Cannabis Flower 101: Knowing Your Weed Basics

12 Jun 2023
Cannabis Flower

The first thing that comes to mind for many of us when we think of cannabis is the flower. It makes sense that those of you who are just starting in the world of cannabis have many questions concerning this plant’s byproduct.

If you’ve ever been to your neighborhood dispensary, you might have noticed that flowers are available in several formats, such as premium flowers and popcorn. Are you curious about what these variations represent and which one would be best for you?

This is why it helps to know the fundamental information about flowers, from specifics about the cannabis plant to an explanation of the many flower products, and how to use them.

What is a Cannabis Flower?

The term “cannabis flower” is commonly used to describe the dried flower bud, or “nug,” of a female cannabis plant. The edible portion of a cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is dioecious, meaning it has both male and female reproductive organs.

The cannabis plant is sexless, however, the female produces the marijuana flower that is harvested for medicinal and/or recreational use. As a result, the male plant is not nearly as common in the cannabis trade. Marijuana concentrates, tinctures, and oils all start with the flower, which is what is often collected, dried, cured, and sold at dispensaries. To buy cheap concentrates online in Canada visit here.

So is marijuana flower the same as bud? Yes, the term “bud” is a popular slang term that is commonly used at dispensaries.

Why Some People Prefer Flower Over Other Forms of Cannabis

Because of its inherent purity, the cannabis flower is favored over other forms of the drug. Because it is the cannabis plant’s dried and cured buds with no additional ingredients or processing, its effects are often more intense and noticeable than with other forms like edibles or tinctures. The flower also provides a variety of terpenes and flavor characteristics that can improve the overall effect.

Who might gain from selecting this strain of marijuana? The cannabis flower is useful for anyone looking for a quick-acting, all-natural treatment. For individuals who appreciate the act and sensation of smoking, the flower can also be smoked.

What’s Inside a Cannabis Flower

You don’t have to be an expert in the anatomy of the marijuana plant to appreciate cannabis, but that knowledge is always welcome. It’s important to have an understanding of the fundamental components of cannabis flowers, their function in commercial flowers, and the potential effects of using cannabis.


White crystals called trichomes can be found near the tip of some blooms. They have the most cannabinoids, terpenes, and CBD of any part of the cannabis plant.
Trichomes serve the plant by shielding developing blooms from frost, pests, and the weather. They help growers determine when a plant is ready to be harvested and can provide insight into a flower’s relative potency, both of which are important considerations when sampling the many available strains.


Flowers grow in bunches around a single stem, and each bloom is encased in a bract. Their primary function is to shield the blooms and seeds of seed-bearing plants, and they resemble little leaves. The flower itself can be thought of as a type of bract. The bulk of a marijuana bloom is made up of bracts.


In the early stages of cannabis flower development, the calyx appears first. It’s a spiraling platform made of tiny leaves that supports the flower at the point where it branches off the stalk. Their primary role is to shield the blossoms’ stems from damage while they mature.

However, that is not the primary reason why farmers should be familiar with calyxes. Cannabinoids, the chemical components in cannabis that cause its psychoactive effects, are produced in the plant’s resin glands, which are located there. Therefore, they contain the greatest resin of any plant portion.

Sugar Leaves

Also known as sugar buds, these are tiny leaves that develop near the marijuana plant’s flowering node. The white trichomes that cover each leaf’s surface are the inspiration for the name. When harvesting, some growers choose to leave the stamens on the bloom to speed up the drying process. Some people take them off and reuse them as decoration.

Different Types of Cannabis Flower

There are three distinct categories of bud flowers available at a dispensary. Even though scientific research has shown that there isn’t much of a difference between the three forms of marijuana, cannabis fans continue to assert that their experience may vary. These three categories are:


Sativa plants can get twice as tall as a normal human and have leaves that are paler and thinner than those of other species. Although sativa has a positive reputation, no studies have proven its purported energizing effects.


The Indica strain of marijuana is known for being shorter, wider, and bushier. Although Indica has a reputation for producing a state of deep relaxation known as “couch lock,” this has not been confirmed by any rigorous scientific study.


For those who don’t have access to landraces yet want to try new things, hybrids are a fantastic compromise. Hybrids are a cross between Indica and Sativa, therefore its effects will vary depending on the user.

Common Forms of Cannabis Flower

The quality of flowers sold in dispensaries varies greatly. Here are some of the most common strains of cannabis flower you’ll come across.


Trimming is the process of removing the leaves and stems from harvested cannabis flowers. It consists of sugar leaves, broken bud pieces, and shattered trichomes. Trims are too harsh for smoking, thus they’re usually saved for edibles and hash.


Shake refers to the waste products of cannabis flower production. All of the debris gets lost in the process of packaging or transporting goods. Shake made from simply the flower is of higher quality and is hence better suited for smoking. A shake of poor quality will usually have no flowers and plenty of stems and leaves.

Popcorn Nugs

Popcorn nugs are tiny buds that develop at the cannabis plant’s base. The lower light levels prevent fully developed buds, unlike those higher up the plant. Many cannabis consumers find larger buds to be more aesthetically pleasing than smaller nugs. (However, they are usually just marginally weaker.)

Premium Flower

The term “premium marijuana flower” is used to describe cannabis buds of the highest quality. Because of their prime location near the stem’s apex, these buds soak up the most light and nourishment. They become more potent because of the abundance of trichomes and terpenes at this elevation. They usually have a very strong smell that fills the room, a lot of vibrant colors, and a lot of flavors.

The Potency of Cannabis Flower

Like any other weed product, the strength of marijuana flowers can vary. Look at the sticker to find out how strong the flower you’re interested in is. You should see a number like 17% or 23% next to the THC. This lets you know how strong that type is.

Once you know how strong the strain is, you can use this guide to get a good idea of how the marijuana flower might make you feel:

  • Less than 10% THC: Mild effects on the mind. You can feel the effects of the stress, but they aren’t too much.
  • 10% to 20% THC: Stronger effects on the mind. Whether you smoke by yourself or with friends, a single session with this potent flower will give you all the benefits of the strain.
  • More than 20% THC has the strongest effects on the mind. We don’t think this is a good place for newbies to start.

 It’s important to remember that your level of tolerance and other factors, like whether you ate that day, can affect how potent something is for you. No matter how strong the force is, it’s best to try it slowly at first.

How to Use Cannabis Flower

Now that you know what a cannabis flower is, you should know how to use it in some basic ways. But keep in mind that cannabis laws change from state to state, so it’s important to know which ways of using cannabis are legal in your area.

Smoking with papers

To smoke, you must first grind up some cannabis flower and then wrap it into some rolling papers. Simply light the rolled flower and take a drag. Avoiding the use of butane lighters and matches is recommended. Instead, you might use a wick made of hemp.


Pre-rolled joints are a good option for novice cannabis users. These smokables high CBD pre-rolls, available at dispensaries, are exactly what they sound like. The time and effort they save and the portability they provide are two major advantages.

Bongs and Pipes

Both hand pipes and bongs function similarly in that they contain a bowl for filling and are heated by fire. However, hand pipes simply consist of the bowl, stem, and mouthpiece, making them easily transportable. A bong’s water chamber causes the smoke to percolate, making it gentler in the lungs. There is a wide variety of pipe and bong styles and materials to choose from.


Flower vaporizers are electric devices that use heaters to slowly heat the cannabis until it reaches the right temperature to make it work. This means that the same bud will last a lot longer than if it were smoked since it can be lit up more than once before it goes out. There are two main types of vapes: portable and desktop.


You can also make cannabutter if none of the ways to smoke weed sound good to you. To make cannabutter, you need to cook shredded marijuana in butter for a few hours. It can be used to make things you can eat, especially baked goods like cookies and cakes.

How to Store Cannabis Flowers

When you buy cannabis flowers, you’ll want to keep them in the right way so that you can get the most out of them. After all, you don’t want to risk ruining its quality.
Here are the most important things to keep in mind when you store marijuana:


When weed is exposed to high temperatures, it dries out, and the terpenes may leave the plant. Mold and mildew can grow when there is a lot of heat and moisture in the air. On the other hand, low temperatures can hurt the trichomes, making the flowers less potent.


UV light can hurt the flower’s active chemicals. Mold can grow on cannabis flowers when there is a lot of moisture in the air. But if the air is too dry, the cannabis and terpenes can break down. Between 55% and 65% humidity is the best range for keeping cannabis.

Keeping all of this in mind, it’s best to store cannabis flower in an airtight container and put it in a dark spot to limit its exposure to air, heat, moisture, and UV light.

How to Spot Quality Cannabis Flower

Smoking high-quality herbs is one of the best ways to enjoy weed. Here are five things to look for when buying flowers, whether it’s your first time or you just want to know how to find the best buds:


One of the best ways to figure out what flowers you like is to use your nose. If you like the way it smells, you will probably like that type. Because of its terpene makeup, each strain smells different, but a good flower usually smells strong and earthy, skunky, fruity, or floral. On the other hand, a low-quality flower often smells old and can make you think of an old barn or hay.


Before you buy a new strain, find out what it does. Even though you won’t know how a strain will affect you until you try it, it’s still helpful to know what to expect. For example, if you have anxiety, you should probably avoid anything that makes you feel upbeat or stimulated because it could make your mind race.


Buds of good quality can be any color, from bright green to dark purple. If you are looking around the pharmacy and a jar of weed catches your eye, ask to see it or smell it. You can see what looks like little diamonds on the bud. These are called trichomes, and the more of them a flower has, the stronger its effects, taste, and smell.

THC: CBD ratio

Ask your budtender how much THC and CBD are in the strains you’re interested in. You should also ask about the nature of other cannabinoids and terpenes. Most people think that to get the best high, you need the biggest percentages, but that is not true.

Percentages will be different everywhere. If you like a strain that has 18% THC, look for other types with the same amount of THC. When I smoke a type with a lot of THC, it can give me headaches. The higher the CBD level, the less a strain will make you feel high.

For example, a strain with a CBD: THC ratio of 1:2 would still get you high, but it would be a much calmer high. Learning about the cannabinoids and terpenes in your favorite flower will help you figure out what you like about it.


Ask your budtender what kinds of strains people have been buying a lot of. Find out why that strain is so famous, and if you’re interested, give it a try. It might become one of your favorites.


What are the effects of cannabis flowers?

Cannabis flowers can make people feel different things, like euphoria, relaxation, and a greater desire to be around other people. They can change how you see and hear things, making colors look brighter and sound louder. They are also known to make people more creative and to help relieve pain.

Also, it often makes people hungry and can cause side effects like dry mouth and red eyes. Some types, especially Indicas, can make you feel relaxed and sleepy, which can help you unwind or get better sleep. The effects of cannabis flower depend on the person, the strain, the amount, and how it is used.

How can I consume cannabis flowers?

There are different ways to use cannabis flowers. The most popular way is to smoke it. The flower is rolled into a joint or put into a pipe or bong and smoked that way. The flower can also be vaporized. This is done by heating it to a temperature where the cannabinoids and terpenes are released without burning. The vapor is then swallowed.

People also like to use a water pipe, also called a “bong,” which cools the smoke with water before it is inhaled. Also, cannabis flowers can be added to edibles like cookies, cakes, or gummies as another way to use them. It can also be used to make cannabis-infused creams, tinctures, or topicals, which can be used on the skin or taken by mouth.

Can cannabis flowers be used for cooking or baking?

Yes, cannabis flowers can be used for cooking and baking. It can be infused into various recipes to create cannabis-infused edibles. When using cannabis flowers for cooking or baking, the first step is usually to decarboxylate the flower. Decarboxylation involves heating the flower at a specific temperature to activate the cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, by converting their precursor acids (THCA and CBDA) into their active forms.

After decarboxylation, the activated cannabis flower can be infused into oils, butter, or other cooking mediums. This infusion process typically involves simmering the flower in the chosen medium for an extended period, allowing the cannabinoids to dissolve into the fat or oil. The infused oil or butter can then be used as an ingredient in various recipes, including baked goods, sauces, dressings, and more.

How to choose the right cannabis flower for me?

When choosing the right cannabis flower, you should think about things like the type of strain (Indica, Sativa, or mix), the effects you want, the amount of THC and CBD, your favorite smells and tastes, and whether you are new to cannabis or not. It helps to look up profiles of strains, read user reviews, and ask budtenders or other experienced users for tips.

Finding the right strain may take some trial and error, so be willing to try new things and make changes as needed. Remember to use weed responsibly and to follow the laws and rules in your area about it.

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