The Truth Behind Cannabis Edibles

28 Nov 2022
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How Did Cannabis Edibles Begin In Canada?

The year 2019 has brought to us some major changes. However, the one that got the most attention was officially declaring that the sale of cannabis edibles in Canada is now legal!

This federal legalization affected the industry so much that now you can get legally sell different types of beverages and food infused with cannabis. The general industry was very pleased with this decision that now, as a result of it, you can find many quality and safe products that are rich in THC. Of course, to ensure the consumers’ safety, products that are infused with cannabis need to follow various regulations and measures.

To understand these products better, let’s take a look at what cannabis edibles exactly are, and then we will list the ones that have been voted as one of the best in 2020.

Cannabis Edibles – What’s There to Know?

Cannabis-infused products come in various shapes, sizes, and forms. From chocolates, gummy candies, to vaping liquid and cannabis-infused beer – you can find it all! But, let’s face it. You are probably having the same questions as others – what cannabis edibles are, and are they really as safe as many studies claim?

To answer your questions, we will start with the basics. In short, cannabis edibles are any products that have been infused with marijuana. One of the reasons why the demand for edibles is one te rise is because they give users delayed, yet extended and strongest effects.

Another advantage that comes with cannabis edibles is that there aren’t any negative effects that come with smoking marijuana. You can get THC into your body without having to smoke or vaporize the substance. This is exactly what makes it a much healthier option.


Cannabis oil is a part of many edibles and is responsible for the relaxing and calming effect you get.

And what about safety? There is no need for you to worry about these products. Retailers have to follow every safety measure and regulations when producing cannabis-infused products. The packagings have to be child-resistant and the THC concentrations need to be stated. Also, in order to buy cannabis edibles in Canada, you have to be of legal age of older than 19. These are only some of the regulations that retailers and producers follow so that they can ensure the safety of their customers.

Follow the guidelines from licensed producers of cannabis edibles and you will have a great experience!

Top Voted Cannabis Edibles from Licensed Producers in 2020

Thinking about getting your hands on some new cannabis-infused products? To help you out, we have listed the ones that have been voted as the best for the year 2020. Keep in mind that the following products are only a glimpse of the cannabis edibles industry. Many products have been announced and are yet to come. But until then, we will focus on the products that are right now at the top in this industry. You should first learn about which one fits your needs the most then you can start browsing the edibles available.

Aurora Edibles

Whoever wants to buy cannabis edibles in Canada, you simply have to check out the offer from Aurora. The great thing about Aurora is that it is always looking for ways to improve the products they already have and to introduce a new line op of quality products.

From milk and dark chocolate to gummy bears and caramel spheres, Aurora can find the way to sate your THC cravings. Check out some of these products and suit your tastes with their elevated collection of products. Aurora and its cannabis-infused chocolates can take you on a tasty journey

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Everie THC and CBD Sodas

Hemp and cannabis share many different cannabinoids. However, THC and CBD are the most consumed, predictable, and abundant ones. They cause a pleasant effect on the body and mind which is why they can be found in some drinks, such as Everie THC Sodas and Everie CBD Sodas. Everie is one of the most recognized brands for producing cannabis-infused sodas. Make sure to try out these two products and find out whether you are more into cannabis-infused food or beverages.

San Rafael Blaspberry Gummies

Most gummy edibles taste like cannabis and that is what people don’t like. However, Blaspberry Gummies are not one of them! They are juicy and taste just like real blackberries! If you want to spend a relaxed night and enjoy it to the fullest, opt for these gummies. Also, they are among the most affordable cannabis edibles in Canada. Each package has 5 gummies which are more than enough for the amount of money you will pay.

Foray Peach Mango Gummies

If you are in search of edibles that have a well-balanced combination of mango taste and juicy peach, Foray has the right product for you. Peach Mango Gummies have a delicious taste and are made only of natural ingredients. Yes, you have read it right! Many people have voted them as the best option for people who haven’t used cannabis edibles before. Foray Gummies’ softness and combination of flavors will make you want more!. Browse the Foray collection here.


These are only some of the cannabis edibles in Canada. But, as we have already noted, this industry is growing very fast and there are many products that yet have to be released. Until the new ones appear on the market, we suggest trying out some of the products we have listed for you.