How Much is a Gram of Weed?

28 Nov 2022
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There are so many out there who are new to using cannabis and it’s these that find most of the basic terminology confusing. If you’re not familiar with the measuring systems, hearing “a gram of weed” won’t make much sense to you. There aren’t very many places that will sell things by the eighth or quarter anymore, and cannabis may be the last thing that you buy with those measurements. You don’t want to make any mistakes at the counter when you order your cannabis, and you also don’t want to get ripped off when you buy! Buying from a licensed producer is one of the first things that you should be doing, but you should also consider learning the measurement system for weed before you buy.

When you understand the basics of measuring weed, you’re going to be able to figure out how much to buy without worrying you’re being taken advantage of. When it comes to understanding how much is a gram of weed, you’re going to need to know how many joints you will get out of it and how long it will last you. If you don’t know these things, that’s the point of this article – research! So, let’s take a look at everything you need to know for correctly measuring your weed, starting with…

How much is a gram of weed?

If this is your first time buying, chat to the expert in the cannabis store. You know that you should start out small and a gram is a good-sized portion for your first time trying and buying weed. You get the chance to try the strain of weed without overdoing it. If you are buying medical marijuana for the first time, you don’t want to make a huge purchase of a new strain and find out that it’s not the right one for you. So, how much is a gram of weed? Well, think about a nugget – one gram will get you a decent sized blunt for your first use, or you can split it for two smaller joints of average size. A gram won’t last you more than a day if you’re buying for medical purposes, and if you smoke a bowl just before bedtime, it’ll last a couple of days. So, a gram will last you as long as you want it to, depending on how you choose to smoke it.

It’s quite common to hear workers refer to an amount of sellable weed as a gram, an eight, a quarter, a half ounce, a pound and even a pound.  Usually, you can’t buy for less than a gram at a dispensary, and a gram will last you a few sessions depending on your budget. You could choose to measure out .3 grams of weed for a couple of roll-ups, but a lot of people use a full gram for one blunt, which is why they usually prefer to buy more than just a gram. If you choose to do this, make sure that you have a set of weighing scales. You can then weigh out the preferred amount of weed for each time you want to use it. Depending on the level of THC in the strain you buy, the cost may vary. You won’t find a gram for less than $10 and if you do, it’s likely that the seller isn’t a legal dispenser.

But how MUCH is it?

When it comes to cost, you need to shop around if you want to get the best price. The current average cost for a gram of weed sits at around $13. The price has remained steady, but what you spend depends on where you live in the world, what strain you’re planning to buy, the store and even in some cases, the season! Often, people think that going for an illegal weed seller is a good idea – they can often undercut the average costs of the store. The only problem is that you have no idea what you’re buying when you go to an illegal seller. The best option is to choose a licensed retail cannabis store chain, and save yourself the trouble of smoking cooking herbs instead of the nuggets you could buy from a proper seller. The price difference isn’t much, and you will find that legal weed is the safer option. It’s tested regularly for safety, and it’s more consistent in quality. The best prices on a particular strain of cannabis or cannabis products are often difficult to find without the right tools, but the best thing that you can do is be consistent with your shopping.

Comparison: Where to shop

Shopping around for your weed isn’t being picky: it’s being smart. There are averages to the cost in every city that sells weed legally, so it’s smart to compare shops before you commit to it. You want to save money and still get the best quality, so avoid the illegal sellers and shop around properly for the strain of weed you want. 

Different prices for different flowers

It’s important to note that not all growers are the same. There are some strains of weed that are grown hydroponically, but others use the traditional method outdoors. Some strains in some cannabis stores will be really enjoyable and give you the high you’re looking for, but that may not be as fun to smoke from another dispensary. Flowers are offered at different places for different prices, and they can be the same flower and grown differently, which will affect the experience you have. The best thing to do is try out different dispensaries until you find the one that makes sense for you. There are many dispensaries that offer different deals and you can try different strains. You can even become a member of your local dispensary here in Vancouver, so that you can get the specific discounts you’re looking for.

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