strawberry Soft Chews in Ghost Train Haze are made with fresh and all-organic ingredients, resulting in a unique flavor you’ll definitely love.

  1. San Rafael ‘71: Blaspberry Gummies
    Type: Indica

It’s been a long time coming, but it seems we’ve finally found the fabled blue-raspberry. This indica-dominant gummy has a tangy berry flavor that will make you bask in a wonderful, fruit-fuelled high for hours.

Where to Buy Weed Gummies

ARCannabis is home to the best weed products in BC and to cannabis experts who are always ready to let you in on the best products to date.

All five of ARCannabis locations carry only the best and highest quality weed gummies (our top picks, too!). Check out our online stores here and take your pick: 12th & Clark, Main & Marine, 49th & Victoria, 41st & Knight, HWY 6 & Kalamalka Lake RD.

Pre-orders are welcome (and even encouraged), but since our different locations might carry different gummy brands, be sure to check you’ve selected the right pick-up location. See you there!